This winter is a bit naughty, just after a bright sun, the new year, instant cold chill for a week, as if spring just a little bit of a head say Hi, and was caught in the winter back! In this change of the great changes in the seasonal period, always feel the wrong to wear anything, but also the most easy to catch a cold, dear women do not worry, women fans to help prepare the season suitable for the retro wind wear, the use of autumn and winter popular single products , wear out fashion, to see!

Tip 1: A warm and good-looking coat

the change of temperature is big, warm and good-looking in the seasons Winter Warm Clothes don't rush into the closet. Compared to the thick coat, winter popular oversize knitted jacket thickness is very suitable, cold time can be cold, when the weather is too hot to take in the hands will not be too strange, the choice of more lively color cream brown, with retro beauty and can wear all the way to summer. (See the oversize of the Fever )

Women fans recommend : Hot sales of the Middle Ages warm clothes , simple colors plus comfortable tailoring, how to build all good-looking, women fan office but a hand-selling goods!

Tip 2: Good looking high waist skirt warm and cold free transformation

The most afraid to wear too much or too little, according to the temperature of the day to choose long sleeves or short sleeves of a simple blouse , with little diva Teles very love of the high waist skirt , pretty lively and stylish sense, but also to wear all the way to summer, focus on color in the skirt, women as long as the big principle, The more simple the color of the coat, the more you need to match the beautiful and colorful skirt. If the weather is a little colder, add a piece of trousers , according to the temperature of free change is not afraid of sudden cold snap attack.

woman fan recommended : Want to become the full focus, wear a high waist mini skirt-Animal series . Do you think plain colors are too monotonous? , brave to try a particularly bold bright eye peng skirt! With colorful colors and winter say break.

Tip 3: Colorful scarves warm and good-looking

This time to catch a scarf slightly sultry, rather than choose to warm and practical set of colorful silk scarf , cold weather can warm the neck, when the heat can also be used as a scarf to do styling decoration! Or tied in the bag to be decorated, regardless of dress again monotonous, catch a silk scarf fashion sense immediately upgrade. (Come to learn practical silk scarf to wear a lap )

Women fans recommend : Women wardrobe How can not have a silk scarf, good-looking and good wai cupid Pure silk scarf is made of pure silk, quality assurance and design sense.

Tip 4: Pick a pair of shoes that are not afraid of cold and good-looking

This is the day when a snow boot is hot enough to sweat, and it will be too cold to wear a pinch. Pick a pair of breathable and warm shoes, to the theme of Retro Wind, Oxford shoes is a good choice, many Hollywood stars secretly like to wear Oxford shoes, because of what is good, a set of can go out, also will not have too stuffy trouble, wearing Oxford shoes accompany you through the season of temper!

Women fans recommend : Years unbeaten,Paloma Red Brown Two-color Oxford shoes , promoted fashion dress on this pair, rather than choose cheap to go with the shoes, as the two work really, comfortable walking shoes, so you in the unpredictable season can also have a good mood.

TIP 5: Retro little bag on back when dotted

Women often forget that the package is also the overall collocation of one, complex ancient antique with a big bag some abrupt, pick a small bag to do embellishment, whether it is fun cute package , or temperament Wenqing type of package are very suitable, with a dress or short skirts, immediately a retro and charming temperament.

woman Fan recommended : A back on the good mood,"Time Machine" Martini Martini ! Playful color, in the cold snap to inject an interesting and lovely warm current.

Hey! Women, the season to wear the most disturbing, but in fact, as long as the master of classic items, you do not have to worry about colds to find you, but also not afraid of cloudy weather, today and we selected a suitable fashion dress, what is your favorite single item? I hope we can have a good mood all through the summer.

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