Merkel's mother, with a sense of caution, energy, and energy, and the spirit of the flexibility to retreat, see the softenness of German women's leader in steel.

womany Editor's: Germany This is a busy couple of days, the 13th of World Cup (FIFA) champion, and the Prime Minister's birthday. A lot of people say that Germany's victory is the best gift for Merkel's 60th birthday! In fact, Merkel began to care about the world at a very early date, not only for Brazil to to add fuel, but also to be particularly concerned about the players in the players' locker room, especially the Prime Minister who is quite pro-citizen. At the same time we celebrate the birthday of Angela Merkel, go back to the lovely photo of the German team as well as her famous quote! (Extended Read: Women on )

2005 Angela Merkel · Germany's first woman prime minister, following Zicher Europe influential . Merkel ranks number one among the most influential women in the annual Forbes, second only to President Barack Obama in the , and ranks second among those with the greatest image the However, the "Iron Lady" of Merkel's leadership is not tough, but rather cautious, robust, and ballerina to get back to the name. (Recommended Leader: good strategy is to take advantage of the )

Germany's "God of Lucky" Merkel will be on her 60th birthday today, July 17. Angela Merkel is a prime minister, and she is very concerned about the game from the World Cup and she has gone to Brazil for two times to cheer for Germany, and to cheer for Germany in the 13-day championship game, and her lovable figure is exposed in the various media.

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However, what is the association between governing and football? Merkel says:

Footballers from different teams in the German national team are fit to match each other, both on the sidelines."In the grand coalition government (the German parliament), the Christian Democratic Union and the Social Democrats are also with each and working together to move toward a common goal.

different clubs, German football players need to open and close at the same time. On the same boat, the Alliance Christian Democratic and Social Democrats need to be pulled in the same direction.

Merkel has seen political learning from football , after all, everyone is the same goal, to make Germany better. Although they come from different teams and from different parties, they should still work together and cooperate with each other! (also recommend you: Tips for Excellent Leaders! )

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on Politicality , Merkel once said to everyone in Europe:

In Europe, no one should be abandoned, and no one should be excluded."Only unity can Europe succeed.

one will be abandoned in Europe. No one in Europe will be excluded. Europe is the only one that we work together to succeed.

has been in politics since 1990, and on the political path she thinks:

Any politician in politics should know that is definitely not the top ." (Extended Read: get more than a salary at a startup )

Whoever decides to give out his life's politics knows that making money is not a top priority.

, at the same time that Germany won the World Cup, it might be possible to think about what kind of momentum it is to allow this country to grow and grow (see: shouldn't be just a small country of the islands the World Cup: ), to cultivate outstanding national representatives to win the World Cup? Merkel says

The problem is not whether we can make progress, but whether we are changing fast enough." (Extended Read: Government Economy-to- )

problem is not whether we can change it, but we are not moving fast enough.

's not just Germany alone, but every one of us, every day every challenge of . Maybe we should ask ourselves, not whether we can change it, but, is we going to change fast enough? Merkel is the most influential in Europe since Tchicher , as we normally see Merkel, she continues to lead the way Germany is moving forward. This time, we saw in the football field that she was a female leader, Angela Merkel's adorable and genuine. (You would like: We are only small in our hearts, how can Taiwan be a big step forward? )

every one of us and you, I hope that we all face the challenges and changes in our lives and retain the ability and the ability to be both lovely and sincere.

dedicated to Merkel, happy birthday, thank you so much, so we can see that female leaders are so strong and strong.