You've been seeing a lot of celebrities hold up #bring back to our grils, do you know what they're protesting about? In fact, many people hold up slogans, is to 4/14 Nigerian organization "Boko Haram" broke into school hijacked hundreds of female students and angry! After Mother's day, anxious mothers still can't wait for the girls ' return ... Follow Womany together to see more details of the incident. (Xiao Bian said: "Who can not anger?") )

"Boko Haram" (Boko Karam), an Islamic fundamentalist group in Africa, attacked a girls ' school dormitory in Chibok, northeastern Nigeria at midnight in 4/14, and held nearly 300 female students. (Note: Boko Haram was established in 2002 as an extremist Islamist group, Boko Karam means "rejecting Western education".) The organization's long-term goal is to establish an Islamic state in Nigeria, which has been orchestrating several terrorist attacks since 2009. )

The government soon sterilized the message: "Most of the girls have returned home, this is a dragon incident" and is reluctant to take specific rescue operations, but according to local residents and parents of adolescent girls, in fact, there are still more than 200 female students have not returned home, unaccounted for, may have been sold as slaves or even forced marriages. " (same field Gayon: Nigerian mob attacks girls ' school, with women as sex slaves )

When public power fails to bring justice to the people, the people of Nigeria seek social media. 4/23, a lawyer in the Nigerian capital, Abuja Abuja, took the lead in using a tweet to Bring back to our girls hashtag, allowing more people to see the inhumane events taking place in the country.

5/2, Nigeria police confirmed that 53 female students have successfully escaped, but "Boko Haram" hands still hold 276 girls of the power of life and death. 5/5 Boko Resorts leader Abubakar Shekau even released the film, threatening to send the girls to the black market auction, selling them as sex slaves. Such remarks, soon aroused the anger of the whole world.

Many people have held up #Bring back to our girls slogan, on the one hand, this kind of inhumane events to more people see, on the other hand to the Nigerian government and Boko Haram organization pressure, make sure that girls can go home soon.

Our prayers are with the missing Nigerian girls and their families. It ' s time to #BringBackOurGirls.-mo US First lady Michelle-au-Bama publicly condemns Boko Haram's hostage behavior!

#Malala stands in solidarity with Nigerians & people everywhere for action to #BringBackOurGirls, a Pakistani teenager who had been shot for advocating equality in women's education, Marara also called on the international community to take action to save the abducted girl. (Recommended reading: Malala, the girl who was shot for education )

British model Alex Chung

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British singer Leona Lewis, who sang "Bleeding Love"

Super Model Cara Delevingne

British actress Emma Watson

Anne Hathaway and her husband Adam Shulman

Boulder Johnson

American singer Alicia Keys

Zooey Deschanel, an American actor who founded HelloGiggles

Even the British prime minister can't watch it, and the third page looks down.

British Prime Minister David Cameron joined, and today (5/12) pledged that Britain would do everything possible to help retrieve the kidnapped Nigelia schoolgirl.

This time, Bring back We girls information spread, the speed of go viral on the network, let people see the power of the community without Borders. At the same time, Europe, the United States, Africa, there are more and more people, actually took to the streets to protest this inhuman incident!

This incident, in addition to the community Web site, is precisely because the people of this kind of "hostage or trafficking in girls" has been unbearable, we recognize that every human life is important, we do not want to also do not see in some areas, human life is always hasty or brutally trafficked. (Recommended reading: Voice for Pakistan!) The bravest 16-year-old girl Malala )

# Bring Back Our girls is not just a simple hashtag, but also a powerful proposition to tell the world loudly about our concern and care. Bring back to our girls, respect for life and respect for human rights, this group of Nigerian girls really should go home.

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Womany Office Solidarity! # Bring back, our Girls

Womany also on the Instagram with a token of solidarity # Bring back to our girls, Nigeria's girls want to go home, and the world needs a little more attention.

Tanya said: "Have you thought about it?" What if those Nigerian girls are your sisters, or your daughters? 」

Designer Carol said: "Home is where the girls belong." 」
(also very attentively made the board, very womany attitude)

Lulu the cards and protested silently!

"No girl should be a sex slave," said Sunny, blushing. 」

Audrey said: "The girls in Nigeria are going home!" 」

Engineer Little Crab said: "Please remember we are people we the people! 」

Front-end engineer irvin:"as a man, see this behavior feel heartache. #Bring back, our girls".

Womany elder sister Head Shuan said: "#Bring back to our girls let the girl return"
(She was the first person to wear a mask)

# with US # Bring back we girs let this event be seen by more people, so that the Nigerian girl can go home!