Dear you, as we have tried several times to "Get up early" but always fail? Do you know that it is one of the most painful things in the world to get up early, knowing that there are so many benefits ? Don't worry, you have the same obsession with us, found to break the early morning barrier of six psychological hypnosis, really very effective, you also come to try together. (same field Gayon: tomorrow will not be better, unless it becomes better today )

previous reports have suggested that the key to a more fulfilling day is "getting up early", and that most successful people are quite sure of getting up early and making their day seem longer than 24 hours. . After listening to so many early morning benefits, you must have thought that it would be better to form a good habit of getting up early.

Want to get up early, the result is often to press off the alarm clock, think "go to sleep a bit better"

At first, we all feel that we have to get up early, but we need a little bit of willpower to force ourselves to drive away the sleepy, but actually it's more difficult to get up early than to think that it really is.

We all know that we should go to bed and get up early, but it's easier said than done. If you feel that getting up in the morning is the most painful thing in the world, listening to the time management expert Julie Morgenstern (who has "never check your e-mail" "in the morning) for you, the key is:" The day is actually started at night. " 」

1. Change your mind: One day starts at night

Many night owls don't want to go to bed so early because they want to finish everything in the evening. But Morgenstern offers another different concept.

Try to sleep at night as the beginning of the day, sleep time will be the next day to reserve all the energy required, so that you can live a full and dynamic one.

2. Determine the time you need to sleep

Modern people's busy life, we have not enough sleep, if you try to get everything done in the evening, will only let your biological clock completely disorderly off, more and more accustomed to sleep late.

Calculate the amount of sleep you need for a day, and then the simple addition and subtraction that we all have: getting up time will take away your sleep time = The time you must go to bed.

"It's so hard to get up early because your nerve conduction pathway (neuropathway) needs to undergo a drastic change," he said. "So you repeatedly warned yourself that you must get up early, but the next day it was" unbearable "overslept, is understandable. Because your body's strength and the old habits you need to change are more than you think. (and the benefit: adequate sleep can reduce the genetic impact of obesity )

3. Notice how your night is going on.

How did you get on with your night? Perhaps very few people will think seriously about this problem. Are you always piling things up to the last minute and then unknowingly staying up late? If you want to get up early, "notice how your night is going" is a key that is often overlooked.

First you can adjust your dinner time and relax after dinner.

If you're always making a vow to get up early and find yourself in a lot of things to do before bedtime, start by adjusting your dinner time and relaxing after dinner. A three-hour dinner before bedtime will also help you get a better night of sleep and sleep. (You know what?) adequate sleep can slow down pain )

4. Prepare your early morning mission beforehand

Let us admit that sometimes the bed is not because of too tired, but because of the idea of getting up early to face the tens of millions of trivial things to think: "God, please let me escape again!" "In order not to have a thought fear of the morning, in the evening you can first of all tomorrow to do things in the brain to rehearse once, and prepare beforehand." If you're going to get up early in the morning, put your running shoes in the line of sight, and if you're planning on getting up early to work at home, you can even set up your coffee machine first. (Recommended reading: grasp the first one per day )

"Prepare your morning task in advance, and it will make you wake up early, not feel so overwhelmed, and be able to face the beginning of the day calmly." "morgenstern said.

5. Turn off the action device that interferes with sleep

1.5 hours before bedtime, unplug your mobile device, turn off the TV, stop sending and receiving e-mail, and stop sliding your face book, and stop surfing the internet with an action device. It sounds difficult and radical, but there's a reason for this advice.

"Research shows that using an action device before going to bed will put us in a state of euphoria and not sleep as well as a whole bottle of bull before we go to bed." When your body is still very excited, you can hardly sleep easily. 」

Although it's difficult, you can try to replace your "action device" by listening to music, painting, writing, relaxing before bedtime, and helping yourself to a good night's sleep. After all, sleep well and get up early will not be so tired. ( don't play FB again , before you go to bed, change it to me time .)

6. Create a pre-sleep ritual that belongs to you

The ritual has an unexpected hypnotic magical activity for the brain. Research has shown that setting up your own bedtime ritual is a great help for improving your sleep quality. You can listen to the same song before bedtime, or dim the lights in the room to do some stretching exercise before bedtime, or even go out for a night walk ... The best way to choose the one you want to be comfortable with is your bedtime ritual.

"Once you get into the habit, a bedtime ritual can be the best helper for a good night's sleep." Can also be a powerful driver of your early rise. 」

The above six methods, is to use the psychological angle to take you to break "can't get up early" magic spell, let us try, with a happy mood to greet every day of the morning, every day to live like a new day, and full of energy! (Secretly said, we experimented for a week to prove that it really works, get up earlier and faster, dare to share with you Ah!) )