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small red box like our own daughter, we uphold the "hard days together, into a good day" principle, want to put a hand-wrapped small red box to your hands. Small red box, is the first aid kit, lazy man box, small gift, is also secretly confession secret weapon. Small red box is our unadorned mind, want to love each different you. (same field Gayon:"February small red Box designer" heavyweight artist Angela Chen)

Let's turn the bitter days into a good day

is the source of small red box, from the beginning to the present has been the original intention of the hope that small red box can bring more warmth and strength of women, I hope you open the box can be opened the moment of a shallow smile. As a small red box frontline staff Coco, the first contact with everyone's comments and feedback, whether for the small red box affirmation or advice, every sound is important to us!

More than half a year, we also found that not only we want to take care of you, around the most concerned about the people who love you, also hope that you can feel the most close to your concern. Some things, do not usually do, does not mean that did not think, but do not know how to do, some words, perhaps not to say, does not mean not to care, but want to use the actual action to let you feel. Small red box, to the following four kinds of you, those who say not to export or do not know how to do, let the small red box to help you!

01. You don't want to go out in the physiological period

Usually always independent, everything can be handled well, not to worry about, but every month there are always a few days, want to be self-willed, want to stay in bed do not go out. With the woman we understand, and then strong you, and occasionally want to be cared for.

We want the Little red box to be your biological lazy bag , we know that the physiological period in addition to hot cocoa, you want more, in addition to the basic private physical supplies, skin care supplies to soothe the physiological period of unstable skin, stomach discomfort, warm the temperature of the bag to provide important strength, as well as biscuits Valkhof and other sweets, Only at this time, let oneself small indulgence, sweet mouth also give oneself happy mood.

02. Want to give each other a thoughtful and practical gift of you

Gifts represent our hearts, but giving presents is a headache. Every time pick a gift always racked his brains, send clothes afraid of size, want to send bag but unsure of each other's preferences .... Over the past few months, we have found that the Little red box has also become another option for gifts, someone through the small red box, let the good sister know even if not often meet, need to accompany you in this, I always have a boy to a female friend, although unable to realize the physiological period of discomfort, but I hope to be a friend I can help a little busy Also has the mother to the outside study daughter, reminds the child to take good care of oneself, but the home is always the warmest depend on. Through the most intimate and practical care, for you to convey the deepest concern and blessings. (Recommended reading: dedicated to Busy sisters Amoy: small red Box love their trilogy )

03. If you want to say you're embarrassed to say

Some words, said the export always feel some disgusting and explicit, but do not say that the other side will never know what you are thinking. This time, the text, is the best tool, small red box, it is the best delivery bridge.

Small red box of small card message, often let us see when the heart is full of moving, because know that every word behind a full of emotion and care, each small card, we have the most serious attitude to write down the word. Some people say, how not to print it? Doesn't that take time? But we believe that handwriting can pass the temperature of the printer, hope to be able to send each heart warm to each other's eyes and heart.

04. Want to have some small surprise you

Each month, we hope to be able to bring you something more than a warm and intimate companion. So there are occasional desserts and Bong drinks, or coupons that you might want to walk around during your physiological period. This time we also and easy Taxi cooperation, to provide intimate taxi ticket, I hope in your lazy time, as your feet to accompany you.

Easy Taxi hope to be able to "let passengers and drivers through the mobile network in the most smooth, simple, safe way to contact each other." Small series personal Test experience: physiological period when really is not moving, can be in the home with a mobile phone to slide a good car, save standing on the side of the road stood a half-day must also see the day of the bad luck to decide if there is no car sitting, and on the phone can see the driver now to where, easy to wait for the bus without pressure, and intimate each can be Yuan, people can not help but feel that being a girl is really good! (Womany editor out to interview love to use AH)

We know what you want is sometimes just the right thing to do, and the details of everyday life are often more important than expensive gifts or lavish meals. Small red box hope to bring you happy, but also want to represent the people around want to express concern, convey their most sincere mind.

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