Rayya, that in the time of the story always speak out of the Wang Xi, the True man in the true nature of the sea, the white robe under the high heels of the Wuyafan, the recent new play, such as a person in the coffee "handsome" ah don't think ... Today, let Womany take you to see her under the lens that you don't know.

Just for the new play Rayya, neat short hair with exquisite facial features, heroic spirit and soft in his body good coordination, let people eyes a bright. Hayan to talk about, her eyes always have to work enthusiasm and serious, her attitude is hearty and cordial, her smile because of persistent and brilliant, in her body, have atypical actress breath.

After the meeting, the broker also revealed that, in order to visit, after the visit, Ya-yeon to access the outline, especially spent a lot of time to carefully consider each topic how to give the most complete answer, how and the reader to talk about their own spiritual journey. Serious, is Rayya face the consistent attitude of the work. how can such Rayya miss, together to listen to her story.

Double acting lessons, a hand-shaking surgeon

We first talked about the public-viewing drama "The heels under the white robe," Rayya, a Wuyafan of the female surgeon. A harsh female physician, who is called "male battlefield" in the surgery, but after a certain operation, found his blood has Parkinson's disease gene ...

"The heels under the white robe" stills

Surgeons, the most important thing is a steady hand with a knife, how to accept their "hand shaking" as the main symptom of Parkinson's disease? Rayya mentioned that the role was a double challenge for her, and that the surgeon's expertise was supplemented by the role of Parkinson's, and that she had done quite a solid preparatory work beforehand.

In order to make the surgeon's role complete and deep, she went to the Chinese medicine doctor to practice with the female surgeon around. Learn professional terminology and knife gestures, but also observe the female physician's natural self-confidence gas field, calm, rational, even with a little pride. During the probation period, Rayya also entered the operating room with three knives, personally feel the surgical field inside the high-pressure, uphold professional without any feelings of calm knife strength. "The birth of every character is learning." Rayya said with a smile.

And the in-depth understanding and practice of Parkinson's disease is another subject that needs to be hit with a lot of time. Rayya admits that he was not familiar with Parkinson's disease, and that Parkinson's disease, like the public, is shaking hands. After reading the data, after the doctor's team and in person, I realized that people with Parkinson's disease could not stop their body from continuing to harden.

Rayya, shaking his hands and demonstrating, while seriously and I explain Parkinson's is not the same period of symptom difference, from the beginning of a slight hand shaking, to the middle of the difficult to control the hands again to the end of the limb stiffness, she side of the body with the strength of the act, obviously is so hard, face seems to be a relaxed.

Rayya said, in order to free control of the muscles of the hand, the Parkinson's patients shaking hands of nature, even if the rest of the play, she is still practicing, with the accumulation of daily life, into the real nature of the play. A cut in front of the camera is a few hours after the camera.

Listen to her share, we also learned a lot about Parkinson's disease cold knowledge. We often believe that the hand shaking and stiffness of Parkinson's disease occurs in the last three fingers, but after a medical documentary, Rayya share the true jitter of the fingers is actually the top three, while the first three fingers control is difficult. She went on to say that the real difficulty is not training the muscles of the hand, but how to present the emotion with a few subtle gestures. In addition to control the body, but also to control emotions. The heart and the hand must be separate, shaking, and then "finding their hands shaking" surprise, for the actor will be a very challenging training. Although hard, she is happy to say that after this experience, I feel that I have a great growth in the mastery of the limbs.

We watched her talk about character, the face of the emotional excitement, can't help but want to say, a good actor, in her body can clearly see her intentions of the role of thinking, and each role, also left a mark on her. Rayya is one of those actors.

Actor, do It merry Streep

Hayan to talk, she looked at the work of seriousness, the face of the role of the attitude, calmly self-confidence to answer, let us feel very attractive. When a woman talks about her career, there is light in her eyes. and A responsible actor, always hope that they can be prepared to do well in advance, and in the matter of the best. Serious work, in fact, is responsible for their own life. (same field Gayon: are you really growing up?) After 20 years of age, you should learn 15 things in life.

