womany editor: This time the female fan specially interviewed the host and author, Xiaomi and Lu Chia-yi, who were both celebrities and writers. Fashion and Professional are her pronouns, and after she has become a wife , she is still fresh and bright, but the millet seems to have a new understanding of life.Let's listen to how she has been in love with her husband for many years, and why she believes that she is "not going to die," and that she is "not going to die."(Recommended reading: [Linda log] Founder: It's fun to play with fashion. It's only fun if you don't censor!)

In a , we went to Coffee Room , located in the alley. The new cafeteria was secret location for their girls' , and the weary and weary learned the next visit process and talked to us about the of the next .

There are no planned trips, emotional warming mode

Travel is often the most important thing for many people to think about after deciding on a good tourist date.She and her husband have been preparing for her honeymoon in different European cities, but she said she was only ready to go back and forth to air ticket when she and her friend were also interviewed for the approximate route of Europe tour .

This pair of couples, along the line that was discussed with their good friends, went to the next city by pre- a to the next city, before they went to a city, and then they completed a month-long and sweet trip.

sweet little kitty traveling with her husband

Travel is the way to self-healing

Mick says he leaves the city every other week, goes to a big place in the sky, gets a lot of heart, and at this time a lot of pain, whether life, work, and confusion, can be more lenient to others, because nature gives you an answer.

I really want to be idle.

After finishing the sentence, she begins to vividly describe the changes in the color of the sky and the sky. She has a deep understanding of the state of her life when most of her life is occupied. She also cherishes every single moment she can experience when she is able to to the outside .But this approach is gradually being found as age increases, and Xiaomi is encouraging people to try to heal themselves. Only then will it find a way to really do it!

I am 20 years old , 30 years old or 40 years old ,

I anxious about the moment I was about to enter my life. But when the moment of my birthday, she suddenly found out: the world hasn't changed!She believes that age is a number and does not represent all of her.

And the most valuable thing about age is that after the age of 30 doesn't really know what you want , for example, the coffee needs to add a few sugar, what type of clothes is best for oneself, and finally learn to pick up the top leaders of high-heeled shoes, and what kind of love is what you really want !

Love is all of life

In the previous book, the new book is not going to die. < Don't play dead: "How about a month with me?"The title used a very strong word to express Xiaomi's importance to love and travel.When we asked about the meaning of love for Xiaomi, she said to us:

Love, that's all of my life.

Xiaomi and then said, " Love is my only export.Only the people who are in love with me will see my true face.Thus, for her, the two people together, regardless of whether they want to be in love before the marriage, have a feeling of being together.And she shared with us the secret of eight years of with her . First of all, the first point is to "remember the original intent of romance." Although the time can be much less, the two people want to live close together. The reason that they made the decision to stay together must not be forgotten!The second point is to remember to " Maintain a Little Appointment " from time to time to arrange different dating and dating sites for each other, so that they can effectively make a fresh feel for each other.(You will like: four happy couples' code of engagement )

You should have a good time to play

Marriage is, at the moment, the sweetness of romance and the determination of "mutual recognition".

There was a previous discussion about What is the difference between marriage and love? article has sparked a heated debate among women's obsession, and we also asked Xiaomi about their differences in love and marriage. Xiaomi said that marriage had given her a sense of certainty, sense of sense and sense of security .She has always had a mind to brainwash her husband before she married, even if she was married, she would have to love herself, not talk without words, and be impatient. If the two people get along as a kind of of course , she would rather not.

Marriage has made me realize the possibility of another life.

When talking about marriage, Xiaomi also says that difference between and love is really about her own experience. Before she enters the marriage, she was too confused: " Is that what my life is like?But after getting married, she found that she realized that marriage was a novelty thing, a subtle change in life, and might not be dramatic, but it was very funny!Xiaomi wanted to say to everyone: " Marriage is a process that must be seen, and 's also a child born child !(Happiness recommendation: Man's wife's confession: it's simple )

And for Xiaomi, life should be fun.She always gets pleasure in every moment of life , and it's a fun thing to do to her, but it's a process of working in a state of mind, rather than working with a mindset, and professionally interesting.If we think that life is always the same, we have womany to recommend eight secrets that live happily every single day.

When the day's visit ended, Xiaomi's excitement out to be a cute little look on her, looking at the romance box and favorite sweet content of a with a little face.

womany Editor/Chen Yi-zhen

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