A classic episode of six memorable and rewarding women in TED's speech: You know, you actually have the strength!

Do you look forward to your life in the morning, or do you have a yanyan and hope for nothing? Want to be full of energy every day, only rely on their own encouragement may be a little weak, after all, busy very easy to make people have a difficult and tired, but there is a pipeline is no matter when, in less than 20 minutes in a short time, for you to rekindle the passion for life and fascination! (Before you start, take a look: young people, you have to be "liberated")

By the end of the year, Womany has compiled a classic clip of six memorable and exciting women in TED's speech for five years. Whether it's a passionate ego quest, a way to encourage women to be self-reliant, to believe in their influence, and more, let's keep in mind that you're actually full of power! If you need someone to cheer you up, why not leave a precious 18 minutes for yourself before you go to work, and let their life's essence bring a genial light to your life. (They all accompany you: learn to succeed if you fail! See the story of six successful women )

1. TEDx Jill Taylor (Jill Bolte Taylor) "Two worlds in your head"

We all have the ability to choose, this moment, what kind of person we want to be--Jill Taylor

Jill Taylor is a cranial nerve anatomy, and since her brother was diagnosed with schizophrenia, she decided to have a deep analysis and research into the human brain. And when he got up one day in 1996, Taylor found he had a stroke! Unlike most people who are helpless and angry in the face of a stroke, Taylor is facing this tricky life test with the curiosity of discovering the new continent.

Taylor said that she thought: "This is so cool!" How many people who study cranial nerves can experience the process of brain function change? And when the cure and exploration were carried out simultaneously, Taylor discovered that she had not known her body before. (Do you know your body?) "The brain, the evolution, the human race" has never been so close to unlocking the mysteries of the brain. The whole speech, including the stroke process and how to discover the mysteries lurking in her left and right brain, Taylor uses a very gentle and humorous tone to describe the person's inability to move her eyes away from her; She could have such a broad vision and a noble spirit of scientists. The brain's secret, let her to tell you!

P.s. The picture she is holding is not a model, but the real human brain Oh!

2. TEDx Burre Nie Brown (brene Brown), "The Fragile power"

Don't be afraid to admit the fragility, because let us fragile, also let us great! --Reni Bruny Brown

Dr. Bruny Brown is a renowned scholar who specializes in the ability of human beings to link their hearts and emotions, and the power they bring. Emotional attributes include vulnerability, courage , self-worth, compassion, a sense of belonging , shame, jealousy, and the ability to love, which is the scope of her research. In his speech, Dr. Brown shared her findings with the audience with a lively and witty remark.

She found that those who were classified as vulnerable, or even experienced countless failures, are far more powerful than others who love to be brave and not admit defeat. Because they not only wholeheartedly face their own unbearable, imperfect, but also to take the courage to accept that they are fragile, and then rely on the fragile, into a better person. (You may also want to know her: a condensed view of her female artist, Liv-Carol ). There is no bad, even you can say, did not walk through the fragile, impossible to obtain real courage. When we are willing to look at the fragile and shoulder to shoulder, we have the opportunity to dig out self-confidence, happiness, creativity and more possibilities.

Did you ever think about it? Why is there always betrayal in love? Click on the next page and listen to what Helen says.

3. TEDx Helen Fisher Snow (Helen Fisher) "Why are we in love, why are we unfaithful"?

If there is no love in this world, it will be a dead place.

Anthropologist Helen Fisher

Now let's talk about the most popular chord of the topic "Love"! Helen Fisher, a renowned anthropologist, uses a precise scientific instrument-the MRI-to study the brain changes in love and lovelorn people, and to analyze the effects of love on humans. You may be curious, why even if the person who has been the right to refuse, or refused to dislike the people, and even suffered a lot of emotional shock, after a period of time, people still want to love again, to talk about feelings, even if it will be hurt again? (Do you also want to ask: does love really reduce IQ?) )

Fisher, after a long study of love, found that when we began to obsess or have the urge to fall, not only is the "good feeling" invisible, but the brain is stimulated to secrete the chemical constituents of dopamine (Dopamine) and phenylalanine (PEA), which allows you to begin to be excited, ecstatic, cheerful, Make people want to smile involuntarily. And the feeling of infatuation can be activated in humans, mainly from our sense of smell and the smell of pheromones in each other's bodies.

Fisher concludes that romantic love is not an emotion, but a driving force in the brain, a force that vibrates spiritually, not just sex, but more, the desire and longing for each other's feelings and souls. To you who have not yet Met your true love: Seven things that make you and your true love Shine .

