Happy March Spring Day, the weather finally began to gradually warmer, no longer need to wear heavy winter clothing, people can't help but to shout: Long live Spring!

in this cheerful warmer time, not only the major brands of the show field early for us to bring a brilliant and dazzling high-end fashion shows, the way of the people have already sniffed the breath of spring, competing in the body quietly revealed this year the most popular elements. (Recommended reading: red Bottom shoes Christian Louboutin's spring and Summer Adventures )

But so many popular elements, perspective, up and down sets, printing, asymmetry ... What kind of good do we have to try? If you are not sure if you want to put all these elements in the upper body, you can start from a few simple small elements to try! Now, let's take a quick look at the five tips that will help you quickly catch up with the pop atmosphere of spring!

Tip One: Start from the fingertips to make a new spring!

Girls, don't make the same color nail polish again! Try to use contrasting colors or special tricks to make your hands full of different styles. (but you should also remember: take care of your nails! )

Also with half of the white, but in the other half of the contrast on the blue-green and lemon, a lively and playful feeling!

Still dare not daring to try the girl, also very recommended to use a single point of the modelling to create an asymmetrical little ingenuity yo!

Secret two: To create a sense of visual harmony with jewelry low-key

In the past we may be accustomed to only put a little jewelry or watch to add the overall shape, but this year with the trend of asymmetry, both hands hanging jewelry will be more prevalent! And this year's jewelry is also paired with the angle, the introduction of a variety and gorgeous. (Know use of jewelry, to create elegant temperament! )

As long as you pay attention to the thickness of the hand ring level, the combination of different materials, in fact, than a single hand wearing jewelry more visual sense of coordination yo!

The simplest collocation is: wide version and multi-level thin chain of mutual echoes, and coherence of the metal material to maintain consistency!

Tip Three: Set style, make use of printing and color block for you to some different embellishment

There must be at least one such single item in a wardrobe for a lot of girls: a Piece dress, a tailored shirt, a wide shoulder to wear, and a small round dress that fits either formally or in a casual setting. If you do not want to break the lines of the past, we can also be in such a basic essential items, find some with asymmetric printing, color swatch, pattern of the unique style, so that you in the visual relaxed and a brand-new! (a single product, mix and match a variety of amorous feelings! )

The seemingly gorgeous printing skirt, because of the asymmetrical watercolor pattern splicing and bring out a point of calm sense of elegance.

the combination of horizontal stripes and straight lines, so that the overall result is more neat refreshing!

Tip Four: Use tailoring to bring out elegance and texture

In fact, the clipping style of asymmetry, in the past few years has been a large number of integration in our clothing, from the most basic slant shoulder dress, to the last two years brought a wave of the former long after the short style of clothing, all show asymmetrical wear and not we imagine the difficult to close.

But because of their petite size, the Oriental in asymmetrical clothing more carefully selected tailoring, will not let the shortcomings of the height not fully exposed, but also pay attention to the choice of clothing materials, for their own wear to maintain meticulous and elegant sense of meaningful, rather than become a temporary "catch the popular"! Come on, learn. What fashion bloggers are wearing! )

Oblique cutting of the front long after the short cut, plus the waist between the meticulous treatment of the pleated, perfect appearance elegant noble momentum!

The most basic slant shoulder dress, is also easy to become the goddess of the spring of good choice.

Tip Five: The ultimate fashion approach, let us from the inside out are not symmetrical it!

If you are a dare to try and wear a very deep girl, do not try to use the "Print X cut" or "Printing x printing" Double collocation, will be asymmetrical play to the most incisively! (Recommended reading: Spring Fashion! To spell the changeable mix girl )

Fashion Bloggers Susie from the inside out to use printing and color block asymmetry, but balance out another wonderful fashion sense!

After reading the five points of asymmetric wear tips, is not mastered the essence of the spring popular? Don't hesitate to find a good sister to wear the spring on the upper body!