The media should learn how to report a news story, replacing the sensational and inappropriate photos.Warm comfort for the soul RIP that leaves the world too early.

womany Editor's:
Last night days after the The rain has been greeted by the storm, but the evening of the United States has been particularly disturbed by the news of the crash of an Arena Air flight GE222. Many people are heartbroken, staring at the TV screen overnight hoping to save one more after the crash, full RIP Facebook, hoping that the dead will be able to get peace. But looking at a number of Taiwanese news screens, questioning the sharp words of the families of the victims, we only hope that the Taiwanese media will try to do the following five directions to make the deceased real RIP

7/17 7/17 on the flight MH17 crash; 7 /23; 9 people were killed; 9 were injured and nine were injured. ”

one more disaster, one after another, we understand that the fragility of life is also visible. At the same time, we can't bear to see the names of our mothers crying out, watching the names of your daughters, watching a few newspapers naked, unbeaten, unclean, scene photos, and the startling news headlines. At the same time, many people also saw the media's progress.

think we need it, not so many bloody scenes of the scene, not so much direct and sharp questions. It's not a description of what the mistakes were made on. It wasn't the description of the “ corpse "of the" corpse ". Because of these, for our families, the two storms that have passed through the storm are two degrees of damage.

what we should do is to take a further step forward and think about how we review the past, how to fix it, and how to build a better future! What we should do is to learn how to report a news, to soothe the soul RIP that's too early to leave the world. (Recommended reading: want to tell you before the doomsday )

have identified the following points in our reference to the professional performance of foreign media in reporting the crash, and we believe it is worthwhile for us to focus on the issue of Taiwan.

1. “ Respect the facts ” reporting, but hyped

, the rendering of facts has caused an uproar in the crowd, but after careful confirmation of the current situation, the news is broadcasted with a solid voice and caution. In the event of a disaster, it is particularly easy to create panic among the public. It is time that the news media can make a plain report that it will surely bring more stability to the country.

the case of Dutch Prime Minister Lutte, when reporting on Malaysia Airlines, he mentioned that the most likely possibility now is that the plane was shot down, but the cause and the perpetrators are not yet clear. Please don't panic. In addition to doing everything possible to follow the truth, the government will first deal with the resettlement of the victims. And also to remind everyone, the dark, remember to use love to unite and ride out the crisis. (What do we do? Don't worry!The darkest time needs love )

2. Select the news dial screen

bitter facts have occurred, but the news footage is a choice.

is time that we need a passenger list, perhaps even a passenger list, or a search and rescue, and a rescue and rescue message, when it is a photo or a scream scene screen and a shocking word.

n't repeat the bloody news, don't deepen fear and insecurity in the hearts of people, but help to spread the message in a realistic way. This is a ruler in the news media that should be in the heart.

with a disaster, how should we ever do more than two degrees of injury?

3. Protection of victims and their families'

the first time of the incident, apart from covering the family “ the deceased, how do you feel?” We have more things to do in addition to the grief of the bereaved family." If it is necessary to expose the screen, it should also be added “ broadcast information is more realistic and may cause unpleasant reactions and invite the public to view it based on their own circumstances.”.

We refer to the Dutch TV platform for disaster site regulations, with the following specifications for reference:

(1) Do not propagate portrait of
(2) If necessary, a portrait of a deceased person may only be a document or a big portrait if he/she is given consent and authorization, and cannot show his or her life. One is to protect privacy, and the second is to prevent people from seeing the joy and living photos of the deceased, and think of the psychological lags that have been caused by the tragic death of the deceased.
(3) At this stage, no interviews should be conducted on the deceased's relatives; their filming can only be controlled at the back of 2 m;
(4) The image of the deceased's relative's grief cannot be passed to protect his privacy and sadness.

4. Don't rush to the scapegoat

even a scapegoat is found, the disaster will not be written off.

news media should avoid making too much of Lenovo in the news broadcast before it is unclear, or to point the finger at a particular person, and ask him to be held responsible. Because in addition to being responsible, what we can think of is how to let future events do not happen again.

5. A flat report, urging the authorities to improve the current

this time, the media can do more to “ the "fourth power" ” and spend more on helping to make the future better. Yes, the crash occurred, but the media could urge the authorities to improve the current situation and avoid similar situations in the future through interviews with professional pilots on the recommendations of the Feian and the related authorities' response to the situation.

the wind and rain, we review, but do not lose hope; we do not lose hope; we lament the souls of the dead, and we are also actively looking for better possibilities. (Have you ever thought about it? you want to do before you )

we know that the more we are in heavy rain, we should start by hand and make good progress in the wind and rain. Only this way, the souls of those who are blowing in the wind and rain may be able to truly RIP