Womany: At the end of the 2013, looking back over the past year, there were many women in the world who bravely stood up for their rights, and the 16-Year-old girl who was brave enough to fight for the right to education, Malala, who had resumed her freedom, continued to serve the life of Aung San Suu Kyi, There are more strong women in obscurity, in every corner of the world with their own not too much strength, and strive to make the world a better place. Let's look back 2013 years and what heroines have succeeded in saving the world !

In Europe, women are no longer a minority in boards

In Europe, the promotion of gender parity has been around for a long while, but on the boards of European companies, the average female accounts for only 14%. And when there are not enough women in the top management, it means that women's rights and voices are less likely to be heard.

In October 2013, the executive Committee of the European Union passed the Board's bill to increase quotas for women in the hope of breaking the glass ceiling in the workplace and giving women more access to higher-level management to improve the current uneven gender imbalance. Since Viviane Reding, EU's top executive, Arnedin, the European Commission has been actively promoting the promotion of women's status.

As Sheryl Sandberg, a Facebook operation, advocated in "stepping forward" , the only way to get more women into business management was to really start knocking on the invisible glass ceiling; To achieve gender equality by fixing the seating of women's boards, it can be said that it is a fairly superficial and formalized method, whether it can really improve the position and value of women in the workplace, which serve whether the enterprise or society as a whole is really willing to give different gender, as much respect.

In Saudi Arabia, driving has become a requirement for women's luxury.

This October, Saudi Arabian women, for their own rights, decided to launch their life may be the only time the engine.

In a country like this, driving this thing because of religion, culture and other factors, even though the law does not expressly prohibit women from driving, it is widely believed that if women are allowed to drive, they often do not need to go out, and even conservatives suggest that driving will hurt the female uterus. In October February or June, a total of dozens of women drove to the streets, and some 17,000 women signed up on the Internet.

The petition will also be sent to King Abdullah of Saudi (Abdullah). However, in fact, this incident is not pioneering, because more than 20 years ago, there were such a group of women as brave as they were, on November 6, 1990, 47 women, defying the eyes of the public or the threat of life, bravely drove to the streets, the same as the right to drive their own driving. But the consequences were quite serious, and some of them were detained, or left out, or even the rest of their lives under the ridicule of others. And after 20 years, they make a comeback, and we very much hope that on the other side of the world, they will succeed in reversing history and changing the world. (Indelible history: The history of the comfort women should not be forgotten "grandma's Paper Airplane" program )

Sudan, they defend the right not to take the lead towel.

In Taiwan, we never have to worry that we will one day be breaking the law because of our "hair".

Sudan, a Muslim country in the northeastern part of the African continent, may be unfamiliar to us; their culture is vastly different from that of Taiwan, apart from their geographical distances. At the beginning of November this year, the 35-Year-old Sudanese woman, Hamid Amira Osman Hamed, was arrested for not covering her hair with a turban, and was more likely to be subjected to 40 lashes and fines under the provisions of the Sudanese Penal Code 152th. And this sentence has sparked a rally for the Sudanese public, social groups have also launched a campaign of "We should not be silent" in solidarity with Hamid, and she herself has more openly said: "This incident is not against me, but the Sultan's insult to all of our women, but also to all mothers, sisters and daughters." 」

In such a country, women are living a very hard life because they cannot have the power they deserve, and the desire for freedom is more than we can imagine. Under such circumstances, there will be more people willing to break the silence and pursue the basic rights that every living person deserves, with the courageous resistance of Hamid. (For wages, you should not be silent: you deserve a better salary and loudly refuse to pay for a different job )

Pakistan, when Malala became a well-known girl

"It is only when you have to remain silent that you discover how important your voice is in your heart." "---Malala

Remember this March more, beginning to hear this little cute name "Malala"? 16 years old, she did not spend time to dress herself, nor the mood to fall in love, but to strive for all the girls in Pakistan, the right to go to school. By acting as the BBC blogger, she made the world's people more aware of Pakistan's true image, and opened the question of women's right to education. Such public statements have Malala the Taliban regime, causing her to be severely shot. Luckily, she recovered from the gunshot wounds, and raised her flag to continue to fight for their rights.

Such a great girl, her efforts were finally seen by the world. At the same time, she became the youngest nominee for the Nobel Peace Prize this year and, in October, won the Shakalov Human Rights prize, which was quite lofty in Europe. Although a person's strength is not big, but as long as can affect others, moved others, has the ability to change the world. (want to know a little more Malala?) : The bravest 16-year-old girl Malala )

Before the end of 2013, let us thank these brave heroines who are willing to sacrifice and risk to bring hope and light to all the women of the world. However, in fact, these rights are originally belong to us. We are born equal, women's rights should not be because of social, cultural, religious norms such as infringement, women's freedom is not bound by others. Let's look forward to 2014 together and expect all women to enjoy life more happily and freely. (same field Gayon:2013 review!) Women's smart quotes of the year, we are your strength

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