In the low fertility of modern society, it seems that pregnancy has been shaped into a horror of the no return, as long as they have children, they will be deeply concerned about others. Society generally think these mothers are very hard, perhaps the voice of a part of the mother, but in fact, when the mother has a lot of happy and unforgettable experience, women fans particularly invited to the blog's popular mother, here with you to share when a novice mother 's interesting experience! (same field Gayon: Breastfeeding Guide for novice moms: How to breast-feed?) )

Taiwan's fertility rate has fallen year after year, becoming the world's lowest fertility rate, according to the Executive Yuan's fertility statistics show that every five couples choose not to have children, two couples are only willing to give birth to a child. Why are young people in Taiwan unwilling to have children? Or just want to have a baby?

When we ask women, they say, having a baby is scary, imagining the discomfort of vomiting, being uncomfortable with a big belly, and imagining the pain of vaginal tears, not to mention the burden of parenting and the enormous amount of money that is hard to predict when the child is born. Young women are afraid of pregnancy, always feel that they are a girl, resist to become a mother ...

Today, women fans with everyone and the swelling of the popular novice mother to talk about, pregnant, in fact, there is no imaginary pain, to become a mother, there is no imagination of the difficulties.

The first sight of the high sister, slender figure with fashionable dress, is a beautiful self-confident woman, if did not see she pushes the doll car, really does not think she is a 6 months child's novice mummy, besides the novice mummy's identity, she is also a tribal guest, from the beauty makeup maintenance starts, to now the childcare diary, Become one of the most popular bloggers in the Kesin. From Gao Mei's blog can see Love to marry, pregnant to the heart of the child's journey, she is a beautiful young mother, in fact, and all the mother as ordinary, but from her story, you can get some courage. (same field Gayon: More Mother's moving story )

Novice moms are scared.

Looking at the high sister skillfully take out milk milk bubble to daughter wavelet girl drink, each action is skilled and careful, "in fact, nothing will be" Gao Mei said. Her first time as a mother was also a time of fear, especially in a few weeks of labor, when anxiety became apparent. Will childbirth hurt? When will the baby come out?

"It's a bit scary at first, but there's no time to be afraid when you really want to be born."

Maybe mom is like this, there will be a gentle and determined strength, the face of anxiety, of course, will be afraid, but mixed with the expectation of the child's heart, in learning to become a mother, but also become a more mature woman. Gao Mei is a term production, 40 weeks after the belly of the wavelet chick does not want to come out, but the doctor said, the child will choose the time they want to arrive, and parents can only wait patiently.

In fact, every novice mother is afraid of new life, but summon up the courage, waiting for you will be not the same wonderful surprise! (same field Gayon: First Pregnancy, I choose to face their own struggles )

Having a baby is not an imaginary pain.

How much does it hurt to have a baby? Someone said it was like a car crash, some say 10 times times more pain than menstrual cramps, regardless of the exaggerated description, all mothers who have had their children say: "In this life, there has been no more pain than childbirth." When you hear this, many women have a gut feeling about giving birth. But in fact, according to physique and physical condition, pain will have different degrees of pain, the time will be different, some people have a day of pain can not be born, but some people are very quickly able to give birth, Gao Mei also said, childbirth, and no imagined pain.

At first the pain was really painful, but after the birth, it really didn't hurt much.

Talking about childbirth, Gao Mei seriously and we said that in fact, it is not so painful.

Pangs of pain, the onset of a little difficult to bear, the pain of the whole body tear let a person cold sweat dc, once pain to want to give up. Originally intended to play painless delivery of the high sister, because the uterus open time too fast, had teeth a bite direct production. In the waiting for the pain of the arrival of the space, she has been trying to think of pregnant women yoga teachers teach the way, also found, as long as a relaxed not to force, pain will attack, let oneself more attentively in the force, gradually, the delivery does not seem so painful! The wavelet chick is also well born.

From entering the delivery room to the wavelet chick smooth birth, before and after only spent two hours, to the first production is very fast and smooth. We are curious to ask, what is the reason for the success of childbirth? "is exercise!" "She had exercise habits before she got pregnant, kept a good physical condition, and helped when she was trained to reproduce the muscles, not only the uterine contraction smoother, but also the ability to work better," she said .

Pregnant women yoga is really useful, know how to force, in the production time comparison will not be nervous.

