Do you remember the first time? What was the first time you flashed your mind?

January, Womany held the first essay activities, inviting you to stop too busy footsteps, quiet and their dialogue, recall that the first experience.

Why is the "first" essay campaign , some readers write this question, I would like to say, because every first time, are worth remembering, every shaky first time, let us the second, third, fourth time, the better, let us more and more strong. It's the first time that I've been a little hard and sad in retrospect, so we are entitled to the happiness we have now.

So, thank you for the first time, let us walk so long and so far.

Every first time, it's different.

Activities on the line not a few days, mailbox received a full letter, your words sincere, each letter opened, are magnanimous face their feelings, those or bitter or laugh memories, seems to have been in, through the writing more clearly, also found that we have grown up a lot of it?

Of course, there are many for the first time, is very sad:
For the first time and the people you love forever Farewell
The first time in love, the first time to let go
Love is clearly two people, why I always only one person
The first time to face the parting

We have seen the heartache, want to give you a very long hug, also for you now happy, every time through, let us become a stronger person.

And some are the first time in the face of the unknown mood, some disturbed, some uneasy, some overwhelmed:
first time pregnant ,
The first time the pregnant mummy mood, the first water production
love for the first time, like girls for the first time ,

We have seen more fortunate, these first time, although it is the past, but we are more than honored to be able to see and you again together aftertaste.

Some of the first time, there is no hiding joy:
Womany Engineer: The first time to complete the joy of Dream ,
in life, the first object of love, it is oneself ,
enjoy the moment of unlimited life ,

We are happy to ride the car, and you happy together. Because of your happy, we are more happy, but also want to have such a happy, share to more people.
(More for the first time, all in the exclusive our first column )

It's your voice that warms us.

And many readers of the letter, also let us on the way to work, received a lot of strength. Perhaps we often feel that we are just the small people in the big universe, but Womany want to say to you, your voice and affirmation, really gave us a lot of forward momentum.

She said: "Thank you, you are the intentions of business, only to achieve more self-confidence, dare to love to speak for their own women." 」

She said: "womany always in my low or lost time, give me positive energy and direction, the New Year, Womany to continue to bring more people energy and change more people's lives, and I will continue to refuel <3"

She said: "The woman fan's article, has given me the positive psychological medical treatment, oneself cure oneself." 」

She said: "Your website is very good!" I hope you will continue to speak for women! Bring more and more different opinions to women! Also thank you for your efforts, refueling: "

Almost every one of you writing a letter to write down in the letter to our encouragement, I think this is our first time: "The first profound experience, the original womany can warm so many people, has been so many people's pillars." "The letter which writes attentively, is warm us even more." Entrepreneurial way, often a little hard, but your piece of text, in the middle of the night, let us remember why we do this reason.

You are the reason we can kuzhongzuoyue, thank you for warming us so much.

Among the contributors, there are five writing people who are deeply attracted to us and invite them to join Womany as our resident writer because we want to share their delicate words and feelings with more people.

She's from Hong Kong. Wang Zi , in Womany, she learned to love herself, but also want to love their own joy to share to more people.

She's from Hong Kong. Wang Zi , in Womany, she learned to love herself, but also want to love their own joy to share to more people.

He's a shy letter asking men if they can contribute. Green , the words of the sharp voice of the generation of the great love of the people.

She is married to herself and is currently in Australia Chen , a writing program is being carried out to talk to more women and girls about our private affair through overseas interviews.

She was writing about her feelings. Viney I want to go through love with you those may be broken or sweet moments.

She is a yuyurose to enjoy the taste of a person's travel. , who is working in Singapore, will also want to bring you first-hand coverage of Singapore.

Finally, the first time we together

This is your first time, in fact, it is my first time.

I am Audrey Ko, the chief editor of the current Womany. The first time in Womany when the editor, busy up the whole people are buried in writing, but I often think of their happiness, can hehe the kind of laugh. because know every article written out, may be warm screen before you, one or two, for me, really enough. Also hope that the article on the Womany, always after you have seen, left something in your body, accompanied you through a fragile or strong moment, after all, this is our first time together in Womany!

In Womany I believe that the original simple text, can do so beautiful so pure link, string up in the real life do not know us, to the same article laugh, as if the old knowledge. Finally want to say, thank you also accompany Womany through so many first time, we would like to say that every first time is worth remembering, also to those who make us stronger first time:

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