Two of people who have been wounded in the journey of life, want to forget the 18 days of the dark in prison, Frank and Shen immersed in the past love can not face the reality of love, when they met each other, there is a way to be happy together?

What is a good person, what is a bad person? The film captures more than just a glimmer of love, but also touches on deeper and farther issues that lurk behind it. And some people's encounter, is an instant, love that person's moment, is no explanation. But how much will you pay for such a momentary love?

By Oscar-winning actress Kate Winslet, golden statue nomination actor Choshebrollin and "Sportsman Flight Log" nominated director Jessenreitman work together this exciting drama, adapted from Joyce Menade the same name novel "One Life", perhaps meet your day, is eternal; maybe two unfortunate people, Can create their own happiness is possible. (same field Gayon: who loves more deeply?) )

Introduction to the Story

On the eve of Labor Day, 13-Year-old Henri Huile and his mother, Diana, went to the store to buy new clothes for Henry's next semester. Love is not going well, and the divorced single mother has rarely stepped out of the house lately. Henry wandered to the mall aisle and met an injured man, Frank, who asked for help from Henry and his beloved son. The man, with his charms and threats, persuaded Daisy to take the stranger home. So in this like the fate of the doomed weekend holiday, triggered a series of events, let them think about the past, and even determine their future, their lives have a new trend ...

Is it possible to live forever?

"The heart of the story is a growing story that is intertwined with love and gain, and it happens in a complex event that lasts for six days." I think the complex and fascinating relationship between Frank, FA and Henry, and the increasingly dangerous and stressful episodes, are very gripping and very cinematic. 」

"Such a beautiful script, in many ways seemingly simple but complex tangle." Each link in the film is so small, but it has a huge meaning, full of tangled emotions. The story itself is poignant and simple, so I would like to explore the two people in the grim situation met, combined, and then changed the lives of two people. I think there is a strong force in it. 」

Actor Choshebrollin to Love Dai son and French Frank unusual and shocking feelings attracted. "I fell in love with this book the first time I read it," he recalls. You have no idea what FA Frank is doing with purpose or sincerity, which is an interesting place. Brolin also said: "I think this is a very beautiful structure." You get to know the characters in the play from different stages of life and see how they react. You see the young FA Frank very vulnerable and see the impact of 18 years in prison on him. He almost wanted to go back to the past, to have that young heart again, to be soft again. Love Daisy wants to be happy again. You see what they have experienced in the past, they have suffered great harm, often to resist the pain, while slowly accepting the present gift of God, let two people know and change everything. (Recommended reading: A letter from a girl to her future boyfriend, will your love make Me grow?) )

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Behind the scenes watching Kate Winslet and Choshebrollin acting on the same stage