You may have seen his Love column , which was touched by his words; he might have heard of him sharing his travels, and he was moved by his experience.

He is a writer who loves music, movies, and travel.(Recommended to you: An exclusive interview with a Girl's Nine-sentence Love Proverbs )

You can see your heart through tourism, and you also know yourself through every love experience.He believes that love is not necessarily a matter of love, but having love can make life even more prosody.For one thing, love and travel are very similar. They are very rich life-rich flavoring agents. It is a and sentimental feeling that can be shared with the world and are willing to share .

Today, womany takes you to know this emotional, comfortable, and safe traveler, and to see how he experiences life, travel, and love, while also giving some travel tips to readers.Let's use 10 questions to parse a travel philosophy of one's own!(Also recommended: one of the most popular railway private attractions )

Q1: Many people are deeply moved by your love text. Do you feel that there is a link between travel and love?What is their association?

A: It's a fortune to have them, no matter which one is.Because they are not essential to life, the human body does not rely on them to live, but if you can have it, you can enrich your own life and make life a little more taste of life.Then, in the same way, people often find themselves new. In fact, love is the same. It's a new kind of learning to be with different people. It's going to grow, and it's got more possibilities.This is the two places I think travel is the closest to romance.

Q2: What is the meaning of travel to you?

A: Travel is also a way to create memories, whether traveling alone, being a couple, or a friend.It's kind of like you have a big box, and you're going to collect landscapes along the way in life, and then you put in the head, and you look back in the future.And everybody's looking for a lot of different experiences in life, and then traveling, that is, part of the small part.(Hope you like: You don't want to be good in the eastern part of the seven Taiwan)

Q3: How do you like your favorite travel mode?

Travel with one hand,

A: Self Service Travel.In fact, the initial trip had been followed by a hill town of Sienner " in Italy, liked it too much, but had limited time to give it, so left behind regrets .But that was the experience that made me decide that I would be able to self-travel in the future to keep a little bit of mobility.But I don't think it's the best way to travel, because everyone's needs are different.So I don't think that the type of travel is absolutely related to the age or mentality. Rather, it should depend on what the way you want it to be. There are no good or bad things. It's a matter of personal matter.(Recommended reading: Self-Service Prerequisite APP!Play through Hong Kong with a mobile phone

Q5: Where do you feel about traveling, affecting you and changing the most places you have?Why do people like travel?

Take photos and text records in person during travel

A: These two points are actually common to me.

people would like to travel for a large part because it gives people breathing space and can escape from everyday life and finally get a fresh experience.And the reason that travel brings about this kind of feeling is that it is not separated from the new sense of the strange environment. Because of the difference, because of the difference, it is stimulated, but because of this, it has gradually cultivated a more soft heart .You can start testing things with different perspectives, and be tolerant, because you find that the world doesn't have only one style, and it's not the way you look at it.

Q5: Please talk to us about the most impressive cities or countries you've traveled, why?

A: The most profound country is the Czech Republic.A large part of the reason is that it was my first country to self-travel.So it's very deep, it's like a first love.At that time, it was felt when it was free to step on the typical stone path of a European country , which was loved by itself.It doesn't have to be required time, not to follow the tour leader. It's like having a feeling of free respiration, and because of this, I like to go on a self-help tour.People say that a first love will affect a lovers' love affair, and the same is true of travel.

Q6: What do you feel most valuable in travel?Are there some difficulties or frightening moments in travel?

A: In fact, there should be no real risk, so it is rather difficult to make a choice in such a limited amount of time.People with similar experience know that this is a difficult task, but it is a very important task.And if it wasn't for a person's travel, it would have been even more bolder.However, if you encounter a good traveling companion, from the coordination and understanding of the journey before the departure, to the one another look at each other, these things make me feel very precious.Because travel has never been more than just a person, but who's with you and how to get through that time.(You will also like: Go away, enjoy a personal journey!)

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Q7: Please share with us one of your favorite travel verbs!Why?

A: On-the-run.As mentioned earlier, since travel is inherently subject to uncertainty, it is because of the fact that they are not entirely available to them, and they have brought with them fresh excitement and excitement.No matter how well prepared, there will still be unexpected things, because people are just a variable factor, so maintaining the with experience and security always have a pleasant stay.

Q8: If you travel, only three things on your body, what are you going to take?Why?

A: Map: Find Direction.Mobile: Contact.Camera: records.(Also recommended: Bad heart breaking!The most pressing treatment of the Japanese photo collection

Q9: Many people will feel that traveling is just a temporary escape from the present form of life. What do you think?Is there a way to balance travel and life?

A: I feel that travel is not something that is cut off, but together.Life has many faces, and travel is included in it.So I'm not going to separate them from each other, but to think together, and if that's the case, there is no imbalance.Travel of course has its hedonistic nature , but it is not the right attitude to think of life as a kind of unpleasant one.

Q10: Make suggestions to readers who want to travel, but always don't take time, and encourage them to travel bravely or to practice travel concepts in their lives!

A: In fact, this is also very similar to love, and many people are looking for a perfect time to love a relationship , or to travel only when everything is all right. But in fact, there is no perfect moment.It is because there is a sudden and unexpected disturbance that can be caused by all the times.(Read more: Relationships like travel, from a lonely waiting station to another person's heart )

many times, it's just a determination to do it, not to do it, and then things will always be different.It's like when you're out of love, love becomes easier.

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