Rayya when interviewed Earnest look, have self-confident woman luster

Actor is the person who pours life into the character. So we must be very serious, very serious, very serious!

Asked how to figure out that the character in the play found that he had Parkinson's disease and was forced to lay down his most proud surgeon, Rayya, for example, said: "The most terrible thing for a man is not to lose. Because you once had, suddenly did not, that moment is like the sky shattering. 」

Everyone has their own very care, anyway, do not want to give up something, if this thing suddenly gone, how will it feel? That's it.

I try not to let you see me hurt and vulnerable, but if you question me, then I do not always have it?

The voice of Wuyafan in the play is so, Rayya said he is also. She says the most important thing for her at this stage is work. She is willing to sacrifice a lot of time and self for work, no amount of effort will not shout bitter, but she can't imagine one day suddenly be told not to act, for her this is the moment of the sky. Once owned, but suddenly did not. Rayya put himself into the role, starting from the heart to feel the role of every second emotional affect. The use of emotional referral, Rayya will play a profound.

We went on to ask, as an actor, is there any kind of role that we would like to try in the future? Rayya said that when he was acting, he would think, must receive what special breakthrough his role, must challenge what difficult role, can prove oneself can act. But now she feels that even the same set of roles, can be different from the actor's interpretation and perspective, showing a different face.

Rayya laugh said such thoughts, is also merry Streep bring her acting shock. "I've played a lot of roles ever since, but I've never played a different role with the same accent," Merry Streep said in a certain interview. "Every role, by the actor's interpretation and play, has a different life." Rayya deeply shocked also recognized that this is the happiness of being an actor.

As an actor, there is a right and responsibility for the role of injection of different life, every role to do in place, since to be an actor, it will be done Merry Streep, like her spirit!

From models to actors, from girls to women.

Talking about individuality, we found that Rayya and the Wuyafan in the play are actually quite similar. Not accustomed to being excavated injured fragile side, emotional is introverted in the bottom of my heart, it still seems so indifferent.

Rayya nodded, said that will let her collapse is about two things: "One is said not enough effort, two is understood how hard." "Ninze are all jobs, and we may not be able to imagine how hard Rayya is to walk on the actor's path, just as a television audience."

Model, after her, like diving into the love of the performing arts, not familiar with the water, but the strength of the swim, until the swim more and more good. Rayya Smile said that the most progress in the past few years is to move and walk finally natural many. Models are trained to be different from actors, and even conflict. Models value posture, every moment can not relax; a good actor must be relaxed and natural, with the body and facial expression to say a complete story.

So began, Rayya the model of baggage and training layer off, wash Qianhua, and then step by step to pull themselves into the world of actors, from scratch, bud. "The story of the time" in the Wang Xi, "Real Man" in the martial arts scene, Rayya more play the better, or play is not fair, she is simple, the temple magnanimous to put themselves into every created role inside. (same field Gayon: model, dedication is the most beautiful attitude Natalie pickles)

And from models to actors and from girls to women, Rayya that all is a state of free conversion, like those who walk through the road will not be in vain, will be engraved on the body or deep or shallow footprints.

Talk about so much, our eyes of the Rayya is beyond imagination, serious and beautiful actor, we also please Rayya with three adjectives described in the eyes of their own, she thought, set to look at us, and then said "handsome, very handsome, very handsome." Rayya handsome finish, but also with the girl also melted charming eyes. She said that although girls rarely use "handsome" to describe themselves, but she felt that the era is changing, the female role is no longer as rigid as ever, why girls can not handsome? She also felt that modern girls are a handsome, brave handsome, fragile handsome, cool handsome, are all of us.

Finally, we invite ya-yeon to record a "proud Woman" manifesto film! She talked about the most proud place as a woman is actually a physiological period? Also generous to open their own beautiful secret, but also secretly share their favorite type of woman, also want to every Womany readers said, as a woman, we are very proud! Let's take a look.

In fact, we always feel very lucky, by talking to the actors again and again, the seemingly distant characters on TV are alive in front of us, listening to Rayya talking about the passion for drama work, and sharing the feelings of her being so serious to each screen before you and you.

Rayya, so serious of her, how can you call people not love?