Womany: Honey, do you believe in yourself? Now you can say loudly: XXX I am beautiful, and without a hint of suspicion, a little guilty, or could not help in the back add a "joking", you can do it? If you say no, is it because you are not perfect , or not enough to become the beauty of their ideals? But again listen to who said to pass various standards, can call beauty, not now is already? This time, let Womany introduce you to a new friend, Carol Rossetti, a graphic designer and illustrator from Brazil, and her recent illustrations on her face book, we expect you to begin to redouble your belief that the way you are and who you are is the most beautiful that no one can match. (same field Gayon:15 Precious moments for women to fight for breath!) )

No matter how fast the times are progressing, the concept of gender is constantly being renewed and liberated, and until today we are still nowhere in the image of posters, propaganda, illustrations and multimedia images of women who can't escape being restrained by stereotypes. ( Let the world hear our voice: women, not just one way . Ironically, even more and more women know that every woman is unique, but as long as they see in the picture, there are women who do something, unlike the women they perceive as "what they are", those who profess to be open-minded. , or subconsciously from the mouth, can not be generous to admit that those people are also "real women." (Recommended reading: does "standard beauty" make you happy?) )

Have you ever thought, why even our own, sometimes do not believe that women can be different?

If it is because Taiwanese are more Miss about the gender perspective of traditional women, why even more than 78% of American women in the American documentary "Misunderstood Women", released in 2011, admit that They are never satisfied with their own appearance, and even willing to continue to invest their money in maintenance and beauty, rather than to promote the intrinsic value of their own.

Is it because watching advertising is one thing and life is another?

From the past decade, we have been fortunate to begin to see the emergence of a variety of female-dominated concept ads, no matter what the angle, the role of age, looks, ethnicity, occupation, they want to convey the ultimate goal is only one thing:

So that women are no longer easily categorized by social values, because each woman has a beauty that cannot be replaced or replaced.

But when this second is moved and inspired, the next second, and because of the gender of others with verbal or physical bullying, as a female compatriots you, may still inevitably start to doubt and ask: all this really can be changed one day?

Womany, as the most gender-conscious women's web site, we and all the groups that fight for women believe that, as long as more and more people can be brave and uphold this belief, this change is not far away from us. (change needs you and me together:how can a 3-year-old girl change the world?) She cut off a long hair )

And now, a graphic designer from Brazil,Carol Rossetti, recently published a series of poster posters featuring "WOMEN", each of which explores a gender issue that seems sensitive but true, and is unfolding around you and me. , including racial discrimination, age discrimination, rape, cheating, sexual behaviour, abortion, body autonomy, and so on, girls who grow up in whatever age, shape, and environment will find some resonance.

This series of illustrations in the card is also a positive evaluation of tens of thousands of netizens in her face book. Many netizens have left a message that they can see their reflection from the illustrations, because those words completely speak of their innermost thoughts, in addition to moving, the heart has a feeling of salvation. With tens of thousands of reprint to share, CNN, the internationally renowned news network, also noticed the talented 26-year-old artist and published an interview with her on 9th. She herself and her Australian friends translated the original Portuguese into English so that more people could understand what she wanted to say. Her work is now being translated into Hebrew by a group of Israeli feminists, and even Spanish and French fans will follow. Let us together to appreciate and feel, she works in 11 of them, is about to subvert the image of the traditional women in my eyes wonderful illustrations, our voice , women's autonomy, let us as a woman together to defend! (same field Gayon: Women's smart quotes of the year, we are your strength )

1. The hair of the body is to make me become more beautiful part!

Amanda finally realizes that shaving is not her style.

Dear Amanda, the body is yours. , you certainly have the autonomy to control your own body. Remember, there is no social norm, and you are entitled to orders that you feel not respected!

Womany want to say : "Dear woman, whether it is shaving armpit hair, shaving legs, not to be outside the vision to kidnap, heartily loyal to their own choice!" As long as you deeply like yourself, you are any appearance is a woman can have the appearance! (to this group of women who are no more true: your beauty is in your own charge!) Hands up, woman's armpit photo set )

2. After rebirth, my beauty no longer exists only on the surface

Ana had been raped.

Ana, you are not alone, because it is never your fault . This experience does not define who you are, because your value is much more than you think.

Womany want to say: to those who have been hurt you, through the years of physical and mental trauma, your strong and courageous other people can not easily obtain the treasure; Your rebirth also let more women get power, your beauty, no one can replace. (More brave women cheer for you:2000 brave stories after being raped )

3. The woman who took out the child, also worth living a good life

Isa has had an abortion. Rather than caring about my feelings, everyone seems more willing to criticize her for taking away the child's legitimacy.

No matter what your reasons are, you'll always be worth a legitimate operation that protects your safety .

Womany to say: women's autonomy can never easily be controlled by women themselves, abortion is one example. Whether or not this decision is harmful, we must learn to respect the decisions made by the parties, because this is always happening in that woman's body. Let us more tolerant, understand that things are never black and white absolute; maybe the world can be a little cuter. (Listen to what this man has to say: stand for 11 hours for the ideal voice )

4. My fashion, I define it by myself

Marina has a strange love for striped dresses, but fashion magazines say the stripes are not in tune with a figure like hers.

Marina, forget the trouble rules in the magazines, and the important thing is that you are able to wear clothes that you like and feel comfortable with, and that's not the whole reason we shopping? Because clothes are never masters, you are .

