If you've ever seen a Wintour in a Prada demon , Anna's strong image, and the affectionate confession of a current intern , still can't annihilate your passion for the fashion industry, then France VOGUE editor Karin Loffedd (Carine Roitfeld) definitely can let you persist! She proved to us: "No impossible, only not brave enough to do themselves." "Do you want to see it?" We heard it! Women fans are going to give you tickets.

Lens from Karin Loffedd (Carine Roitfeld) step under the French "VOGUE" editor position, the creation of their own magazine brand began. New York's first economist work Conference, the audience closely followed Carlin shuttle in the fashion brand show, because has removed the halo of Media Group, the background can be accepted fashion circle alienation rigorous test. At the same time, editors, personal assistants, and silently support of the family, one in front of the camera slowly out of their state of mind, from the side directly witnessed from the loss of the editor-in-chief from the Halo, to again to the cause of another peak, that all the way to the steadfast figure. (Recommended reading: The law of balance between work and life )

About the heroine: Linda Loffedd (Carine Roitfeld)

Once said, "The Eiffel Tower is concentrated in her 12 cm high heel" of Karin Loffedd has a job for everyone, that is the French "VOGUE" editor-in-chief. She is powerful, always walking in the cutting-edge, is the goddess of fashion circle! However, in order to change her stereotype of "erotic fashion queen", she decided to bid farewell to her ten-year "Vogue" editor's career and set up her own new magazine Cr Fashion Book. Fashion Or is it erotic? : for women's "sex" life, not leather! )

She faced the biggest career challenge of her life. All the people were waiting to see how the Carlin was embarrassing. She began to travel in New York and Paris in a fashion party and fashion show, and the world's fashion celebrities , and with the Super fashion master Carl Lagerfeld joined hands to create a prestigious "Chanel Black Coat photography exhibition", so that Kate Blanche, song song, Zhang Ziyi, Shiweidida Swindon and so on many celebrities become her model, the career halo again shines on her body .... (About Zhang Ziyi, we also have: step by step to boil the Golden Horse actress Zhang Ziyi )

About Director: Fabian Constedt (Fabien Constant)

The media man started as a French director, Fabian Constedt (Fabien Constant), to shoot a fashion television documentary that became famous. University Major in film, early following the French famous female media reporter Elizabeth on television as a journalist, and then in France's well-known pay channel canal+ as a television producer, directing too many television programs, advertising and documentaries.

After accumulating enough experience in making documentaries on TV shows, 2011 director Fabian Constedt The key figure of the film, Karin Loffedd (Carine Roitfeld), to record her departure from the editor-in-chief of the Paris Vogue magazine, returning to the general public as " The identity of the visitor "into the fashion world life." The director started filming as soon as he was editor-in-chief of VOGUE magazine, but at first she was rather afraid of the camera. Until later to adapt to the existence of the lens, generous and comfortable to show their lives. Karin believes that his identity-to understand fashion but not the fashion circle, is an objective way to present a different view of the fashion circle the best candidate. Not only to lead the audience to the deepest fantasy of the fashion circle, but also a glimpse full of fashion enthusiasm "fashion female demon" Carlin unloaded "12 centimeter heel" behind the real life .... "

Notice! And those super famous friends.

Karl Lagerfeld (Karl Lagerfeld)

Carl Lagerfeld and Karin Loffedd have long been friends, two people work together countless times, "Chanel Black Coat exhibition" is a well-known recently known cooperation, shocked the global fashion circle. "Paris Fashion female monster" of course, not only the appearance of the Buddha, not only the personal mention of the fashion industry's most heavyweight friend, intimate and humorous interaction between friends are also captured in the film. Two people's good friendship, more let Carl Lagerfeld personally fencing mirror film poster shooting, caught Carlin a black suit, step on the stairs of black heels, with the Paris-style implicit sexy, the poster immediately caused a heated discussion fashion circle.

Stephengan (Stephen Gan)

Stephengan (Stephen Gan), a renowned fashion photographer and creative Director of the United States "BAZAAR Harper Fashion", is in charge of up to four fashion magazines, and Karin Loffedd (Carine Roitfeld) is a longtime friend. Karin left the French "VOGUE" encounter life in the cause of the biggest crisis, Stephengan not only not to position to replace friends original editor-in-chief big bit, still don't abandon with her co-founded New magazine through the difficulties, even their own responsible for "V Magazine" office and Karin's "CR Fashion Book to share together. Stephengan more in the film from the closest to work from the perspective of the fashion industry, the woman's heart state of mind. Two people joint magazine brought into work, more homeopathic will Karin A to "BAZAAR" global creative director big position, now two people are still working on a good partner, often cooperation many classic fashion topics.