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In Iran, women are forced to wear headscarves and veils throughout the year, in accordance with Muslim dogma. Women in the dark days, up to 35 years, in recent days, a "Iranian women's Secret Freedom" fan regiment, hundreds of Iranian women upload their scarves, hair waving photos. And there is an Iranian 23-year-old girl's speech, let us want to cry good want to cry. Please come and listen to their story together. (also recommended reading: women obsessed with the world: Indian rapists convicted of the death penalty )

Hey, did you ever think, if you were an Iranian woman, would you choose to wear a turban or a scarf?

Since the Islamic Revolution of 1979, the then ruler, Ruhollah Khomeini, on the basis of the Koran, ordered Iranian women to wear headscarves in public places (hijab), Iranian women were subjected to a number of clothing and speech restrictions, and even life was tightly regulated. Now, the rise of social networking sites may provide an alternative breathing outlet for Iranian women.

5/3, Alina Masih Alinejad, an Iranian journalist living in the UK, founded the "secret Freedom of Iranian women" (mystealthy Freedom) fan group! In just a few weeks, it attracted 210,000 people to praise, and as many as hundreds of Islamic women were brave enough to upload their own veil, scarf, revealing a beautiful face and flying hair pictures, this time, is their own choice.

Take a look at their bravery, and listen to their voices.

The girl said that I felt the secret freedom stealthy freedom the moment I first took off my scarf and veil. To be honest, at first, I was very afraid, because this feeling is very strange. But after a while, I feel what is called freedom, not wearing a turban should be natural and normal things are right.

So once I tried to enqulab Square off my scarf in the downtown area, and at first I felt a commotion in the crowd, and many pretended not to mind, but I knew they were talking secretly. Two an old woman looked at me and smiled and told me, "Good girl!" 」

And then a man came up and politely said to me, "This lady, your scarf is slipping." I looked at him with a smile and said, "This is my choice, and I believe as a woman, we have the right to choose whether we want to wear a turban." It is time for us to face up to our inner fears of more than 30 years . (same field Gayon: Please, give us back our appearance)

To me, a turban should never be a shield, because there is no evil in me and no need to be so isolated. Snow falling on my hair, should not be a sin, take off the turban, nor should it be evil. (although I was still considered a sinner and rebel by others)

Next page, listen to a 23-year-old girl's most painful confession

The following 23-Year-old girl wrote her complaint with words, "I am a person, and like you, I have the right to breathe freely." "This letter, I would like to write to those who feel that I have the right to control the appearance of the people."

I have lived in Iran for 23 years and I have never felt my own existence and happiness.

You may ask, little veil or scarf, which has such a big impact? I would like to say that my question has never been to wear a turban, but to "be deprived of the right to choose for myself". My question is that I was born a woman and I knew I deserved to be proud of my gender, but in Iran, most women hated being born to be women, and my question was why in our country people would use religion and cultural dogma to demean me as a " Female "identity, tell me because I am a woman, so it is not worth being treated as a person.

In this country, they put me on the label of "female" and deprive me of the right to breathe or even exist. I look forward to the day when they will see me as a person of equal status and free to breathe freely. (Limitations imposed on women: who has made women thinner?) )

I once had a very good male friend to tell me: "Every time the hot summer comes, watching you will be wearing a turban, but also wear chador, I wear T-shirt stand in front of you, in the mind only ashamed"

I took off my turban and lifted my veil, but I'm not a terrorist, I'm not a slut, I'm not trying to overthrow the system. Can you understand? I'm just doing it for myself. I just do not want to 40 degrees under the high temperature, still have to use layers of cloth to wrap themselves, but feel the whole body is burning.

Looking at the Iranian women's manifesto, we are very excited.

We in Taiwan may be hard to imagine, in some corners of the world, women must strive for the most basic "human rights", and they may even be labeled as "slut" and"rebel". It is hard to imagine when a woman's dress must come from someone else. Rules, and no right to say no? " It is hard to imagine that in Iran, religious and cultural dogma makes this group of beautiful women so hated to be born a woman.

We are sad, but also happy, such activities, let us hear the voices of the Muslim women themselves. Instead of just the western world with its own life experience, to "solidarity" with Muslim women. It was their choice to take off the veil and remove the turban. For their own sake, and for the women in Iran, they are able to embrace the body and be a woman's identity, because as a woman, and happy, and proud.

On the next page, let's look at the controversy over the masked hooded women in Iran.

On the international controversy over female masked

Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you were an Iranian woman because of religious culture and you had to be masked when you went out? Do you feel you are practising your Islamic norms, or do you feel deprived of your freedom?

In fact, there have been heated discussions about whether Muslim women should wear veils or headscarves. Many people pointed out that Ruhollah Khomeini had moved out of the Koran, but in fact according to the Koran, it was only mentioned that women had to cover their breasts and privates, lest they be harassed, with no mention of hair and face parts, so many thought women had to wear Hijab, is an entirely artificial interpretation. (Note: Hijab refers to the cloth that a Muslim woman must wear to cover her head and chin in public) and to cover the rest of her face and body. And so on cloth)

Of course, not only in the Muslim world is the voice of doubt, the Western world has many times in its own life experience as an example, to "solidarity" with Muslim women, that wearing the veil is tantamount to malicious exclusion of women and contempt for women's rights.

But we also think that in discussing the premise of "whether Muslim women should wear a veil or a headscarf", they should ask their own thoughts first. Every once in a while, when we claim to be righteous and stand up for them, we never really ask them what they want. The fact is that, although many Iranian women are now jumping out of the community web site and are brave enough to remove the veil, in the current Iranian environment, it is not to be denied that many women still advocate wearing headscarves and wearing veils, which they regard as a manifestation of their respect for Islamic values and the display of femininity.

So on Earth, it is the destruction of traditional values by Muslim women, or the pursuit of their own rights, the contempt for feminism, or the manifestation of feminism, and we feel that we have to go back to the person itself.

The veil and the headscarf have always been a sham, and the real concern behind it is that Iranian women are born to be human beings, and they should also want to have the right to decide for themselves. It should be their own choice to take off the veil, and we should do our best to defend the rights they choose for themselves.

Iranian women, cheer up, and look forward to the day when you will enjoy the freedom you deserve.

The women of the world, we all care
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