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one , the best-selling list of major bookstores often wins the army, but also the 2013 Network bookstore best-selling list of the only Chinese writer. His words are delicate and gentle, accompanying all the readers through a magnificent and premature love feast. In the crying days, you swimming swimming in his words, like grasping a piece of driftwood, feel deeply understood, finally have the power to move forward ... February, a woman fan exclusive interview to the restaurant, listen to him talk about love, and what he wants to say to all the girls. At that time, you want to ask: can you take me with you? )

Open the door into the agreed café, a restaurant has been sitting inside, buried head signed books, the Evening Eight O'Clock Café quiet, for us to create a suitable for the love of the vacuum state.

I feel and his words are very similar, tepid, do not deliberately poke you, gently speak into your heart head. You've heard him say that you have been looking for, not the most love you people , read him in the words can be deeply written , you also just like me , late at night, how many people lost in love, opened his pages , and slid down to endure a long time of tears.

He is a restaurant, a writer who believes in love. He was called a new generation of healing writers, shaking his head in front of us with a smile, with a little chic, said that they just like writing, never think of themselves as a love expert, more think that love has never been an expert, we are but love and learn the child, in love to learn to make themselves better.

Love, is probably the world's least standard answer question, to see a love question and answer, listen to him how to talk about love, talk about breaking up, talk about the most beautiful.

Q1, do you Believe in love?

We all know that writers of both sexes do not necessarily mean that he must have talked many times in love, ask about the attitude of love, the restaurant said so ...

I believe in love, if I do not believe, I can not write anything.

In fact, I think love and hope, the dream is very similar, is not visible and can not touch, can't see for the basis of the first trust to see. Too hard to grasp the appearance of love, but will make themselves very hard.

For me, love is not a necessity of life, no love, we will not live, we can live, but live posture will not be the same. "Love is a natural existence", it appears in the air, not particularly conspicuous, but you can feel its existence, you do not have to question it, do not feel that it is not.

Q2. What kind of existence does love have for you?

In many cases, I would say that love makes us feel more about ourselves. People often say that love needs practice, because no one is born to fall in love, we are still practicing. It is not practice to talk about love, but to learn what kind of person you are and who you may become in every relationship. In love, we learn to make ourselves better.

Don't forget to exchange your love for each other.

Love is certainly happy, but we also often reluctantly become their own do not like people, to exchange each other's likes. If a love, let you throw yourself away, in the end this kind of love, in exchange for a even you are unfamiliar with yourself just.

But lost in love, seems to be a necessary process. losing yourself is not always a bad thing, and after every loss, you know yourself better. Every relationship, whether you think it's good or bad, is a process. Each time is a different experience, every fall will make you get up faster next time. To be able to fall in love once in a lifetime can be together with the people, that is very lucky, perhaps we may not have such a blessing, but if we can in several times of love groping, finally think through their true love is what, also not in vain that several times love fell.

Love talks about failure, inevitable, more importantly, after the failure of love, we become what kind of people.

In fact, love, is in the Non-stop experiment, more understanding of their own process. You know more about who you are and what you really want, and what happens is right for you. because you embrace yourself, the world begins to hug you.

Q3. Trapped in a lovelorn how to do?

Lovelorn we all know, after the lovelorn, we often put themselves in a series of blame cycle: "I am not good." It must be me ... "If ..." we often in a series of remorse, feel that they no longer have the power to talk about the next love, when we asked how to do when the lovelorn, the answer is unexpected ...

Perhaps, we can choose to exit, rather than embarrassed

If it hurts, just make yourself ache enough to let yourself think through it!

Often frustrated in love, the present often can not hear other people's advice, because we are full of only want to return to each other, we cannot accept "we broke up" the fact, full of "why he did not come back" question. As a friend of a lovelorn person, what we can do is to accompany him, he will be better.

