Are you ready? Let ' s oscars!

The 2014 86th annual Oscar awards ceremony will be held on March 2 (Taiwan time March 3) in Hollywood, Los Angeles, the Dolby Theatre grand, I think many fans have long been looking forward to wait?

Although every time Oscar stars gathered, but the world is cruel, Jiangshan generation has talent out, always have excellent film rookie sprang up, but there is a person invited every year, and never absent, more is the spotlight from the Big café role, guessed it? He's the Golden Man, the man!. (since it's called the man, you can imagine his important position.) )

The Golden Man is so legendary, but you may not know the story behind the Golden Man. In fact, and the Golden Man recognized every film, its birth is also after a thoroughly tempered, now with Womany to see the Oscar's brightest protagonist: The Golden Man and about the Golden man you do not know five of interesting things. (together to predict!) 2014 Oscar for best film, what's your idea of a gold movie? )

01. The first Golden man was born in ...

The first Golden man was born in 1983 and was born in Chicago's R.S. Owens company, the same company is also responsible for the creation of the Emmy Award!

The Golden Man is so made: first of all, a ingot of the lead tin alloy quickly Rong cast, and then poured into 1928, by the MGM director Cedric Gibbons design module, waiting for cooling after the formation, and then each of the golden man took out carefully polished and bright.

And from 1928 until now, in addition to the micro-adjustment of the base, small gold statue 40 years, such as a day, do not see the changes and traces of the years, can be said that the golden man is really age astonishingly well.

02. Is the little silver man in the bones of the golden man?

Perhaps you would think, since the lead tin alloy made, it should be small silver people?

How did the little Silver Man become a golden man? Originally in each small silver polished after polishing, each golden man will be electroplated layers, copper, nickel, silver, the last is 24K gold "Huang".

R.s Owens, a current spokesman for Joseph Petree, said: "Why are the golden people so shiny every angle, because we in each layer of electroplating, will be polished once again, let the Golden Man's light from the Inside out." 」

3. How tall is the Golden Man, how heavy, how many dystocia?

Report! The golden Man is 13.5 inches tall and weighs 8.5 pounds (nearly 4 kilograms), which takes about 20 hours to be born. (Sounds and looks like a very tall, skinny kid)

However, the survival of the golden World is very difficult, as long as there is a small flaw, even if it is harmless, the Golden man will be destroyed immediately.

04. The Golden Man, originally a mixture of old and new?

Every Oscar has 50 of them will be there to join the event, but based on some unpredictable unexpected situation, not to the end of the event, it is not really sure that there will be several golden people with the winners to go home together.

So every year, the little ones that come out of the house have to hide in the closet for a year, until the next year's Oscar party to come out and meet you again. (The Little Golden Man is a pity, everybody tries to bring the little one home)

The Golden man: "Let me Out!" "(Design Dialogue)

05. Gold is difficult to buy the golden man

First, no matter if anyone would really want to sell the Golden Man, the Golden man but the daughter is difficult to buy!

Since the 1950 's, the Academy has banned the sale of gold to prevent them from seeing the gold on EBay! If the winners really want to get rid of the gold (for example, fear of the so-called Golden Spell), the only way to do that is to sell it back to the association in a dollar.

There are two anecdotes of success and failure in the sale of the Golden man ...

Case 1. Mike Todd's little gold man was saved.

Oscar-winning director Mike Todd took the best film Oscar in 1989 with a 80-day tour of the World "Around". When Mike Todd's descendants wanted to auction the Golden Man, the academy succeeded in stopping the auction.

Case 2. Orson Welles's Little Gold Man was sold.

Because the Oscar association's "Golden Man Ban Order" was released in 1950, so in 1941 with the Grand National "citizen Kane" to win the best original Screenplay Orson Welles is not so lucky, his little gold in 2011 to sell 860,000 dollars!

After watching the miracle of the Golden Man, is it more expected that this year's Oscar gala?

Fascinated by the Oscar star style, but also don't forget to accompany us all the way to greet the Golden man, I believe he will be very happy! (because waiting for a year finally came out of the air) (the same field Gayon: the prize is ... Oscar every road hero Force analysis )

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