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When Tang in the color ring raised his hand, bushy armpit hair terrified a group of people. But have you ever wondered why a woman must shave her armpit hair? And why is armpit hair treated as a symbol of unclean and unsanitary? Let's take you together and look at the photographic work of the British photographer Ben Hopper, we can think in another way about the armpit hair! (same field Gayon: voice for Love!) A collection of gender-sensitive photography around the world

We have previously wondered, if the removal of armpit hair is to health needs, then why do women shave armpit hair men do not use it? So we tracked the history of armpit hair, only to find that 1915 years by the introduction of a Gillette ads, incredibly changed the woman's armpit space, will be armpit and unsanitary, with armpit hair woman and not beautiful woman to draw an equal sign. (More detailed armpit hair report, please see the woman's armpit is not free )

It is not to say to the devil, bare armpit hair is beautiful or sexy, just want to tell you: you have any structure on your body, actually have absolute power. Your body is your own. Have armpit hair you are very beautiful, decide to shave off armpit of you also very beautiful, any make you comfortable posture, all is the posture of beauty. From the comfortable face of their own body and the control of the body image began, women can regain the body of the subject right.

Coincidentally, a photographer from London Ben Hopper, by inviting a number of women to raise their hands independently, exposing the thick armpit hair, face the camera, to show that they have absolute power over the body, can not be responsible for the mainstream aesthetic .

This photographic program, known as "Natural Beauty", refers to the most natural and beautiful pattern without pruning. It may also mean that women are "tuned" without the mainstream values, without distorting the appearance of freedom.

There is no denying that, although in the cognitive to "shave the male and female hair is not equal" request, we still can not help scraping the armpit, lest shame shyness in front of people dare not raise hands. The photographer Ben Hopper said: "We are brainwashed by the beauty industry and don't know it, they strongly instill in us the concept of shaving equals beauty , but if we are left with armpit hair to make us comfortable, why can't we keep it?" "

The project, which began in 2007, continues to be filmed today, inviting women from all over the world to raise their hands to show the natural beauty of women. (Recommended reading: Please, give us back our appearance)

Justyna Neryng, artist

Rakel Indgren, actor, model

Alessandra Kurr, designer

Cassia Tsura, performer

Slant Array, model

Ruby Bird, costume designer

Olivia Murphy

Ayan Mohamed, Architectural Department student

Emilia Bostedt, actor

Julianna Popa


Is this kind of them beautiful? And the dear woman also wants to tell you, your body's beauty, you decide for yourself! Raising your hand and treating your body in the most comfortable way is the most beautiful appearance of your body. (same field Gayon: How low the neckline of your clothes is, is your freedom )