4. TEDx Kelly Mackonnig (Kelly mcgonigal) "How to make stress your friend"

Stress gives us the opportunity to look at our heart, to convert it into a useful energy, to believe that we can face the challenges of life. And on this road, you won't be alone.

Kelly Mackonnig

When pressure strikes, most people are not trying to divert attention, avoid stress, or get stuck in a stressful cage and not breathe properly, and then disrupt their emotions. But Kelly Mackonnig, a health psychologist who teaches at Stanford University, shared a new perspective on stress in the speech. She abandoned the past to treat stress as an enemy, decided to treat stress as a useful activity, and the body's projection reaction to the stress was helping to prepare itself for the challenge. (Ask yourself first: What is my source of deep pressure in the last one months?) )

Mackonnig from the Harvard study found that if the pressure is considered to be beneficial to oneself, then although the heart is still pounding fast, breathing becomes shortness, the blood vessel contraction amplitude can still maintain in the relaxed, healthy state. So the point is not to get rid of the pressure, but to control the pressure to become the owner of the pressure. Mackonnig suggests that the best way to manage stress is to interact with others and create links.

Whether you're looking for help or someone to talk to, as long as you're willing to share your thoughts with others, the body will automatically relieve itself in the process of creating links. You will find that the stress will translate into oxygen that makes the brain clearer, allowing you to think calmly about the situation and be brave enough to overcome the challenge. (Let her story encourage you: General Manager: Believe in yourself, infinite possible Yang Shuxiang )

In the end, Mackonnig says, caring for others can also help us get relief from stress. So when the pressure comes, don't put unhappiness in your heart, talk to others, or even take the initiative to give your concern, so that the pressure can no longer threaten your physical and mental health! (Try it now: smile!) Six strokes inspire your good friend )

5. TEDx Susan Kain (Susan Cain), "The Introvert's power"

The world needs introverts, the qualities you hold, and the courage to speak softly.

Susan Kain

Are you a introverted person? Generally speaking, the term "introverted" may feel inadequate and appropriate, but it is a kind of prejudice because many people do not really understand the meaning of "introversion". The American woman writer Susan Kain, who publishes "Quiet, Power: an introvert who plays a positive force", shares her view of the introvert in a TED speech. She believes that introversion and shyness are not the same, shy because they can not afford social vision, but introverted is the response to the external world, can say, they are more sensitive to their own feelings than the outgoing person. (Non-mainstream female characters also have their own style: the image of awoman in Pixar's Pixar work )

In addition, there are many great leaders who are reformed, and they are not as open-minded and unrestrained as they are, like Roosevelt, Lauren Sapax and Gandhi, who consider themselves introverted and quiet. The main reason these people become leaders is not because they feel that they are leading, but because they feel "mission" and a "must", because such a sense of responsibility drives them to do what they think is right.

Kane stressed that when an introvert is not bad, do yourself and personal long to play to the extreme, just the director, will create a great success. No matter what character we hold, it is our most precious and unique appearance, to know and accept ourselves, to make choices that do not hurt you, and to let others respect you for granted. (Practice now: Love yourself First step: "Write" yourself )

6. TEDx Eve Ensler (Eve Ensler) "Embracing the little girl within You"

I'm a creative thing with feelings! (i ' m an emotional creature!) This is the girl's trait, just as the earth is created, the wind will continue to pollinate the flowers, you will not tell the Atlantic to behave, because I am a creative thing with feelings! I am your eternal memory, I can let you find yourself, I love, love, love to become a girl.

The last classic review, the famous American playwright and performing artist Eve Ensler, who created the vagina monologue, came to talk to you about the little girl who lives in everyone's heart. (To the dearest you: in my heart, there is a little girl) Ensler said, regardless of men and women, we have a little girl cell, a people want to destroy, eradicate, suppress the unstable cells. Ensler in the speech, the world seems to be let us not to become a girl, if to become a strong can not become a girl, but this is very absurd; she wanted to say, in fact, to become a girl, is how powerful amount of a thing.

Ensler shared a lot of stories about different girls in the world. Even if women are often equated with vulnerability, it does not mean that they do not have the ability to help the grief and indignation to overcome many of the light to listen to the appalling misfortunes and violence. (They are all the strongest women:2000 brave stories after being raped ) as long as they are willing to cherish the little girl within, she will definitely bring us unexpected perseverance and intelligence, because the girl's power, is the power of change.

The climax of the speech was when Ensler himself read a passage from her writing, "I am a creative object of emotion ." Her rich voice expression, and speak of word all let a person scalp numbness, shake people's hearts, no one has not got up in the audience for her applauded. Finally, Womany wants to tell everyone that we have to be proud of having such a little girl in our hearts; it's good to be a woman .