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Oscar pageant is in full swing, let womany for you exclusive direct hit. Win the best supporting actor Jared Leto Gardelleto, a May you some unfamiliar, but you should not miss the name. To the Dallas Buyers Club play in the interpretation of the transsexual's sincere performance, successively won the Golden Globes and Oscar and other film men with awards, he said: "I love the woman, taught me what is a brave dream" to see! (same field Gayon: I am Xu Fang, this article is written to you who have a dream in mind )

3/2 American Time Night Eight, the Hollywood annual event Oscar officially began, and the first award for the Best Supporting actor (Actor in a Supporting role), by the Dallas Buyers Club , the Jared Leto won.

Jared Leto took the first Oscar award and his acceptance speech was not just about Oscar, but about the family he was in, the people he was fighting against, and everyone in the world, and everyone began to reflect on the real meaning of being an actor and even a person. This is Jared's first Oscar , but we can't wait to see more of his wonderful work. (specially recommended Jared Leto performance Mr.nobody, also quite good-looking!) )

Let's listen to the Jared Leto's touching acceptance speech, the following is an excerpt from the Jared Leto's Oscar-winning speech:

"Thank you, Ellen, I love you." As I have been shortlisted for this award, I am honored to be with you through this, and I love your performance, and I thank Oscar for awarding this award to me.

Next, I want to tell a story, 1971 that year, in Louisiana, there is a green girl pregnant with her second child. She dropped out of high school, is a single mother, although the reality seems so difficult, she managed to give herself and her children a life not according to fate. She encourages her children to use their imagination to create life and to remember to fight for their different lives. The little girl, is my dear mother, she is on the scene, I just want to tell her I love you, dear mother, Thank you teach me what is called a dream, what is a brave dream.

In 1971, the city Louisiana of Bossier, there was a teenage girl The Who is pregnant with her the child. She is a high school dropout and a single mom, but somehow she managed to make a better life for herself and her children . She encouraged here kids to is creative and work hard and do something special. That's girl was I mother and she's here tonight. I just want to say ' I love you mom, thank your for teaching me to dream. '

To my brother Shannon, the world's best brother, you are a real artist, you and I walk together with this crazy beautiful life is really good, thank you for being my best friend. I love you.

To my brother Shannon, the best of brother in the world, you are a true artist. Thank for sharing this insane adventure which is Seconds to Mars and for being my best friend.

Leto's mother and brother Shannon

To the world with dreams of you, as you are listening to the acceptance speech, like Ukraine or Venezuela, now facing the threat of war, I want to tell you that when you stand up to the reality and fight for a better future, we are here to support you, we are thinking of you, you are in our hearts.

To the "Dreamers out there around" the world watching this tonight as places and Ukraine, I Venezuela to to SA Y we are here, and as your struggle to make your dreams happen and live the impossible, we are thinking for you tonight.

The last prize is for the 36 million of you who fought for AIDS; for those of you who are "just who you are" or "Your Love" and feel the slightest hint of social injustice, this little golden man is dedicated to you, you are the reason I stand here today, and I am with you.

This is for the "million people who have lost the battle to AIDS. And to those of your who have ever felt injustice because of whom you are and who, I stand this in front of the WOR LD with the and for you.

Thank you all, I believe this night will be very good.

Thank and good night. "

Jared Leto's speech let us even at a distance, still feel the power of Oscar, this evening Oscar, not only belong to those who shine shiny actors, but also belong to the war-affected countries and people, who once fought for the faith of the people, belong to the world. Toast to Oscars and Jared leto!

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