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The internship week came to three weeks, and the course gradually came to an end, and the report was just a few bits left, and the editorial department was gradually getting on track (bar)

So today I want to share with you
the girls I met in women's memes

(My dear Content Lab)

In fact, there are still boys in women's fans!
In Service Lab, there are three men, engineers and designers.
Because of their current female fans, they can use
(because we are curious about the feelings of these men in the work of women, perhaps one day we will be serious in the interview with these three tough boys!)

Next, you start introducing a few of the qualities I have found common to the womanyor.

(Tanya sister seriously introduces the prizes available to the winning team)

1. Smart Serious:

These girls and their heads are all very material, each has its own ideas and characteristics, but more importantly, the girls are very serious!On work , everyone has very high demands on their own requirements, namely, the analytical observation before the meeting, the discussion during the meeting, or the review of the improvement. All of them can see a lot of twinkling and shiny eyes. This kind of serious and serious life is also very serious in the life of a picnic.(Sibling: Living with your heart, a habit )

2. Warm:

In women's fans, there's always a feeling of warmth and more because the girls are supportive, encouraging, and giving them a "better" advice, saying that women are not good, only better, that they can find their flaws very frankly, and that no one will laugh at you, and only warm hands will pull you together, let us all get better together.(Extended reading: Embrace itself imperfect )

(photo with Jolin coming to study abroad)

3. Strong ability:

I am not surprised to hear that some people are often weeping, because the girls are always out on the side of strong ability . They want you to see the best side of women. Many pressures and expectations are themselves for themselves. The more capable and capable people are most likely to blame themselves, so women can see the precious jeep like precious stones.

4. Gestures to force:

At some point when it comes to an extroverted, introverted, lively, and tendery girl, it is time for girls to communicate with each other, but every girl has its own principles, and the spirit of forcing people to insist is womanyor when it is beautiful!(Share with you: Self-confident, unproud, stubborn )

(a delicious salad for delicious dining hall)

5. We are still girls:

Even though these womanyor are smart and capable, sometimes they can force others to insist, but we are still a little girl, screaming and screaming. will also be a clocking screaming, and we will not shed tears, even if we are not leaving without a tear.(You would like: Ten little things that make a girl happy )

is happy to be a member of the womay
a female fan, a lifelong woman fan.

Share with you the cute girls I've been experiencing with women.

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Author: womany Intern/Lo Yan