Fan Salon | She and he said: combining Retro and modern, play out the new winter fashion

The British historian Carl says

History is a never-ending dialogue between the past and the present. 」

We say,

"Fashion, is retro and modern interwoven into the future." 」

fashion, not necessarily the latest fastest best, fashion, without an absolute standard of scoring.

"Linda Dazhi:" Founder Linda X "International fashion makeup brand Nars" Education and training manager Sian,

To tell you that retro is actually one of the elements of fashion,

How to use oversize and this winter's popular Christmas make-up,

Find your own style in retro and stylish.

At the same time, invite the male makeup artist to Nars, and talk to Linda together,

How men and women can be paired with each other,

And the different ideas that men and women have about fashion.

woman fan x Linda Dazhi: x Clotho knitting warm winter joint project ( Medieval Warm clothing knitted jacket New Products, will be exposed for the first time in this mystery salon!

You have the opportunity to apply for your Christmas makeup by Nars makeup artist at the scene of your dress package (Medieval warm clothing + fan salon).

And Linda personally tells you how to match,

One of the same clothes, in each unique only you, how to wear their own fashion style.

"About the ladies ' salon."

Sharon, originated in France in 17th century, from a few intelligent women began to invite scholars from all walks of life to discuss various topics. They promoted the Enlightenment and made France the center of its culture. They not only changed the world, but also let women know that we can not only beautiful but also smart.

In Taipei in the 21st century, Womany wants to work with you and you and her to build your own salon culture. Let us practice life together, capture inspiration, take the initiative to get closer to the unknown but want to know more and more; we can not only learn together, know the new she and he, let Sharon not only is a joyful thought gathering, but also in the new form, let us become better.

Women are obsessed with Sharon, digging up the best possible life

Let's be charming and smart together

"Speaker Introduction"

  • "Linda Dazhi:" The founder of Fashion design blog Linda

Living in New York for many years, with a unique and uninhibited fashion style and natural humor attitude to life, the current boutique brand visual creative consultants, fashion bloggers, professional designers, writers and lecturers.

  • NARS Education and Training manager Sian

Makeup experience up to 15 years, the British University of Art, the works have Vogue uk,vogue russia,vougue china,marie Claire Taiwan. Attend the London Fashion Week,marc Jacobs,paul Smith,moschino Show.

"Moderator Introduction"

  • Chen Yi Zhen

Woman Fan editor-in-chief and co-founder, has many years of theme content and community management experience. The biggest wish of life is that you can always do the things that make you happy, and appreciate the beautiful things and dress up a beautiful appearance is to make oneself feel happy one of the things!

"Venue Introduction"

The venue of this fan salon is specially chosen for Marsalis home at the home of the Xinyi District boutique Hotel 3F. Being in the area of Taipei's fashion trends offers a warm, home-feeling space. Winter afternoon, I hope in the nostalgic atmosphere, with you to find their new face.

"Lecture Information"

Time: 2013/12/07 Saturday 13:30-16:00 (check-in and admission 13:00)

Venue: Home HOTEL 3F Marsalis Home, 3/F, No. 90th Pine Nut Road, Xinyi District, Taipei, China

"Registration Information"

General ticket: 300 yuan 〉〉 buy here

Clothing package (Medieval warm clothing + fan salon): 2380 yuan (original price 2,980 yuan) 〉〉 here to buy

Want to know more? 〉〉 about The Medieval Warm clothes


About speakers

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