In the afternoon of 5/21, how many people were stranded in that section from Longshan Temple to the Jiang for six minutes of the fugitive transit car, 5/21 in the evening, how many people in the MRT stare big eyes, watching the news screen, began to beware of people around, 5/21 in the middle of the night, how many people stare at the Non-stop television news, Think about the future of Taiwan there will be more and more undifferentiated killings.

5/21, the Taiwanese, are never so close to fear.

But after the fear, we want to say, we can be afraid, but don't lose hope. For hope is a power more powerful than fear.

This island is so small that we cannot afford to have more hatred and division. Just calm down and stop asking, "Your child is killed," Your child kills, "How do you feel, let us not put the perpetrator on the label of" We have nothing to do ", do not put his evil unlimited steel, do not have two injuries, whether for the parties, the family of the people who live friends, but also for all Taiwanese. Calm down and take good care of yourself.

We were afraid, someone was crying, someone was shivering, but we had to believe in hope. After the fear of the collective, in the loss of confidence in people, to their own, but also to the people around a quiet embrace, a warm words, a I understand your eyes, a little bit of sincere love, tell them also tell themselves, do not be afraid, this road, we can go down together. (Recommended reading: Don't be afraid!) Written in the Jiang killings, the darkest of times need love most

This road may be very long, because we have a lot of problems to face, not just a person's problem, but also people, people and social interaction between the relationship, we have to face, but also in the future how we should avoid the recurrence, but in all can not turn back, we can give people around more love and care.

Now Taiwan needs more love and hope. Here are five words for the fear of yourself, the trembling you, the fear of him, the Taiwanese who have lost faith. To you, dear.

01."after the darkest night, the dawn comes--The Dark Knight

"The night is darkest just before the dawn."

The Dark Knight says the night before the dawn is darkest, but the dawn is sure to come.

There may not be a dark knight in our world, so let us be our own Dark Knight, and in the darkest days there is still light. Do your own light, and also do others ' light.

02."Pain makes a character, character creates hope, and hope does not let us down. --Jeremy Lin

"Suffering produces character, and character produces hope, and hope not does us."

Hope, let us not be disappointed. Dear, we all have lost hope of time, remember to help themselves, but also to help people around, afraid to cry, but after crying, dry tears, the world still has the sun.

03."They may have thought too much. Maybe a little hurt in my heart. Perhaps they can not smooth with the people around the sincere communication, and a little trouble. may not be able to successfully find the means of self-expression, but between self-esteem and inferiority between the fierce struggle back and forth. --Village Upper Spring tree

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This is Murakami, written in the Japanese Tokyo subway sarin gas incident nine months after the report of the site of the constraint: the Underground Iron Event II, described in. He interviewed the followers of Aum or the "original" believers, and asked them why they believed in the teachings of the Aum. Believers are joined for different reasons, but in a consistent way: "Only at the Aum feel comfortable, only to make friends there, only to feel alive." 」

We want to say, perhaps from this narrative, we can think about whether they have the ability to really pay attention to the people around, to understand his sadness, to understand his doubts, let him know that the world, not only he alone.

04."Love is the only way to lift your fears.

What else can we do in the face of fear? There are so many problems that we have to face, but love is the only way to lift fear. The fear that relieves one's heart, the fear that relieves others, can only depend on love. Only love, still shines in the dark.

With love, put the broken yourself together, teach yourself to believe again. With love, close the distance with the people around, tell them we can still believe. (Recommended reading: every day is the practice of letting go, we deserve to be loved )

05."told others that a thing smashed, broken, very simple, but we put the others smashed things, sew it up, it is difficult and great. --Chen Daoming

Society is torn, painful, healed, and painful, but necessary. Instead of playing back the killing photos of the scene and soaking ourselves in unrest and hatred, we might as well explore the real causes behind the events and remind ourselves that there are still many good things going on in this society. Because after the tearing up of society, what we need is not to constantly dig, to drill their own wounds, but to find a way to heal it.

And the healing material that we believe is hope and love.

Dear, now is not the time to despair, not the time, let us use our methods to believe.

Yesterday's MRT incident scene, we have stood on the front line with an umbrella behind the people's Yong Bo, he said "the people behind the first out, ahead of me." " today, someone started on Facebook. # I'm taking the MRT today, someone so much and people around the two more words, this is the way we believe and love, stupid, circuitous, but we believe that our stupid and circuitous, our hope and love, perhaps is the society slowly heals the beginning of the wound.

Dear, hope is stronger than fear, let us be our own Dark Knight, Urbanite fear, climb out of the regeneration pool, greet the new self.

May the dead R.I.P, may Taiwan, also like the Fire Phoenix New life.

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