When you think of Dream girls, what is the first adjective that comes to mind? Very positive, super hot, the goddess of the otaku, may be the answer in anticipation, found it? When it comes to beautiful girls, it seems that we have too many preconceived notions in our minds. Because of its beauty, Dream girls is rightly regarded as a group of dolls viewed on the stage, but the stories behind them are rarely mentioned.

Dream Girls has a front of the beautiful halo, in fact, there is a long way to accumulate strength under the platform. We listen attentively to the story of Dream girls, and would like to invite you to listen to the three girls ' dream-chasing mileage.

Not the goddess of light, but more luminous

Open the door into the dressing room, Dream girls to greet us with vigor, without a little shelf, we first surprised their approachable, and in the follow-up visit, feel the sincerity of their face and answer. Without formal official answers, in the face of sensitive disagreements and gossip questions, they are magnanimous and even happy to talk, sharing the fear of practicing dance and singing and being an idol group ... That afternoon, we suddenly feel Dream girls temporarily unloaded the goddess of light, such as Girls talk about dreams, love, talk about setbacks, talk about the first time, not with a little distance, but more shiny. Dream Girls not only we see the doll, taking advantage of this visit, they loudly and the world said: "dream Girls is not a goddess, but also a group of girls chasing dreams. 」

Maybe it's because the media are so busy questioning their gossip, or rendering the three beautiful girls, so when we asked Dream girls the way the journey, their eyes first flashed a hint of the surprise of the confidant, and then happy to say they are rarely mentioned stories.

In the formal regiment, Dream girls have 1.5 of the preparation period, that period of time, they live in a disturbed, waiting for a don't know when will come tomorrow, three girls from then tell their own cumulative strength of the road, have a step-by-step down-to-earth walk. Frankly in the group before, a little dance is not the foundation, dance feeling is not born, Dream girls, middle Studio or lights, practice to thumb valgus, behind the efforts of the story invisible, Dream girls continue to work hard to practice singing, Just want to see the audience's affirmative gaze, despite three albums, they admit that there is still great pressure on each album.

Stress is not a burden, but a driving force for progress. No one likes to be labeled "vase" label, Dream girls bear the pressure, but let them work harder to break outside the "vase" of the standard imagination. When it comes to the most feared dance, the Li Shifen eyes see the pretty girl's fortitude. "I'm really not satisfied with myself, until now I'm still overcoming the fact that I'm dancing in high heels, and I certainly hope I can jump more naturally." "Under the Li Shifen Sweet appearance, the request to oneself is quite stern."

Song Miqin with a warm smile said: "Not jump?" I kept telling myself that it would be better to jump all the time and jump all the time. "Song Miqin from South Korea is a silly elder sister, with optimistic attitude to face setbacks." From the conversation, we also found that a single person to the development of Taiwan, her heart has a huge positive energy, so that she can always play the spirit, but also to inspire the side of the two good teammates.

The youngest Guoshef, 25 years old, has been rolling in showbiz for more than five years, then said: "All the way, I feel that I have done any effort is to pursue the dream." Have always wanted to use action to tell everyone: Dream Girls is actually a group of girls chasing the dream. "Finish, Guoshef looked at around the two partners, 25-year-old age, in Guoshef sparkling eyes, we saw the hot dream-driven desire."

For the "most positive otaku Goddess" seal, Dream girls shook his head to deny, frankly Dream Girls Representative is never the goddess of the dream, but the girl chasing the dream. We also feel that "beautiful" can not be equated with the "no effort", beauty is not just adding energy, but also a burden. Dream girls Beautiful looks behind, there is a better understanding of our efforts traces. (Work harder Behind the beautiful: no job that can't be found, only people who don't work hard enough )

Dream Girls is a girl and a woman.

The "beautiful headline" of the new album, launched at the end of 2013, unlike the first two EP new attempts, 10 tracks of the entire album, one solo song, the album preparation period compression in two months, three people wound up the back of the word, practice dance, practice singing, clap mv ... Compared to the first two EP, this time Dream girls spent a shorter time, facing a greater challenge.

The interpretation of the three singles also reveals the different personalities of the three girls. Forthright lovely Guoshef, cheerful warm Song Miqin, introverted graceful Li Shifen, gather together became the strong Dream girls, is the girl, also is the woman. In the face of setbacks and challenges, Dream Girls has a woman's perseverance, internal interreligious, not noisy, a long history of that kind of power. And when it comes to love, you can see them on the face of the little girl like the caper, the artist is also a person, Dream girls in unison that they are looking forward to love the girl, more active to talk about the desire and envy of love.

Li Shifen in the words of mature: "For me, as long as you like a person, you can cooperate with each other, the most important thing is to have met the right person." And in love, I value the most is trust. "Talk about two finally to break up to do knot long-distance love, Li Shifen very clear only trust, can let Love go long."

