Little Red Box has been with the girls for the past few days, and has since been sold for nine months and has been able to feel the heart of the Womany team for the past few .June Little Red Box is here!May the beauty of May.

In June, let the red box and the red box together in the summer and take a happy trip!

June is the season of travel, the temperature gradually changing, the sun and even the taste of the sea, and the skin is telling you, " Go on your trip!Do you want to go?To enjoy a relaxed and pleasant stay in the Sea of Southeast Asia, or to enjoy a flow-opening flower sea in Japan, or a small adventure in the countryside in Taiwan, it is a great place to take a small trip.In June the red box designed to love travel, and the design was not so much the period of the physiological period, and the red box was not so scared.

The first eye is amazing: the lace limited edition box

Turn on the black plastic cover, and the beautiful lace box makes the first eye look amazing!True, the May's red box is so beautiful that everyone loves not to bail out. At the request of everyone, the red box in June again uses the romance-defining lace box.The color of the peach, the white lace, is it? Is it noticed?"Womaen are many." Women are mostly and diverse, each has its own idea, every woman has a landscape, and after opening it is a pleasant one: "you are the only."

Remind every woman that she is a unique and beautiful existence.

Opening the box to greet everyone is full content.(The small part secretly says that every time you help people install boxes, you have to make good use of each space to make good use of each space!Everyone must be very anxious to know what kind of good gifts the Little Red Box will be in this June.Let's take a look.

Playing with water in the summer: Kina's tampon of cotton

If you want to go to the seaside every summer, can you just stack sand on the beach when it comes to the physiological period?No!This month's discount gift is Kaila's tampon, which makes it possible to get water without fear, and the private part can be kept in a comfortable and comfortable place.If we are afraid of the use of tampon, we should look at the question why don't girls dare to use tampons? We were scared because we didn't understand it, but we sneak up and say, the girl who used the cotton strip said, "You can't really feel the existence of a swim."Try the tampon, and start with Kena!The tube-type cotton slimper can be used to keep the fingers clean and the 20 can be used for a long time.

the "" times the Bliss ,

why the physiological period is not so beautiful. " Three times the magic bubble skin mask for skin lotion is just in use. As long as the bubble is pushed out, it will be applied to a non-behapable skin. After five minutes, the eggs are immediately clear and delicate, leaving the poxpox to leave the market faster.One bottle is exactly the one used, and if you want to buy the whole bottle, the red box can give you a 300-dollar discount volume , and you can get it on specialty / online at a more affordable price.(It is important to see, three countermeasures to defeat the abdominal pox muscle of the physiologic period!

Sweet sweet, sugar, sugar, and

time, sugar is added to the sugar, so that it is safe to eat.I don't think so.It's a red box!There are also some sweet words, and the heart of the Little Red Box is all written on it.In addition to sugar, the most needed supplements of iron and collagen-containing biscuits, hazel nut chocolate warmth and unpleasant stomach are selected.

Summer is cool: Red box tailor-made cooling fan

Outdoor activity has no air conditioning, quickly pulls out cute red box special cooling fan, and gives a cool breeze (also can slim the arm) when the day is hot.The small part of the survey, Kenting and Kenting, has the envy of others, and the days when it's uncomfortable, it has cooled the hearts of the people.Women's fans also launched the physiological period app in the summer, and let us have our company every day. The office downloads all of us saying good use!Come on, love yourself.

The mini-box has to say, June Red Box is really a very hot box!In addition to the kind of good gifts presented above, it is good to drink black sugar, brew drinks, and warm snacks, and warm your stomach and take care of the hearts of the people!Everyone in the women's office has already been manually robbed of a box!What are you waiting for?Go and buy it and give it to my dear friend or another half!

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