The English title of the limited sign in Paris is very interesting. Paris or Perish, who knows how many sad stories are buried under a dream flower? When doing everything to try to live in Paris, the heroine, accidentally due to the issue of residence permit returned to her hometown of Morocco, she faced, is not just a change of life.

The Paris limited-sign film more deliberately contrasts the progress and traditions between Paris and Morocco, the brightness and gloom, the distress of Moroccan heroine, with the pretensions of " Metropolis people "look at their hometown, such a vision is of course cruel, but also realistic, we have more or less in mind have flashed the idea: with their own habit of thinking logic to Sando another completely different civilization system.

This is a culture and identity of the impact, not only the heroine, but also our. (Recommended reading: to Paris, feel the old charm )

Story outline

Maya (Renee Michelich) grew up in a working-class family in the suburbs of Morocco, however, since the arrival of fashion capital-Paris, hard childhood has been forgotten by her, Maya not only suddenly become a "trend girl", but also the future of the unlimited young fashion designers.

Just as she gradually in the Paris fashion Circle, have the opportunity to further into the super well-known fashion company work, Maya but because of the traffic, the police found her residence permit already expired! Was immediately deported to the Maya of Morocco, in the face of cultural shocks and various discriminatory differences, a sense of preparedness is lost; At this time Paris has a heavyweight activity is about to unfold, eager to turn back to the fashion circle of the Maya decided to return to Paris, with the help of friends, she will use how to laugh Kuso the Jedi big counterattack?

Director's interview: Renee Michelich

Rachel Michelich, a famous French actress, was the first to attempt her own self-directed film, Paris OR perish. Works in the past include "Black Colombiana", "secret agent 117 lost in Rio" (OSS 117-lost in Rio).

Q1: We often say that all the director's debut is his own story, is this film also your autobiography?

There is a big part of it indeed. The story was inspired two years ago when I was invited to a film festival in Tunisia. At that time I dressed up very tide, a Paris most popular dress up, dragged lv luggage box ...

When I arrived at the airport, the customs officer who checked the papers was deliberately angry at me, after checking his passport, he spoke Arabic in his own right, only to see that the name on my passport was "originating from his home", and he was quite sure, and then I thought to myself, "Luckily I didn't live here." 」

For a generation or an educational level, it's hard to imagine a girl who wants to go on the road to acting. My situation is not special, I think the world's parents, especially those who left home to fight, their parents are for their children good. but the so-called "for your own good" means that you have to do a job that is as respectable as everyone else, rather than being a public person and a performer. The idea of the movie comes from here: what would you do if you were stuck in a country where you were "betrayed"? (same field Gayon: Three film female director: for the woman's "sex" life, not leather )

Q2: You are a Polynesian, but why do you choose to move the background of this film to Morocco?

Morocco is similar to my hometown, and this movie is not my story. And compared to Paris, the Moroccan light and the architecture, and I want to compare the visual comparison: that is, cold and heat, Ray and dark contrast.

I lived with a Moroccan family for a couple of weeks to write this script and hope the story will be as realistic as possible. A Parisian dragon like me can soon feel the difference in life, and the rhythm of the whole living is quite different. During filming in Morocco, everything was quite smooth, and this difference was more visible when filming, which was quite necessary to emphasize different urban life and culture.

And in the film, the heroine in the big sun, wearing high heels on the gravel road in the scene, I think that picture, for her current situation is quite convincing: she was really "out of the box"!

The heroine's imagination about Moroccan society may be very old, but sometimes we are all the same ...

The heroine returned to her hometown, it became a little ridiculous, which is one of the interesting points that attracted me. When she returned home, her brother lied to her that the toilet was actually a grove, and she immediately did not suspect him, completely pay the bill.

Q3: Would you share your feelings as an actor and director?

I love acting! In different films can play different roles, if this film gives me the opportunity to do better, I will be very proud and very happy. Now there are so many talented actresses, I can only write a character to myself, in order to fight against them, I always know their own.

In writing the script and the preparation stage, I have to pay attention to the smallest details, I know what to see in each lens, and from what angle to shoot every play, but also to leave space for the live impromptu performance. In addition, I have a very strong team, each department's guidance is as dedicated as I do, focus on the heart. When you see these people, betting so much effort, just to put your last few years hiding in the corner to write the story of the film, it is very touching.

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