Womany New Project "Ad pickets" run away! Do you often see some of the ads that make you frown, don't swallow your words, let's say it out loud! Want to discuss today is that this is by the well-known in addition to Mao's hair advertising, tell you if you do not remove hair, may incur the consequences for their own difficult to clean up, but also lose the feminine taste! What's the problem with looking at this kind of ad? (See also:"ad pickets" those years, put a woman on the sole retro poster )

before we introduced the British photographer Ben Hopper to sell women Look at your body beautiful armpit hair photography set , there is also a hair-removing brand has launched such a wrong hair advertising. Take a look at the following three ads, how to use a short 30 seconds, point out that women do not remove hair may incur for their own "consequences." Do not remove hair, may let a man lose sex, taxi hire, even other women will despise you.

Don't let yourself be a man. "Don ' t Risk dudeness" is the latest marketing ad from the French hair-removing brand veet, it was obvious that the idea was to Bo Jun a smile, but the apparent sexism in the film and the notion that "women are not shaving is men" clearly provoked a vote of consumers.

Is it a man to shave a woman's hair? This kind of advertisement in addition to "not shaving hair" as a sin, but also directly to the woman on the head of the crime. With an influential advertising image to tell you: "Careful yo, if not shaving, you will be treated as a man yo, you will lose the woman taste yo!" "(Recommended reading: Women's armpit is not free )

As previously mentioned in the photo album of armpit hair, we think shaving should be our decision, because your body is your own.

No one, nor a company, is qualified to intervene in your own physical autonomy and to attack you with a "orthodox" aesthetic. If you enjoy a dry armpit, that's fine, if you're having a good time with your armpit hair, that's fine, no matter how you choose, honey, remember, your body doesn't need to be responsible for the mainstream aesthetic. Of course, you shouldn't be accused of losing a woman just because you embrace your most authentic body form, as in the film.

This kind of film, also clearly let us see how a woman's body in the media operation, subtly distorted and distorted.

Finally Veet shooting team saw the attack, shouting bad, but also published an apology, and will advertise the next frame.

At first, they say, the idea of inspiration comes from women who don't shave their hair and make them feel like they are "male". They simply feel that such marketing ads "very interesting", did not expect to incur so much criticism. They did not realise that the move would provoke so many women that they would rethink their marketing plans. (Recommended reading: When mainstream feminism rises to condemn women to bare bodies ...

The bottom of a male reader named Cassie Teichroeb also reply!

"Look at Sophia Loren, one of Hollywood's hottest and most beautiful women, lifting her hand out of her armpit hair, does this move make her a man?" Did she lose a cent of the feminine charm just because she didn't follow the established "Body code"? Do you know why women always unconsciously dislike themselves? Because of you, there are cosmetic companies that make them no longer happy with themselves. 」

That year, a Gillette ad told the Society: " Except the hair knife is used to shave off those disgusting armpit hairs ", since then, we have changed the attitude of the masses and women facing their armpits, and today we are no longer paying for this kind of advertising that attempts to override our bodies, and we begin to reflect on what our bodies mean to us and the absolute power we have over our bodies.

Women, do well!

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