In May, the film "Embrace" was the director "MV" and used the film to re-expand the definition of the hug.Embrace, not just love performance, but also a profound understanding of society.

Dear, how often do you have to use all your best to embrace the imperfect world?

This society is filled with a lot of uneasiness, suspicion, and inunderstanding , with all kinds of negative forces pulling us apart, separating, tearing.Can we let us lay down our hatred and embrace each other in good faith?Can we not hug the heat and light that comes from the hugging, so that we can still see the glorious rainbow that we see at all times during this difficult journey of life?Can we, in every five years, 10 years, and 15 years of life, embrace our initial sincerity, and reach out to the unknown?

Today, women fans want to share a song with us, a little bit of feeling from us.Every single one of you and yourself is able to hold on to yourself, your society, and society, and to use love, to take bold and brave dressing to take the long journey of life in this long journey.This song is for you, May Day 2014 [Embrace].

Love is regardless of age, gender.Embrace all forms of love.

"Who, love me, hold my hand tightly."Hold me, kiss me, love, don't go."

will the mainstream society only allow a form of love?We always say that love is the most beautiful view in the world. So why is it that society is full of ugly forms of violence, to negation of the form of love, and to prevent them from drawing on the most colorful and colorful world of the world?We always say that love is more than the language of the country. That's why there are so many insults to the world, so much so that we can't hear the most pure voices of love.Since when do we really learn to cherish and embrace all kinds of love?..

In the life of the sea people, you can find a soul that suits you, so that you stretch your hands and reach into your arms, to love, to love, and to be the most beautiful blessing given to you.Love, if only a fleeting moment, also gives out the hottest fire.Love, age, gender, and all are so hot, pure, and dazzling.A variety of forms of love may have different spectra, but they are all the same brilliant dazzling, equally beautiful, breathable breath.( In a playground: speak for love!The World's Gender-specific Photography Set

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's put aside our preconceived notions and try to reach out to your hands.
Embrace the diversity of love, and make a beautiful, warm home like a rainbow.

To yourself, the most beautiful.Embrace itself.

"Take away the long face and go to the boundaries of the dream.""

Social norms, pressure from peers, parents' expectations, the soulless of your uproar, compression molding, standardization, and the unification of the society as a whole.

But you know, you are so unique, so different.So every time you look at the familiar, familiar face of the mirror, you have to think about, you know, the meaning of life and survival.

We've always been taught to serve the norms and expectations of society, but when the framework of society does not fit your free spirit, let us break the cocoon and become a brave rainbow, to shine your own beauty, go to your dream country.Physiology, Age, Social General.As long as our hearts are hot, there are no obstacles to the speed of your wings, and the altitude of your flight.(Recommended reading: Freedom to be yourself )

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Your brilliant, defined by yourself.
The world will be amazon when you embrace your own differences.

Your hatred will not destroy me.Embrace the social indifference and indifference.

"I'm a solitary rosebush."Let me taste the flavor of the world, and I don't understand the world."

Faced with unknown, fearful, unsolved, social habits, or a long and deep line, perpetuating so-called "his or her", or throwing malicious stones at the same time as if he was responsible for "his," and we were able to forego the guilt and sublimation.As a result, you have turned a blind eye to me at the other end of the line of defense, and continue to whitewash the peace. I am proud of the unruly roses of hate and indifference in the gulf of the gulf.

I know that hate may not only feed hatred, but also irrigate beautiful flowers that symbolate tolerance and hope.As long as it continues to blossom, it will surely allow the other side to see my fragrance.(Recommended to you- what those small groups teach me: it's not my bad, they don't appreciate it )

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brave and ununderstanding, love, and love in the end will blossom in the end.

Embrace your dreams, embrace the unknown, embrace the crazy world.

" Relax your wild and find your own tomorrow."

Learn to get a decent job and get to the ideal school.We follow the rules and follow the rules of the road, but there is a little doubt in mind that the end of this road is a dream that I have ever dreamed of. The fear of unknown, unease of disorder, and the hesitation of our hesitation, always makes us afraid to let our dream come out of our dreams.As a result, we look at the light that we have dreamed of, and continue to bow down quietly and quietly in this crowded but lonely road.

My dear, life is only this time, not in the world of life and for life, so that the light of dreams will be more polished and smaller.Be brave and embrace your dreams!Let's take a delinking place and explore the gall to explore, at the end of the bridge connecting the dream, what kind of treasure is there.(The dreamers must read: Life is short, go after dreams!))

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Put your hands in your hands to welcome and run on your feet, this crazy world may be much bigger and better than imagined.
Embrace the world, embrace the unknown, embrace your limitless brilliity.

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Life is a long run.There is always a sense of panic and a sense of losing direction. The pain and tears of the road have always been the one that makes people want to give up.But with your warmth and hug, I have the reason and the courage to go forward.

"The world is not perfect, but there are fewer regrets that you have to hug.""

Love is the most tender and most resilient force.
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