Song Miqin thought for a while, perhaps the thought of the previous love, she said at this stage of her feeling of tolerance and cooperation is the most important! The identity of the artist, before the interview, there are programs to record, after the interview and publicity to shoot, the daily notice is full file, in fact, it is difficult to have the opportunity to meet new people, Song Miqin's voice revealed a little helpless. Artists, although the collection of thousands of love in one, but of course will want to snuggle beside the people like.

Speaking of this, the youngest Guoshef playful to say: "Every time in the street to see people kiss hug will feel very jealous, there are always impulse to pass between them through, joking!" "The youngest Guoshef, although the company did not under the ban on love, but she also suffered more than the same age girl with a magnifying glass to view the eyes, big call to love, she also shared their most concern is the relationship between the communication and feelings," two people together, a lot of things to feel, not only good but also bad, To really know each other. 」

Generous talk about the love of Dream girls, share the past love experience, but also with our friends like to talk about the face of love attitude. We are behind the charm of the goddess, saw the three of flesh and blood girl, look forward to be able to rush to love, but also three elegant woman, hurt in love fell, but still believe in love, look forward to love and the other half to grow up with each other. (same field Gayon: Shujie said Love is the process of growing up with each other )

The first time, the courage

Dream Girls has been in the group for three years, and has gone through many of the first time. Three girls also chatted about their most impressive first experience.

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Song Miqin recalls that the first time he came to Taiwan, he left a good impression on Taiwan and had an indissoluble bond with Taiwan, and Taiwan became the land she fought for in the future. Guoshef was reminded of the first time Dream girls, think of the unknown in the face of the fear, and now chasing the dream of the journey, the heart still has a deep throbbing. Li Shifen then recall the first time with the company wanted to be a singer thought, a person rushed to Shanghai to participate in the singing competition, she also used that courage, encouraged now.

Look at the camera before they review the first time, the first time is always not simple, but through the first time we, and thus have the strength to move forward. Chasing dreams, a Dream girls of the journey is now in the style. Dream girls also want to invite us, together to take the most courageous first step. (Think of your first time?) "January essay activities" First, the first step, we accompany you )

Humbly accept criticism, thank you attentively

The popularity of a group means that it has to face a more rigorous scrutiny of the eyes, there is support for the power, there is a malign noise. Dream girls All the way, also bear the masses of public opinion pressure, we directly to the local asked about the network often heard attacks, Dream girls did not dodge, but frankly want to talk about the topic.

Frankly speaking of criticism, Dream girls not too many armed masks, perhaps not at all think should arm themselves, they frankly seriously said: "For the advice of netizens, we humbly accept, each suggestion we put in mind will also refer to." All along, know that they still have a lot of room for progress, will continue to refuel in the future. In fact, we listened to very moved, in the face of serious injuries, the first thing they think of is not counterattack, but to review their own. Perhaps no one can be perfect, but not to be able to afford themselves. "It's not going to satisfy everyone, but at least let yourself be satisfied." "The hardest thing is not to face the criticism of the public pressure, but not to achieve the goals set for themselves." Dream girls turned out to be a more competitive group than expected.

Dream girls says family, fans and league members are the forces they come to. A person to Taiwan to develop the Song Miqin, the early parents had strong objections, until today, parents see Dream girls growth, also gave the power of the M-Qin affirmation. Speaking of South Korea's parents, Mi Qin's face has a warm smile. Li Shifen showed the elegance of criticism, and heard her affirmation of herself: "In any case, you have to support yourself before you can feel the support of others." "Always this, first believe oneself, can see those who all the way support, Li Shifen the greatest spiritual prop, originally, from oneself ." Guoshef's face is full of youthful laughter, she nodded also added: "Some fans come all the way to support the Dream girls, which let us very moved, because they have us ah." "Thank fans for being the positive energy of Dream girls and hope that Dream girls can be a reason to be more courageous," he said. Guoshef's cheerful self-confidence, not only from the face of the calm criticism, but also because of the support power of fans.

and Dream girls to talk about the afternoon, in addition to feel the powerful energy of three people, we also from the conversation, saw they can joke with each other, natural slapstick good feelings. The media always love to shape the women's war, the woman as for the Bo layout, or for men and infighting, but in these three different beautiful girls, we see is the way the revolutionary feelings. (They have a more real and valuable friendship than the movie plot )

That afternoon, we met a different kind of Dream girls, not the gossip or hearsay of the television media, what we saw was their efforts, their sincerity, and their shining dreams. These three girls, there are we should listen to more serious stories, such as flowers in the flower garden, in the Dream girls inside together bloom. Dream girls really not only is very just, the beautiful behind, has the effort and the dream to agitate the spark . Chasing the dream all the way, but also with a serious attitude to spur themselves better, with the incomparable pressure and for their expectations, they are still waiting for the challenges of the future. This is also womany has always embraced the concept, we think that girls beautiful, does not mean that no need to work hard, beautiful girls, but also have the right to pursue dreams bravely, and in Dream girls body, we see such a force.