"Kitchen God in the United States version of the first season of the Super popular contestant Sharonhakman Sharone Hakman(hereinafter: Sharon), not a chef, who originally worked on Wall Street with a high income, in the game before that may have to give up the original life preparation, And when he finished to get the fifth place of success, but also resolutely put into the new, belong to their own career.

Sharon to the food requirements is not only delicious, but also how to play the ingredients thoroughly and eat healthy. The woman fans in his visit to Taiwan, "My family also has Michlin" new second quarter of the trip, very happy to get a close interview with the handsome warm smile of the man chef's opportunity, let us listen to him since the award, the way to realize the dream of the mood!

All over Taiwan is full of fascinating ingredients.

This is the third time that Sharon has come to Taiwan, he said that Taiwan was full of fascinating ingredients, and came to Taiwan these days he traveled the North Central and South East, visited a lot of snacks in the ground, but also know a lot of Taiwan's unique ingredients, he found that Taiwan is a treasure island with countless fascinating ingredients! And one of the unforgettable ingredients is soybeans, because there will be a episode of the show is to let him start from grinding beans, from scratch to make their own taste of tofu milk! (You also want to know fermented bean curd is how to do it, remember to lock TV Chinese platform every Sunday night 7 o'clock "My family also has Michlin" new second season )

Another very memorable experience is that to primary school cooking for pupils to eat, when confronted with the challenge of having to make delicious dishes out of the ingredients that the child does not love, he felt it was a very interesting, rare and fulfilling experience, and that the child's voice was the most honest, without adult concern, with the most subjective and honest voice. When asked if Sharon's own children loved tasting his food, he said: "Most of the time, my children like my cooking, most of the time." 」

Not a chef, but a magician.

In this visit to the kitchen space, Sharon show several hands of his fine dishes, in the process of cooking can be found that he is focused on the heart, but also enjoyable to enjoy. And in the process of cooking, Sharon more serious is the side of everyone chatting with him on the taste of each of the same, and the next approach and precautions.

Although not a master of the birth of the chef, but he and the food contact time is not shorter than others. Sharon said that his childhood is suitable for the grandmother to live together, from an early age with Grandma to learn how to do the cooking, and know all kinds of organic healthy food ingredients. Although not the formal chef education, but let him have the imagination of cooking more unrestrained.

Sharon said he does not think he is a chef, hoping to be a stunning "cooking magician", so that people through his ideas and intentions, truly understand the unique charm of each kind of food and the use of the way, he is a food material educators.

Taking interest as a job is the biggest challenge in life

In the catering industry, even a person is a business. In particular, the sublimation of interest into a job or even a volunteer industry, this is the most difficult thing he faced life, because this state will never be called off time, and a sense of mission in their own body, they do not have others do. So when exhausted, Sharon reminds himself why he took this step, and then asked himself: "Want to go back to the past life?" "The answer is self-evident, and there is the motivation to adhere to." Sharon more suggestions to keep the good habits of exercise, so that the body and mind can be balanced and healthy, this is more fundamental efforts to adhere to the practice.

When asked about his leisure activities, Sharon also with many people who are practicing their dreams, cooking at home is also his way of relieving pressure. Of course, in a busy life, he is more grasp every moment with his family, he said: "Every time I come home I can kiss my children 1 million times not tired!" His greatest hope is to be able to work at home so that he can spend more time with his family, because his family is his greatest spiritual pillar.

In the course of face-to-face interviews with Sharon, he has always been gentle and courteous in answering every one of our questions, even though he was very tired (and fell asleep immediately on the couch five minutes after the visit), and he still amused the people around him and cared about the other staff. Someone once said: "The delicacy of cooking is closely related to the chef's mind." "We want Sharon's cuisine to be as full of warmth and pleasure as he is," he said.

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