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"The best way to express ideas is not the words, but the choices we make." We shape ourselves and our lives over the course of the day, and the process never ceases until we die. In the end, we must be responsible for our own choices. * Irene Roosevelt

I would like to write down the "past" of my 18-year-old before I talk about the "present" of women's attachment.

Remember when I was 18 years old, when I first saw the words of Irene Roosevelt, I was just about to go to college before the summer vacation, when I put this sentence as a motto, convinced that I have many opportunities to choose, let the idea of shaping their own and life, I think of the future a bit frivolous, always feel youth in front of, there are a lot of good times can be squandered , and I'm starting with a big dream.

But the college career unconsciously coming to the final year, the last few months to see this sentence, the feeling of mixed emotions. Have you been thinking about what you've been getting over the years? What's lost? Have I made choices that really have the support of the idea to shape my life over the period?

Originally I thought, 18 years old is farewell, certainly after 18 years old will have more self-confidence more courageous, the reality is later things, does not need to worry. Read the book well, try to find a different internship, hard to learn English to enrich themselves, these have been the intention of the 18 years old after I have a special experience. But actually the reality is that no matter how old you are, like that summer when you choose to fill the university volunteer, when the choice is full of anxiety and pull, ask yourself whether you have to risk, to do most people not optimistic about the decision.

The past few years have experienced the future of hesitation , emotional setbacks , interpersonal relationships , I began to think about the balance between reality and ideal, I no longer like the 18-Year-old himself Brave to go straight ahead, Although there are many ideas to practice, but after the injury afraid of pain into a subconscious, let me know for myself to stay behind the road, and I do not know whether this is growth or compromise. (same field Gayon: women's Choice from 20 to 30 )

Holding such doubts about their own sense of uncertainty, I saw 2014 of women obsessed with talent recruitment program , has been very fond of women fans I stay up late to write a project, and then after the group interview, the last chance to get the internship.

To come to practice the night before, filled with anticipation and disturbed, do not know what they will learn, feel something, also do not know whether the team members in the day-to-day communication with the site is consistent with the concept, and this week actually came to women fans internship, from the woman fans of the CEO Shuan First class introduce women fans love, Care, efforts , and then to note and file management courses, media awareness, intern harvest sharing, workplace literacy, software and hardware use, business fundamentals, fascinating planning ... And so on, the heart is first surprised, in fact, women fans team can not take the effort to help us design these courses, and then spend almost a whole morning or afternoon time to seriously share and discuss, these courses did not let women fans can directly profit, but relatively also add a burden.

After being surprised, in the heart again gradually be filled with trust, trust women is no disguise to really, trust women fans team members like the site as warm, trust these training although strict but not arbitrary, trust follow woman fan away, even if lost is not related.

The most important thing is that the idea of trusting women is shaping our lives over the last few days, not just by words, but by the actual choice in life.

Entrepreneurial behind not only shout the great idea, but also need the practice of blood and blood, shuan when sharing with us said that women fans brand ambassador Lulu once pressure to tears in the meeting process, five minutes later and immediately showed their professional, pack up emotions to continue to return to the meeting site, In so many entrepreneurial not easy, very precious is the female fan team in the reality of the framework still maintain the concept of balance, has been the value of women fans-"women are many, and you are the only. "For the center of Thinking, all women in women fans is not an overly easy to replace and negative popular, and not just talk about a set of business slogans."

This can be seen in the attitude of the team towards the intern, the women fans team does not treat us with the attitude of disciplining the little girl, but lets us think from multiple perspectives, after listening attentively to our analysis and observation report, directly pointing out our shortcomings, but also hesitate to affirm our And tell us in detail what the idea that women fans want to bring to the reader, and how we can get closer to this goal in reality, women fans are behind the pursuit of excellence for each woman "unique" place of respect. (You will also like: women, not only one way )

It turns out that even if you grow up to face reality, you can be mature rather than sophisticated.

Remember one morning, Shuan at the end of the planning course that women fans have been founded for nearly three years, have not forgotten to tell the reader: "You are very different." ", the hope brings the reader the pluralistic value, lets the female people have the mind, the body, the economic autonomy ."

In addition, Shuan also hope that the action of women fans can make us live in Taiwan better, and it takes a lot of effort on our interns, and even though we may just stay in a woman's fan for a short time, she wants women fans to have nothing left to teach us, and these small changes can be the power of Taiwan's hopes, That moment in Shuan I saw a person sparkling not because of the affirmation of the crowd, but you adhere to the value of self trust.

This week's internship to tell the truth is very tired, there are a lot of courses to learn, there are a lot of homework to think about, there are a lot of analysis and discussion, but thank you woman fans let me back to the 18-year-old favorite motto-The best way to express ideas, not words, but we make choices. "Also because of women fans, I can really close to the meaning of this sentence, life is not just a day, do not gather and kill, the idea has never been naïve imagination, in the reality of gentle and firmly practice it."

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