Is lovelorn us, if how all have no way to accept, others also can not stop you, as a pain, also let oneself once think thoroughly. Hashed you get along with the details, not to regret to recall, but really to imagine "if the original really do not ..., will the results really change?" After a while, think through, will also find not their own problems, the cycle of remorse is no longer a negative thinking force, but the power to grow from it, you will have the strength to push yourself from the bottom of the valley. (We know, for you and you who are just lovelorn )

You can, we all believe in you.

Q4. What do you want the reader to see from your work?

I never classify myself as an expert in gender, I have published three best-selling sex works,"Miss, but do not want to see people","Those who have nothing to do with your happiness","Can you just like me" In his works, some people saw the gentle, someone heard the sharp, and the restaurant said so ...

I do not think I am a gender expert, I even think that love this matter no one is an expert, this thing is not suitable for him to apply to you, your success story has nothing to do with him. No one has to listen to anyone's advice, including everything I write in the book, the reader does not necessarily have to pay the bill. I think that all of the absorption must be in the mind after their own sincere acceptance, in order to set up, rather than feel that this argument seems to be very serious, just take it all, so that those ideas will not enter your heart. The readers who wish to turn on my pages can also have their own way of looking at love.

Only when the experience of others, into their own ideas, actually do it will not tie hands tied foot reluctantly. If you just take other people's words to accept the whole set on their own body, it will only imitate the appearance of others, this is not love should have the appearance.

I wrote my thoughts in the article, but I hope that everyone who opens my pages has his own ideas and understandings. Even if his thoughts are completely against me, it doesn't matter. As long as anyone who has read my article stops to think for a few minutes, I think my article makes sense. Because no one really can guarantee that love can be successful, even the parties are not sure, how other people plug in the words? (same field Gayon: in Love, the most important thing is the attitude )

Q5. Two people together what's the most important thing?

With a low head, imagine the two of people together for a good moment

"She doesn't need to be the one who knows me best, but if I'm the most tolerant."

Some people will ask whether to choose a lover or be loved, I will feel that in fact, love is entirely a personal choice, not better or worse. Some people will be happy by giving, then he is with the people he loved more than happy, but only to see the individual needs to make a choice.

For me, "tolerance" is a very important element of love, but also a love can go long the key. Love a person is so, you see his shortcomings, you see his shortcomings, but you still do not hesitate to run forward hug him. This is love. You know he has a shortage, you do not want him to be a perfect lover, you are willing to accept such a he, so unique to him, without forcing to change him.

"If a person's psychology has an ultimate goal of transformation, it doesn't matter who you love, because he wants to turn everyone into what he wants to be," he said. 」

In love, we often have a little paranoid desire to change each other, or take the actions of our predecessors in the current body, but do you remember when you first fell in love with this person? If you are always trying to change each other, it doesn't matter who you're in love with, you just want to be with your ideal, who you don't really care about. One of the most important things in love is to treat each other's small faults as a unique personal trait. Everyone is very unique, and you are in love, very unique two people ah, so do not do according to each other's settings and change the robot. (We want to say: the condition is temporary, get along with is a lifetime )

Q6. Do you believe in love all your life?

a lifetime of love, is it possible? is marriage really the tomb of love? After all these years, we still do not understand. Is it possible for us to spend the rest of our lives with the one we love and not get tired of looking at his face? The restaurant said so ...

"I believe in love for a lifetime, because it will grow up with time, can hold hands to grow up two people, can be passionate for a lifetime." 」

I never thought it was easy, though I believed in love all my life. But if you don't believe it and don't try, you don't know it's impossible, right? Many people will say that marriage, is the tomb of love, I think more specifically, is married, people began to face a lot of reality, and this reality and love is very inconsistent, we have to admit that the reality is often let love become fragile.

But like I said, 18-year-old love is not the same as the 25-Year-old love, you in Love will be more and more brave, President of the General Assembly changes, if you are around the person, can be with you to cross these changes in the level of life, love, how can it be impossible? (to extend the passionate period, there are five methods )

In the face of love, if we are always holding negative thoughts and skeptical attitude, then how do we talk about a love? If you think that love always has a day to disappear, then why start? Are you holding the mood of the Lotto in love? Holding such a distrust of the attitude of love, the last love failed to break up, feel "see!" Just like I thought. "Fell into the prophecy of self practice. Such a disguised as the desire to become, you like the universe under orders, "Hey I think I will love failure oh", so ringing love failed.

