There is an internship experience, is your every tomorrow, are stronger than today. See how women are obsessed with how to reflect on the baby, how to learn, how to grow at high speed.

Womany Knitting Press:
This article is Womany marketing intern Stacy all the way to record. Work actively, responsible for marketing activities full of executive power and imagination Stacy for the Womany marketing team brought a lot of power, we have created a good favorite fan Salon , together under the limited manpower, to run a beautiful event. Looking back on the days of Womany, she wanted to say to everyone: "The world is your own, not with others, so go for the most want to pursue!" "( first fan salon scene direct hit, second fan salon scene direct hit , third fan salon scene direct hit , fourth fan salon scene direct hit )

Hey, hello. I am womany 2013 marketing Intern Stacy, an MBA senior student, joined the Womany team this summer vacation, participates in Womany marketing, the fan salon, the electronic commerce related work. Half a year in Womany to learn a lot of soft power, hard foundation, however, the most special is that I rethink a lot of things about work, dreams and the future.

A generation that was born to wander

In the last week of November, and Womany co-founder Shuan has a small Talk, talk about the way, talk about now through the scenery, talk about the direction of the future to go.

For the unknown future, I and all fresh graduates have the same confusion , when Shuan asked me to Beijing to find what job? I gave a funny answer in retrospect: "Foreign companies, or the Internet industry!" "Why do you say foreign companies?" Because that's where the Taiwanese are going to work in the mainland (relative to state-owned enterprises, Chinese private enterprise culture) as to which industries to go to foreign companies, I completely replicate the dream of other graduates-FMCG industry? When the answer to their own, have given themselves a question mark; then why do you say the Internet industry? Because in Womany internship day, gradually know how the network industry work , in this short months of continuous contact with the network industry news, cases, has cultivated some concepts, industry common sense. So, I think maybe this is a way, because the internship experience and it is very close. (also take a look: women obsessed internship Weekly diary: For lack of self-confidence to the right )

The pursuit of false self dream

These two ask themselves, have you found that I have committed the same mode of thinking?

I do not consider my preferences, enthusiasm, but give priority to "where everyone goes", "My existing chips", and this mode of thinking is prevalent in Gao Sanseng (selection of the department), Senior Students (Institute/Job search), fresh graduates (job search). And these three types, especially the fresh graduates ignore their own interests most serious, graduates bear the expectations of the family, the community to his hope, and these two forces will shape the false ego dream. (Ask yourself, is the dream you pursue "self"?) )

In the course of schooling, I constantly in the desire and the reality of the choice, the country when Miss Renaissance art, high school want to read practice clothing set, but often give themselves a lot of reasons to give up. In the country, because of good schoolwork, so still to intellectual education for the purpose of learning; When choosing University, parents ' not allowed, plus they do not have "enough courage" to go to private universities, so decided to slow down, wait until after graduating from university in the overseas read it! I told myself so. Also so, I wait, wait, wait, wait until the end I have no "ability" to chase. I have no relevant education, no relevant professional background, remember that time I listen to a friend in London design, said his clothing friends, can tell the latest season of the major brands of clothing trends, can see the road people talk about which year, what brand of work.

At that moment, I gave up completely.

Don't hand over your life decisions.

The reason for giving up is fear, timidity. I do not have any professional background, even, not in this respect to pay "enough effort", so I told myself: no qualifications. I am too afraid to do one thing bad, too afraid of "less than" others, so I did not fight first, directly choose to give up, there will be no chance of losing. ( in the United States, he also wanted to say: mentality, determine the way to success )

The last week of November, and Shuan's little Talk, let me rethink why I'm so repressed, and why I'm here. A small, feverish dream should not be repressed by reality, especially when it is not "done". I put the reality of consideration, the eyes of others, above the enthusiasm of the ego, the work of the majority of people's life, I should give up the decision to let fear? Reality? Someone else?

I'm not supposed to. Who, nor should. The world is its own and has nothing to do with others .

"Fear is worse than harm itself, and no heart is hurt by the pursuit of dreams, for every moment in the process of tracing is an encounter with God and eternity." The Shepherd Boy Fantasy Tour

Womany co-founder Shuan ' s said:

Six months of internship, we occasionally a bit long-winded (told everyone to eat to rest early to sleep), sometimes we put some pressure on us (forcing people to leave their comfort zone, trying not to, dare not), sometimes we're a little far away (watching everybody bang the wall and trying to find the answer), sometimes we're close (talk , wholesome and healthy). That day with Stacy, she said feeling some exhortation (well, I actually first Google, to determine the meaning of exhortation is very powerful: the power of the Awakening ...)

In fact, in Womany internship, there are usually several situations, a kind of escape (feel the so-called work is more difficult or powerless or terrible or boring) also have a kind of like Stacy (to find who you are, to determine what you like, very frankly face yourself).

We usually ask "what do you want to learn in Womany", "What exactly do you want to do?" "and" What do you want to be in the future? And what can womany help you with in this process? "Some people are pretty sure about the answer, some are confused about the answer, and we just want to be able to follow these kids along to find clues about their future," he said.

We may not necessarily force these young people to define their future at once, but they really hope to help them to find clues in their lives. Hope to help these children who graduated from Womany can have more courage to face themselves honestly, do what they want to do, become the person they want to be. (also come to see: really grow up?) After 20 years of age, you should learn 15 things in life.

Life is only once, but only for the best.

"Let Womany be with you."

Hope that each of you like Womany, all in Womany get a lot of power, feel a lot of love, want to tell you, if you still have a dream in mind, do not be afraid, and womany together courageously forward to the dream sprint! If you like our Womany spirit and team atmosphere, but also want to support us, we launched the Womany Exclusive 2014 notes This also has not afraid of the data disorderly fly intimate folder , want to let you know all the times, we are around.

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Author: womany Marketing department/Stacy Wang