Hey, it's time again for the weekly ad picket team.The last time we introduced an attempt to introduce the results of an attempt to create a Bao-chun smile, which triggered a strong backlash, (want to look back at some point [ad picket teams] Why shouldn't they do this? ) This time, let's take a look at the latest ads for Summer's Eve, a woman's private.

It seems interesting, right? When we first discovered this ad, we were also laughed by the men in the show. In fact, the advertisement was secretly trying to sneaky the misogyny message. The men in the ad were trying to get rid of the possibility of a woman, and the men were strongly opposed to their own men's identity (Recommended reading: Is it true that we are equal to men and women?)

At the beginning of the story, when she was told by his girlfriends that she had used the clean products to balance the alkaline values of women's private places, the man was completely freaked out!(The sound of that sound is freaking out, isn't it?So he did a series of obvious absurd attempts to "snatch him from his manly mantle from a bottle of little shampoo," such as swallowing eggs, diving, a tooth trailer, a squeeger, and proving "Hey!"I'm still a man, and I'm not a woman because of the use of a woman's private lotion."

Relooking at this absurd advertisement again, the man believes that the use of a female private detergent would deprive him of manicure, and thus must go back to his own "male charm" by a series of actions.It's like this little detergent, a little cleanser of men, is really destructive.

To be sure, what is the fear of bathing breast milk in a bottle of smuggled women?

Perhaps at first glance, this is an exaggeration of advertising, but the question is, what kind of message is it bearing behind the exaggerated intentions?In this ad, it is clear that, although the major segment of Summer's Eve is a woman, it is clear that they do not have a serious understanding of their users.Because this ad makes men look like an idiot, and it makes a woman's private place a secret of horror, it's a taboo.

What we really want to think about is not why these kinds of advertisements are endless, but that they recognize that they are not resistant to this type of ad, and they are even completely buying them, and they are also mocking the characters in the film.No matter how unwilling we are willing to admit it, this kind of advertising really reinforces the gender gap in our hearts.

Once we look at gender, we are accustomed to demarcating the "masculine" and "feminization" of the so-called "masculine" or "feminine" border, but as of today, we begin to believe that gender is not just a dichogous act, not just across borders, but always with advertisements. We: men and women should have their own way, and the standards that are drawn by the ads require us to be that man and woman.

women are not born to women, but are women; we feel that the formation of gender is actually the same, although there are differences in the nature of the congenital nature, but the sex of sex is learning.Girls play with dolls and boys play no enemy. Women love to cry. The boys have tears in their tears; girls bring children and boys to raise their homes. We are stuck in such gender stereotypes for a long time. Perhaps it has been time to change.Embrace the diversity of gender, and embrace yourself.(Sibling: Don't you need me to be male?" Swedish model Erika Linder

Look at the advertisements, and learn more about the potential news in advertisements. Before buying a single advertisement, can you think of more than just a few minutes in your mind? Is this really true?

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want to invite each of us, you, to be our ad picket team!If you can see the ads that make us "watch out", "want to vomit blood," and think that "this isn't right," please leave a message below the article to tell us!Let's talk about advertising every week. Why shouldn't we do that?

See you next week!

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