Many things, really must first believe, will have the strength. (Listen to Believe in love two Miss said: Love Paradise )

7. Favorite Love Dialogue?

Have written so many love dialogue of the restaurant, do you have a favorite love dialogue? He said so ...

In love many people are very happy, but more people are often unhappy. When the loss of a person, we often fall into a constant remorse, is not where I do not good enough? Why didn't he want me? Will feel that they have been abandoned by the world, there is nothing. But...

A picture of their own mood, but also write out the voices of all

" no one is going to lose everything, at least you have yourself." I like that, because in any case, you think you hurt so bad, you still have your side. First remember that others are not obligated to you because they are others. But you are your own, and you should remember to be good to yourself. You like yourself first, when others like you, that is really like, do not because others like, to become a you do not like the "yourself", such a love, unhealthy? (For women and girls: before you fall in love, get used to being alone )

8. For the current "fast food Love" phenomenon, do you have any words to say or suggest?

"In fact, I think sometimes, we have to demonize fast-food love." 」

Fast-food love, in fact, is the product of the modern environment, but in response to this era and the birth of the love model. so the return of a word, I think there is no so-called good love and bad Love, everything is the choice of question, if you are longing for a more old-fashioned love model, it does not need to be bullied to meet the fast-food love atmosphere. We are all in the vast sea of people, looking for the same as we like the love model.

Really to say, modern people because too accustomed to the rapid flow of information, so relatively impatient, and not good at waiting. "Why can't his line be read back?" Why doesn't she return my Facebook message and press the praises of others? "Many of the problems that have never existed before have arisen in this age. (She would like to say: " don't, have read my love )

"People who used to have things broken will find a way to fix them, and now people will want to change things if they don't." 」

That's probably the difference. But I think the beginning of love need patience, really together more need patience. A lot of things, all need time Shen Dian, in the present can not answer, love is not "I love You" said after the export, all the smooth start. Always encounter some unexpected obstacles and setbacks, I would like to give up, and for their own quick healing "stop bleeding" before, is it possible to give this relationship a little wait time? Not endless waiting, but to give themselves a period of time to see whether the relationship between the two have no change in the possibility, and two people can join hands together through this change. (same field Gayon: father to son's marriage motto, marriage is not for you alone )

9. What is the good love in your mind?

When you write about love, what kind of vision does he have in mind about love? Listen to what he says ...

Try to make love better;
But don't try to force all the love will be good.

For me, "ordinary" is very important in a relationship. Seriously, spend most of the time is ordinary, a relationship is difficult to maintain in a vigorous state. And the most wonderful thing about love is that at every stage, it doesn't look the same. So although the idol drama said girls pursue is enthusiasts, but if the end of their life, are in the pursuit of the first love each other's kind of enthusiasts feelings, it is better to be a substitute love.

"The hardest and most valuable thing about dating is that with age and time, two of people can cross the transition together." 」

Like for me, the most romantic in love is never a surprise, a holiday or a gift, but two of people between the plain as the water daily, is the daily life accumulated in those tacit understanding. When no words, a nod can understand each other, that moment, very romantic.

I am a person who is afraid of surprises, I like the daily romance. Because love has already been shown in the small details of daily life, so two of people do not use special for each other to "prove" such love. This is probably the most beautiful love in my mind. Recommended Love 's Eternal Way Love 〗before midnight at midnight in Greece

This is a restaurant, like the daily life of the romantic, I believe that love is not the best and the worst only the best for their own, look forward to a lifetime of passionate in a restaurant.

Finally, a simple word, "I hope we can like ourselves, and then to like another person" to all who love his words, still believe in love Womany readers. this evening, we listen to the restaurant to say love, suddenly to love seems to be able to trust a little more. We also want to say, when we rest assured that love, Love will also be a soft hug for us.