Japanese movies, there are stocks can easily sniff out the taste, short sentences, implicit feelings, not deliberately spread the blood of the way, the discussion is the darker side of human nature more intangible. Today to introduce the film is "Goodbye Valley", adapted from the "Wicked", "Heng Dao," The Direct Wood award writer Yoshida to repair a novel of the same name, to explore the sins of humanity and salvation, by the Great West Letter full and True Muyang starring, Challenge Taboo topic.

"We are going to have to be together unfortunately, because of this agreement, we can be together." 」

The secret between the victim and the perpetrator, the emotional relationship that is more intertwined than the Stockholm syndrome, is fortunate or unfortunate, who can define it?

Introduction to the plot

Because of loneliness, how much sin can people commit?

Because of loneliness, people will crave for more nothingness of happiness?

Child murders in Gui Chuan Valley, body as the mother of the Rimei is regarded as the number one suspect, just as she tried to wash grievances at the same time, Rimei was exposed and neighbors Shunsuke (Big West Letter full adorn) has not LUN relations, and the News of the people, unexpectedly Shunsuke wife Kanako (true Muyang adorn) ....

Reporters Watanabe (Omori Nambong adorn) in-depth investigation, found that Shunsuke and 15 years ago a rape case. The two cases appear to be unrelated, but the grim truth is looming ... did the sin 15 years ago bury the unfortunate seed of 15 years later?

The film is adapted from the "Wicked" author Kitanshi A novel, the director of Omori heir after the "multi-field convenience house" , but also with realistic and exquisite techniques to explore the extreme love and fetters, the perpetrator and the victim between the crime and punishment. Brook Valley gurgling The sound of water let lonely souls, in the reality of Solitude, see a little "happiness" may ... (Recommended reading: lonely, Lonely Good )

The shooting mood of the director

The victims of rape and the perpetrator live under the same roof why do they live together?

Although the novel has been described in detail, but in the film filming, Miss Real and Mr. Dasi in the Add What do they feel when Naizi and Shunsuke are living characters? What the hell are they doing ? What are the reasons for being together? Not only by common sense and lines, how to behave?

I want to find out what it feels like to be kissing, hugging, and talking. What's the mood? What's that look? I threw the subject to the actors to play. Of course at the same time also throw myself, so as to the incomprehensible situation to produce persuasive, as long as one step forward can touch the birth of love that moment, I was holding the idea to serve as the director of the film .

in the Muyang of the Kanako and the Shunsuke of the Great West, the Shining miracle shone scattered in the movie that moment. As long as the audience can find out and feel that they have not been abandoned by the world , I think this movie is a success. (same field Gayon:2000 stories after being raped )

About Goodbye Valley

True Muyang in "Goodbye Brook Valley" in the accurate interpretation of the victim for 15 years of mental history, but also let her win the 38th Annual News Film Award Best actress, Japanese film award, a few days ago (23rd) has just won the 23rd Tokyo Sports Film Award for Best Actress award, The jury, Kitano, has personally presented the prizes and praised the performance of the Muyang, as well as a number of awards from the Japanese Academy for Best actress and best Actress in the Asian Film Awards! True Muyang said: "I am deeply fascinated by this work, I will never give this role to others!" 」

The director wants to present two people who are not accepted by the real society, in order to fill the heart loneliness, and seek each other's body temperature to do comfort, longing for outsiders can not understand the happy moment, so in the whole piece of beautiful but cold atmosphere, arrange two intense passion drama. I saw two people kissing and caressing, physical tangle, changing posture, the true Muyang of the double breasts is almost certainly, said the Big West, "the real Muyang standing in front of the camera, she has been integrated into the role of the world, and when there is such an actress in front of you, unconsciously will enter the mood." "(More passionate adventures, all blushing in the erotic posture )

However, the biggest challenge for the actor is not a bed scene, but in the filming process, in order to wait for the outside landscape change from summer to autumn, must be a full suspension of filming for two months. For the actor, it is equal to maintain the status of the role for two months, until the next shooting, whether it is psychological pressure, or the actor's own daily routine, are a great challenge!

True Muyang Frankly, "I realized early, this will be a very mental torture of a shooting." Whether it is the present or the present, I dare not say that I fully understand the heroine Kanako. I can only continue to do homework, study the victim's data, they listen to what kind of music to make themselves happy, hope others how to comfort them? "And the original writer, Kitanshi, after reading the film, the flesh can not stop, greatly praised:" I feel like I was watching documentaries, the excellent description of the deep fall of men and women posture. 」