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Calvino used to understand the memory of a city: " You can find some sort of similarity or contrast between every idea and every turning point, and directly we can help us remember.The memory of the city depends on the breath of a breath that is deep in the corner of the city. South, one to make people , you can laugh , and get peace anywhere , dear, how often don't you have a good sense of the grass that's around?The month of this trip, let's take a walk to feel the ancient city of this city!

Tainan is a city that grows with temples.

The temple is the center of the neighborhood, which is the center of the emotions associated with the neighborhood, and the form of the temple and the lifestyle of everyday life is in keeping with the romantic imagination of a certain kind of geochemistry.But you can't just soothe the soul, but you don't have the stomach.I recall that every time you come to the first south, you always say: The site of the site is as high as that of convenience stores, and as long as there are historic sites, there must be good food, not fear of eating enough, but not eating.

Walking is definitely a simple way of understanding the South, perhaps not so special, but much more personal.Many of the sites below have left a trail of footprints in the Internet world, and if they are still afraid of getting lost, they will always be right about the gods.Right, don't forget the sun, but the sun in the south has been famous for its name.(Recommended to you: Summer travel, also a light and water recipes!)

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A good way to not get lost: Two Landmarks that will not be forgotten

First, all the locations that must be used throughout the day.There are two landmarks: the Southern Railway Station, and the Minsheng Green Garden (now known as the Tong Tak Memorial Park).I remember that regardless of the type of transport, there will definitely be stations at the train station.(Sitting passengers, slightly more complicated, can ask locals to guide the way to the train station.)At the front of the train station, the front of the station is a three-fork circle (ignoring left and right), and please always remember the road ahead of the left side of the road, called Chungshan Road.This is the only way to remember, to connect two landmarks.In the middle of Chung Shan Road, they will encounter a circle, which is the Garden of Soup Memorial Park, and locals call the people's livelihood green garden.

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Confucius Temple, Fruit, and Taiwan. After entering the Green

Eating to Fruit, Let's Have a Physiological Phase:
  • Lily Fruit Shop

    It's a fruit shop and ice store, and it's a little bit of a little bit of tomato sauce.I remember the first time I ate a tomato paste paste, which was amazing.It turns out that the original impression is that the salty soy sauce paste is also sweet.

  • a



    meat circle in the south is different from the other cities (such as Changhua, Hsinchu).So the taste is not as flexible as the meat, but you can eat the rice in the skin. Finally, don't forget to drink the rest of the sauce with the soup and the soup.

Next we'll move, continue along the South Gate, maybe a little bit of exercise, but it's worth it, and by the way, this is a bit of a proud city.Then, we will encounter a green space like a park, which is a private recommendation to wake up to the first place and the five princess temples.She can slow her head in the morning because of a lack of sleep or sleep, and she can slowly follow along with the green light and the silky silk.

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The five concubines were originally the five concubines of the Ming dynasty emperor, Jingwang Zhu Xue.After Shi Lang conquers Penghu, Zhu Shu is determined to die, and the five courtesans (Yuan, Wang, Xiushu, Mister, and Third Sister) who are on the side of the Penghu Islands are also hanged themselves in the middle of the Chinese court.After Chu's funeral, the coffin was buried in the original site of the princess's temple today.It is also one of the country's designated women's cultural landmarks in Taiwan.

Perhaps for today's women, the idea of committing suicide as a husband may be unwarranted, but it cannot be denied that even if it is accompanied by suicide, it will require courage.In addition to the old and ancient incense buildings, the five conprincess temples have naturally formed a coffee shop beside them.If you have time, you can have a little break in the morning, so you can avoid the hot sun of the sun and get yourself out of the sun, and then you can get the rest of the trip.When I leave here, it's almost noon, so it's a good way to do two good times:

  • Guo mung bean soup.

    It's a good taste to drink.If you were afraid of the heat, the green bean juice would be completely deigning.At the moment of entry, naturally the sweet taste of natural sweetness flows into the mouth, and the taste is not very strong, and the memory is absolutely enormous.

  • EVA Eva Day Bubble

    It's a very strong, crisp, crisp flavor. The girls may not be able to eat alone (remember to open the other stomach for dessert first), and they may end up in a direct close to the store.

Seawind, coffin, South

Rest enough?We have to move again, but here we are going to take a bit of a walk, and ask for a taxi driver on the road, and taxi drivers to the red casket of the middle and middle roads and the Hai'an Road.How can you not eat a coffin in the south?If you want to brush up the reputation of Taipei, you just rely on it.The coffin is made up after blowing the thick slices into gold yellow, and then putting it in the middle, and then putting it into the inner stuffing. The stuffing is cooked by soup to be boiled with some milk, and then the lid of the toast becomes delicious.

  • casket version

    It's sweet!So don't freak out from the sweetness of the entrance, and remember that the coffin is hot, and it's a little bit hot.

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When you leave the coffin, you should see that the marching seafood on the sea is ready for business.The original Hai'an Road is a large irrigation channel, and the most important thing is to eat and drink along the edge of the water. So the two sides naturally filled the seafood shops, and then in the big irrigation ditching, the seafood shops were left behind.On the return journey, you can remember to return to the Green Garden along the main road.You can walk along the right side of the middle and middle way, and you can also drink a double-whole black tea, which is famous for it.There are also the first department stores in the department store, Department Store , and the Taiwan Cultural Center at the location of the former government department at the location of the state's government department.

  • Shuangchuan black tea

    is different from the addition of iced tea, which we now know. The tea is thick. Many people are afraid of the bitter taste of black tea. The bitter taste of the tea is successful.

My Home, My Temple, my South

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Calvino continues to talk about the city and memory: " This city will not spill over his past, just like palm prints, writing on the corner, in the pane, on the handrail of the stairs, on the antenna of the lightning rod, on the mast, one at a time, showing traces of flowers, traces of graffiti, and graffiti.

The South is a city full of thickness, and each person has a way to remember her. She looks like a Nanman who grew up with her. But she might be so close to her that she would find it so deep that she would be able to put forward the beauty of her own model.(Recommended reading: in the South, with a sneaky life )

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