In addition to pregnant yoga, Gao Mei and her husband to the nearby park to walk two laps, to maintain sports habits, on the other hand can enhance the feelings of couples. (Recommended reading: Pregnant women Yoga: three actions to reduce pain in childbirth )

After listening to Gao Mei talk about the process of production, her eyes are not afraid, we also found that the child did not imagine the horror, control a good diet, keep exercise habits, so that both their own and the state of the baby ready, with the best state to meet the birth of children. If the world's millions of mothers can survive such pain, dear you must also be. (or you can also consider, Gentle production )

When I was a mother, I became a mother.

Gao Mei said, actually at the beginning also not too know how to take care of this small life, because the baby can not talk, only with the way to express emotions, Gao Mei just began to leave the confinement center of the two weeks, like living in hell, she even want to put the wavelet chick back to the belly.

Gao Mei said: "When the mother is most moved is not the moment of childbirth, but when I and Bo girls began to cultivate a tacit understanding, she began to understand what I said, I can understand the different meaning behind each cry." 」

Because I've been taking care of my children all the time, leaving the confinement center was a very hard period, under the care of the nurse children are very well-behaved, but a return home, the situation is completely reversed, everything is a little bit, according to nurse teaching method or rush, because not adapt to the situation of crying more obvious , began to fall into the middle of the night feeding, A child's hell, Gao Mei not be defeated, spent a lot of time with the child familiar with the environment, from breastfeeding, bathing to develop a good sleep habits, from frustration to the beginning of some intimate sense of achievement, in frustration to find the right way to stand up, in such a process gradually became a mother. (same field Gayon: A single daughter's confession: I don't want to be a mother )

When the mother, a kind of mother is strong feeling.

I didn't want to carry heavy weights, but when I had a wave girl, mother bag, baby car, and even a meditation a big inch of the wavelet girls are a shoulder to carry a completely do not shout tired, this just found that the original mother, to take care of not only their own, so more courageous mature, beginning from a young girl, became a more mature woman.

Take care of the baby and don't forget to take care of yourself.

Relax the heart, the baby will be more happy.

Our impression of the mother, mostly for the children do not care about themselves, it is difficult to like the French women also maintain a perfect posture and always elegant posture. Mothers have contributed a lot to take care of their children, but forget themselves, through the arduous process of production, it is also the one who is cared for. But the immediate Gao Mei is not so, looking at her and the wavelet girl interaction, really will make people smile, because she sincerely to be a mother and proud, also insisted to become a beautiful and happy mother.

Gao Mei in production before and her husband shot a pregnant woman photo, record the moment of beautiful pregnancy. In fact, pregnant during the care of the original is not only the baby, Gao Mei believe, pregnant, can also be beautiful.

"It's because you don't think you're going to regenerate a second child."

From the photos can see the high sister fat not much, by feeding mother milk and the simple movement after childbirth, less than six months to thin back to the good figure before the pregnancy. Gao Mei is a beautiful mother, but outside or to maintain a beautiful image, she took care of the children, but also did not forget to keep beautiful, often with the child while the makeup of her smile said, the wavelet chick should be very small will start to pick up her mother's cosmetics smear wipe! and close contact with the wavelet chick, you will find that she is a cheerful smile of the little girl, many mothers in order to take care of children busy, but forget the most important truth.

A happy mother, a happy child.

Gao Mei has always believed that this truth, so choose to find their own and the child's special tacit understanding, let the child become a sweet thing instead of drudgery, she always and the wavelet girl speech, if there is no, wavelet chick seems to understand her words. Gao Mei also has a novice mother and housewife identity, and children together, bit by bit to learn, participate in the wavelet chick every moment of growth, from busy life squeeze a little time to relax themselves, do not forget to let themselves or beautiful. Although all this hard, but as a mother but enjoys. (Every mother should be careful, postpartum depression )

After watching the story of the high sister, whether the women to the "mother" and "childbirth" the imagination more realistic? In fact, as long as ready, childbirth is not terrible, it is a pain may be a process, but the child to you moved absolutely more than pain, and high sister's example tells us, as long as take care of their own, delivery really not so painful, with children, also do not imagine the difficulty, the establishment of a tacit understanding with the child, it will be a sense of accomplishment of the process. And in some of the challenges some setbacks in the process, you are truly transformed into a more mature woman. (Recommended reading: super hero )

The next page, there are Gao Mei's mother bag big open yo!

Gao Mei's mother is in a big public purse.

Our impression of the mother bag is a treasure bag, there are always a variety of necessities, but very heavy, we are surprised that the sister brought the mother bag is very light, but see her bubble out of milk, take out a toy and cool is, can not help but wonder what the secret mother is hiding.

In addition to the basic foam milk tools, but also with wet paper towels, toys, small quilts, diapers and other useful utensils. If you go to a distant place, you will also bring a suit of clothes to prevent dampness or poop.