Womany wanted to say: we are always easily persuaded by fashion magazines, as if we do not listen to their suggestions, it is not to walk in the forefront of fashion, but the important thing is never the clothes themselves, but you that from the inside out of the charming self-confidence, we say that is the real fashion! (From time to time you have the final say:5 tips, from the inside out of the exclusive fashion light mining )

5. Women have no reason not to be the master of sexual desire

Alice is very involved in casual sex (Casual Sex). But some friends remind her to be a little more restrained, which is a way of respecting themselves.

Alice knew that her sex life did not affect the slightest of her respect yourself and others beliefs and practices.

Womany to say: Every woman is free, from will to behavior is. We believe that respect is from the beginning of understanding, understanding their sexuality is not a kind of supremacy of their own respect? When you love yourself, you are absolutely willing to be responsible for what you do, and then the rest of the people are quiet. (Recommended reading: Three-level film female director: for women's "sex" life, not leather! )

6. My cleverness has nothing to do with my sex!

But Rachel is an engineer, and she's tired of old ideas about women and math that can't be a natural pair.

Relax, but Rachel, anyway, those who believe that gender determines the performance of their own intelligence are not the people who have good logical thinking!

Womany to say: in this age, women have more than hundreds of times times more resources than before, of course, is more qualified to show, buried in our brains and the various potentials of the body. Don't be afraid dear woman, dare to let the world see your talent, because those are belong to women can have the appearance! (Recommended reading: Why you are so smart, but you dare not admit )

7. Just want a bikini to accompany me to the old

Mary Anna loves to go to the seaside in her bikini, but at the beginning of the years she hears someone criticize her body with a bad ear, and even tells her to stop wearing a bikini like a flower girl and replace it with something more of her age.

Dear Mary Anna, your body has never been to cater to the public taste of decorations, want to wear what kind of bathing suit to the seaside to wear it! Be happy with you! Because you're not obligated to be comfortable with people who don't pay for your clothes, can they choose not to turn a blind eye?

Womany to say: " age discrimination in this generation will become more and more rampant, but women have to remember, to show their body is so natural, when you are proud of your body, we also learn to appreciate the eyes to respect others, As we want to be respected by others, because everyone is born unique and, more importantly, looking down on others doesn't make you happier. (Recommended reading: age is not a limit!) 79-year-old British grandmother's dance makes you reflect on the meaning of Life

8. Sex, no need to wear a definition of what clothes

Laura likes to wear baggy clothes that don't accentuate her body, because she never feels that wearing a "feminine" dress really makes her feel more like a woman.

Sarah, sex doesn't define what clothes we fit in, because everyone has the right to wear their own clothes. Next time, stop worrying about not being able to find the perfect dress in the women's clothing area. Since I want to stroll, I'll take a whole shop for a thorough!

Womany want to say: To show the most true feminine taste, in addition to rely on the one-sided modification of clothing, more important, is that a woman and proud of the heart. (We want to emphasize again: woman, you are actually more beautiful than you think )

9. Who says there's only one way to love?

Vanessa has enjoyed asexual life for a while, but most people still can't understand it and feel like she's just not really feeling the beauty of sex.

It's okay, Vanessa, you don't have to love or get love in a way that doesn't belong to your personality, because love is never the only one , and the love that everyone experiences in this world is not exactly the same.

Womany want to say: no matter what kind of life you choose, as long as you can extract from that life you desire love, even if not through the general people imagine the love process, other feelings are worth your mind to enjoy, to experience, because love, really everywhere. (same field Gayon: love, just like my true appearance )

10. Don't say Karate girls are men!

Bobby has just turned seven this year. Her parents are feeling a little overwhelmed lately because their daughter says she wants to learn karate rather than the ballet they expect.

Dear Bobby, that stereotype of gender is no longer limiting your imagination and perception of yourself. To learn talent, of course, choose the things that make you feel happiest!

Womany want to say : no matter what little girls want to become what kind of people, they are for their own life to draw the first precious rainbow, if there is such a small dreamer, remember not stingy, to support their love! Want to become a scientist, police, doctor, sports player or chef can, as long as do will be happy, this insistence is worth guarding. (The girl's super Power Time is coming:Youtube Red Film: I don't do the little girl in Your Eyes )

11. Not perfect is your most beautiful appearance

Manu has a dwarf disease. From small to large, she has already tasted the well-being of life, but also heard all kinds of macabre gossip, especially when she and her boyfriend walking together hand in hand (boyfriend is the height of ordinary people).

Manu, you are more qualified to love than anyone else, because in love there is no difference; you are not you, there is only us. Do not care about those who are not sensible unauthorized, with the most happy attitude to do yourself, and enjoy sharing your love to the world's people!

Womany want to say: girl, no matter what kind of disease you have, in the confrontation with the disease at the same time, we want you to know that there are many many people because of your existence and get more power, you do not just live for yourself, but also to become more people's hope light. No matter how many imperfections there are, those are the reasons that make you more beautiful and unique. (Your beauty is our witness: the most authentic window model )

As more and more positive evaluations of the bee poured into the face of the Carol book, we also look forward to more girls and women everywhere, willing to start to face up to gender issues and understand that in the world, there are many girls like them who are in love with their imperfect self and are proud to be unique. When love oneself is no longer an ideal slogan, you will love yourself from practice, to all the size of things more feelings, empathy, love their courage and no longer need to rely on comparison with others to obtain, because that confidence has become pure oxygen, the presence of the shadow of your one-breath. Womany wants you to come with us be proud a woman!