Miss Gang in a generation of the guru said: "All say life without regrets, that is angry words, life if there is no regrets, that how boring?" "In life, there are inevitably many regrets and misses, and the late Guardian speaks of a 50-year regret." 50 years, from the adolescent regret to have been gray hair, the accumulation of emotions concentrated in a movie time.

The Daily Telegraph of London commented on the late Guardian as: "a heartbreaking but hopeful movie that the director can fix immediately after tearing your heart." "Perhaps life is so, after several times of heartbreak and mending, we evolve into a better person and continue to seek for past regrets." There is a love, will never be late, called motherly love. A parent will see empathy, the children will be extremely worried about the true story ... (Same field Gayon: The beauty of the non-manicure, embrace the real photo album of postpartum stature )

Introduction to the "Late keeper" plot

In the simple Irish town of 1952, Maiden Philomina was sent to the convent by her family for an unmarried pregnancy, only one hour a day to get along with his son Anthony. Until one day, when Antony was three years old, the nun sent him privately to the American family. Since then, Philomina has embarked on a 50-year history of his son ....

Philomina (Julia Titanchi), a not-so-normal old mother, rather than visit the Lincoln Memorial Hall to watch "Jedi milk pa", Yincuoyangcha met the grim comedian former BBC reporter Martin Steve Coogan as, Martin after listening to the long experience of Philomina, decided to go with her to start a journey to find a son. This pair of different personalities, seemingly impossible to set up a partner, between the rational and perceptual, between hope and loss, the unfolding is not only a mother to find the son of adventure story, but also a witness of cross-border friendship Diary. In the pursuit of the process of discovering Antony's little-known secrets, Philomina can this belated love to the missing son? (Recommended reading: Five things that people regret most before they die )

Adapted from the real story of the touching sharing

The time went back to 2010, when Steve Coogan was staying in New York, accidentally reading a headline: "The Catholic Church sold my child" and a picture of a man and a woman, instinctively falling in love with the story. The original book, "Philomina's lost Son," Lost child Philomena Lee, which sparked his curiosity and high interest, has not even been listed! Steve Coogan immediately contacted the author, Martin Sick Smith, and ventured to buy the film adaptation copyright.

After writing a book for his own story, the audience echoed the many readers, was enough to make Philomina himself very surprised, when she found that this has been her protagonist to hear the story to be moved to the big screen, but also let her stunned, because for Philomina, it is her life, not a brilliant story. But apparently Steve Coogan is fascinated by the story, persuaded the original author, Martin, to sell the film to him and to join the hidden role in the original-Martin, who focused on the middle-class, former government official who graduated from Oxford University, and the quest for a child with a simple Irish lady.

Later the way invited the producer Gabitana (Gaby Tana), and then persuaded the director Steven Forres, and then get the approval of the actress Julia Titanchi, and gave birth to the audience a very high degree of emotional comedy.

The role of in-depth analysis

1. Actress │ Julia Titanchi (Judi Dench) adorn Philomina Lee

78-Year-old Judy Dan is accustomed to cool frost role, the film is looking forward to the son 50 years of emotional drama is full of tenderness, stunning-Times Magazine (time)

Philomina, a simple Irish rural old lady, pure mind, like romantic romance, love to family restaurants, and anyone can happily chat, is a cheerful and enthusiastic old mother, but in the cheerful exterior, but hidden a deep buried 50 years of secret- She was married to a young girl who had a boy Anthony, but was forced to separate from the son, since then launched a 50-year journey to find a son ...

2. Producer, screenwriter, actor │ Steve Coogan Coogan Martin Sick Smith

Martin Sick Smith, an intellectual who graduated from Oxford University in England, is a sophisticated and knowledgeable man. Like history, do not like noisy environment, speech sharp but without losing humor, former BBC correspondent, British Prime Minister Tony Blair public Relations room director, currently unemployed, karma to hear Philomina story, at the beginning just want to return to the ranks of reporters, but accompanied by the process of searching for the son, but gradually by her tolerance and love moved, The difference between personality and education two people, along the way wiped out a lot of sparks, but also developed a profound forget the year of friendship.

"Late Guardian" trailer to see.