The same is not dew point, for the purpose of charity, why women's nudity was judged "harmful good customs" and was prohibited, but the man is considered "health"?

Womany Knitting Press:
from last year onwards, all over the Charity Almanac 's ethos. The most impressive may be from the University of Warwick's macho rowing team photo, the shadow of the people are happy to buy a calendar of the Feast for the eyes, behind the public welfare groups have also been helped! Now, members of the women's rowing team from the same school are also following up on filming plans to raise money for the cancer Center, but they have not been expected to be banned! What is this all about? come with us! (Recommended reading: does sex discrimination exist?) Google search engine to tell you )

you may not be able to forget last year's launch of the Big Bang of the macho charity Almanac? from the University of Warwick Rowing team, one after another muscular strong macho, in order to "oppose the same" reason to stand out, not only to fill the audience, but also help behind the public welfare groups, create a win. Let's finish it with a nosebleed! (Recommended reading: teach children to respect gay love from childhood )

We thought it was a bit too foul for the second right.

Oh, that one. The one in the bushes ...

Subsequently, the British University of Warwick Women's rowing team students also follow the men's rowing team shooting charity Almanac, in order to raise money for Macmillian Cancer Center, took a group of quite wonderful almanac! in front of the camera, these beautiful women do not shy out of the liberation of clothing bondage, show a beautiful figure curve, with a confident demeanor to celebrate the free rebirth of the body. Looking at the photos, we saw one after another, not only beautiful, but also for their own body feel extremely proud of women. (Recommended reading: Your beauty is your own boss!) Hands up, woman's armpit photo set )

However, this group, regardless of the feminine body consciousness and caner Center are extremely meaningful photos, but has been repeatedly in the "published inappropriate pictures" (inappropriate photo) to warn, and finally even with the warning ineffective, Remove their fan page. at the same time, the men's rowing team at the University of Warwick, the same naked portrait, did not receive any warning.

Click on the next page, why are women's nudity equated with pornography?

Let's take a picture of the following men and women rowing team once again:

Have you seen the difference between a forbidden and a safe pass? we don't see it.

Perhaps, many people will think, photo by FB ban and the next frame is not a big deal, but it is worth thinking that, when FB gradually replaced the traditional media, as a reader to accept the message of one of the main platform, we can not help but start to doubt the future of FB will be the "standard" for readers to check and screening information? at the same time, let us think further, The same is not dew point of the body, also for the purpose of charity, why women's nudity was judged as "inappropriate" and "harmful to the good customs" and was prohibited, but men are considered What about "health"? (about the body of the norms, recommend you see: the Sun Flower Queen and Crape Women: Patriarchal society accomplice structure and mainstream feminism limits )

is it only men who are entitled to bare themselves in a public field? must a woman's body be "controlled and well-behaved" in the public domain? do have to be equated with pornography? are we supposed to hug more different imaginations about naked female bodies? Can we get these women to voice their bodies? (same field Gayon:beproud to be a woman my body I decide )

Frankie Salzano, one of the members of the rowing team, said in a slightly furious interview with the Huffington Post HuffingtonPost: "Our photo shoot was cleverly arranged and designed without a dew point violating the FB specification." And this group of photo photographs accurately captures the physical beauty of women in motion, not just for us, I think, for all women, it is a matter of great celebration rather than prohibition . "

for such double standards, many people have written to FB to protest, the current Warwick Women's Rowing Team Almanac fan Page have proclaimed the resurrection! members of the rowing team said: "I hope the community can slowly tear up the naked female BODY = erotic Labels , to enjoy the pictures we took attentively." I believe that we may still encounter the same doubts in the future, but thank you for standing up to defend women's rights. "

Change, absolutely requires the courage to confront the status quo.

This event, the defense of the female body is quite a beautiful battle. because as a woman, we have the right to be proud of our bodies, and have the right to share such joy to more people. to change the equal sign between a and a pornographic picture, we still have a lot of battles to play, so let's start by being proud of our bodies and infecting our friends, simple and important.

If you have the will to learn more about this group of meaningful calendars, come Warwick University Women's Rowing Team Almanac page Look at it!