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How can an American old man find an interesting life in a maintenance center? How can Brazilian students who have no money to study abroad practise English more effectively ? In other ways, the world is closer than we think! Moved recommended to listen to the language teaching institutions in Brazil How to use a simple idea, to narrow the distance between the two people! (same field Gayon: be a lifetime urchin!) Who says it's too old to be romantic? )

No matter how technology progresses, the most important thing in this social operation is still people, people's feelings and people's relationship with the world. Today we want to talk about the story of CNA, and listen to the Brazilian language learning institutions how to use the intuition of human nature, to narrow the distance between people and create a win.

CNA is a famous language teaching institution in Brazil, with a total of 580 language learning centers in Brazil and more than 500,000 students. But CNA in helping students to learn English on the way, but encountered a difficult problem solution: that is, this group of students are not all have the ability to study abroad, many people in the absence of practical practice in English, under the premise of the growth curve of English learning quickly encountered bottlenecks.

It was at this time that CNA thought of the elderly in the American Support Center.

What do you think of the two groups of Brazilian students who want to practise their English more realistically and who only want to have a chance to talk to others? CNA thought of using a simple online conversation platform to bring the two groups closer together to see how they do, you must be moved to the end.

Cross-border, cross-age and cross-cultural English to talk, such exchanges are not only a win-get and full of human nature, caring for the needs of two ethnic groups, people looked quite moved.

Some students sheepishly say that this is their first time to speak with native English speakers, and some old people show their own photos of youth. As retired Americans turn into the most cordial international English teachers, Brazilian students become another driving force in the lives of older people, and English learning becomes more interesting, but companionship is taken for granted.

This kind of experience also lets a person see sometimes a different angle, the world is different. Between people, can also be more than we imagined closer! (Recommended reading: Open the door of Tinker Bell, Europe is next to your house )

In fact, there are many Taiwanese students in Southeast Asia to invest in English volunteer teaching, Taiwan students to expand the world view, Southeast Asian children more than a few friendly English teacher, look forward to our future can see more and more like such cross-border cooperation!

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