womany editor: Today (6/27) is the birthday of Vera Wang, Wang Wei-wei, who thought of Vera Wang, first thought of Beautiful wedding dress , but in fact Vera Wang was a VOUGE editor before starting to design the wedding dress, and then Ralph Lauren, as the Vogue Director .The reason why she opened her wedding dress was because she couldn't find a dress suitable for her wedding!Let's take the blessing Vera Wang Wei-wei, Wang Wei-wei, for her birthday, and let us know more about her!(Recommended for you: the preworld of the wedding dress world )

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Vera Wang, a proud name for many Chinese speaking people.As the Hollywood stars show love for her dress once , Vera Wang became a familiar brand of the stars.But behind the brand reputation, the story of Vera Wang, her and Anna Wintour as an editor at VOGUE, has a lot of insights that can help us understand how to solve the problems in life.This has left her clothes out of the closet, and has gone beyond the scope of the costume design, adding more life's thickness to a classic object that we can taste good.

now Vera Wang

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Vera Wang was born in New York to a wealthy Chinese family and Chinese name Wang Weiwei.Mom and Dad are all from Shanghai.In a young age, she had to be an ice skater.With the active encouragement of her parents, she once entered the National Training Team in the United States, but at the end of the day, she lost the election. Her life turned to fashion, and she entered fashion industry.

The origin of Vera Wang and the fashion industry begins with a student's work.At that time, she met the editor of the VOGUE magazine in New York, and thus won the opportunity to gain access to VOGUE with a background of non-scientific background. She was the youngest senior editor of the VOGUE magazine at a time when she was able to get her talent.In 1985, Vera Wang was actively seeking editor-in-chief's position, but in the end he lost Anna Wintour, who was still in fashion circles, and was the name of the novel and the film < dressed in Prada's Devil > , shortly afterwards. A few years later, Vera Wang acknowledged the reason for leaving the VOGUE, because Anna received her most wanted position, and thus gave her a chance to open another day.After leaving the VOGUE, Vera Wang was Director of Design in Ralph Lauren for two years. (Recommended reading: A different wedding dress: the grand adventure of the hollowed-out dress )

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her wedding the family-sponsored $4 million in the first wedding

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may leave the girls who want to the best impression on their own weddings Vera Wang, It is not a highly unattainable luxury brand. Vera Wang's dress has a simple, low-key modern feeling, and does not overemphasize the character of a dress that sometimes gives people a flashy complex character, and does not allow the bride to lose its character because of the feminization of the wedding dress.Together with Vera Wang's reasonable reduction in the price of a wedding dress, the price of a basic design is between US$ 2,000 and US$ 7, 000. For the American middle class, this is definitely a price that can be affordable.So, of course, she became the dream wedding dress brand that everyone had in mind.

What do we see about Vera Wang?

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If you really want to discuss a failure in Vera Wang's life, perhaps you can count on the defeat of the VOGUE editor-in-chief.But can such a failure only be able to be remembered as a place of life in life?Her name, the wedding dress brand, was rehabilitating everything, and nothing was really a failure. It was only by giving up, it was really the end of everything.As long as he is willing to work hard, he will take a chance to go, and there is still a chance.With a positive attitude to face or to face up to difficulties, it is only when we cross the obstacles and look back on our own history that we have the chance to tell others that they have not given up. Otherwise, everything will be in vain. (You will like: The learn will succeed!The story of six successful women

Also, the euphemism displayed in Vera Wang's wedding dress design can also be used as an indication of our life.Perhaps it can be said that it is only if you cultivate your own skills, you can have the ability to start opening your eyes, avoid the real and real life of the blood.The method of living may not necessarily be the use of a different means of arming oneself, but it can also be the only way to show talent in the appearance of a seemingly unremarkable appearance.In this way, he will be able to lift up the jaw and be proud of himself.

So thank you for telling us another possibility of fashion.June 27: Happy birthday, 65 years old Vera Wang.

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