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dress Up, is a woman will always face the subject, we always want to keep up with the trend, but afraid of the challenge of too exaggerated costumes, so that those who like to hide in the wardrobe, in fact, every woman has a different unique beauty, and the role of clothes is to make you more bright eyes, dear woman, you deserve Have a diverse and beautiful appearance . Take a look at how bloggers in different countries are wearing their own unique style! (Recommended reading: stealing learning!) Lace Guru Reality edition Olivia Palermo fashion celebrity Dress Up method )

Once upon a time, our aesthetic was trained to be consistent, thin is the United States, keep up with the trend of the costumes is good-looking, walking on the road, you see the style of the same passers-by, the streets full of trousers, the streets of the halter tops, a little exaggerated dress is a strange look, in fact, more than a kind of beautiful appearance, Take a look at how bloggers in different countries dress their own unique style.

01. Italian blogger Veronica Ferrar-Bold Play color

Blue Coat catch red hair cap, so bold color is Veronica Ferrar the most stunning point. After graduating from the Department of modern Literature at the University of Milan, Veronica the interest in writing and fashion, and set up his own fashion blog step after step, and look carefully you will find that she is not really beautiful, but exudes a sense of self-confidence.

With the perfect combination of skills, wear the most belongs to her beauty.

her. The Fashion blog "The Fashion Fruit" was founded less than three years ago, every month there are more than 9,000 loyal fans fixed watch, but also with the LV, Dior and other boutique brand cooperation, is a well-known brand reporter and the major fashion week of the guest, with taste, and color, round the fashion dream.

You hide in the closet in the innermost totem or the floral jacket and shorts, with a neat plain jacket, with a new life, steal wear mom's clothes incredibly dressed so fashionable.

Jackets We always love to choose low-key green or light, Veronica Ferrar must pick the most vivid green, with classic point tops and cute lips bag, become the most eye focus on the road. (How to choose the right color?) 10 seconds to master! Wear to the color of the whole person on the light up )

02. New York Tribe Natalie-dress Fashion

Long skirts and sequins and brightly coloured scarves are a single product that most people find difficult to manage, but in Natalie's skillful collocation, unexpectedly became very fashionable, a careful look at her blog can be found, she can use a single product 100 different ways to wear, so there is no spendthrift buy a lot of new clothes, Instead, it is often possible to see the same single product appearing as a new appearance. Natalie is a blogger and model, from an overage look is not difficult to see her precocious, from the age of 15 years in the London Fashion circle to fight, took a lot of big Show and print ads, also created her excellent clothing matching ability.

You must have leather skirts and fur coats in your closet, but do you think it's hard to make that kind of cool? With a leopard coat, become a retro and cool special street style. (A little bit bolder, leather can still do that )

Floral dresses are always hot once a year, but when the road is too few people feel like some too fancy, with lace tops and sunglasses, give her a new life! (same field Gayon: when the bloggers met with sunglasses )

A comment: The floral really does not necessarily have to walk the dream route.

03. Swiss blogger Kristina-simply wears out confident and beautiful

Some lovely face, still can not conceal Kristina fashion sense, in fact, Swiss fashion blog is not much, but not far from the fashion center, love to travel she will always pull the background to different countries in Europe, so that everyone can see more beautiful appearance. Kristina in fact are very simple and neat, do not exaggerate the color to win, but there are always some new ideas and surprises. The simple blue woolen blouse catch the white skirt, is the fashionable dress that gets on the table. As a rare Swiss blogger, Kristina quickly, and by his own efforts, was invited to a number of fashion parties and fashion week.

The bright leather high waist skirt and the high collar sweater probably is the general person to be deterred the combination, but one hook Marijan high-heeled shoes immediately retro feeling double, the color focal point not too many.

A comment: Use simple costumes to wear the most eye-dressing features.

Leopard is a woman love and hate a single product, in fact, as long as the other parts are not complex, will not be dressed like a leopard, to black system throughout the whole body, only leopard coat a little high-profile, eye-catching and not too much, is the most suitable for work wear .

04. California blogger Aimee-Short girl out the first night

You may think that the first few of you have a model body, of course, it's good to see everything, so the charming editor will send you and me the smaller and taller Asian bloggers! Aimee's stature is not high, also therefore always lets everybody learn to let the proportion lengthen the wear method.

Like bold to wear a long red dress, with features and modified body type effect.

Aimee Wear a lot of bold, leopard coat plus sequins jacket, with pattern hand bag, pattern many but not a sense of peacekeeping, this dress walking in the street than a tall woman more attention.

Did you find anything? This is the same piece of sequins, Aimee is the most adept at repeated wear, the last modelling fashion sense of full, this shape will change into a very casual style. (same field Gayon: looks five kilograms less!) Quick to learn the thin Five element )

05. The Taiwanese blogger Linda-retro-fresh turn-and-play fashion

After a circle abroad, back to Taiwan, in fact, there are many good bloggers, such as Linda, no matter how the clothing collocation, Linda always give a sweet and fresh feeling, living in New York for many years, now back to Taiwan, but also bring back the fashionable flavor, always bold challenge different styles of collocation, It's like this outfit you thought was stealing mom's clothes, and it was very nice and special to catch the red dress. (about Linda, see exclusive interview for more information)

Casual dress difficult not to fall her, the pattern asymmetrical smile T catch up with each Taiwan girl all have the original point pants, wear out the casual fashion sense, also don't forget to match with cute small bag!

Linda's style of dressing is always hard to forget, with a cloak-style blouse and retro oxford shoes, a vintage Japanese flavor and a more versatile dress.

So who's to put it just one style? Find the style you like to learn more, and slowly practice the skills you wear, you can also wear special and good-looking. Wear out their own, we come together to choose the most desired style of clothing, do you like neat asymmetrical or sweet dot ?

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