People say that marriage is the tomb of love, but do you still think after reading these pictures? In fact, we are the sublimation of love, into a lifetime of affection.

Womany Knitting Press:
I believe you will be like us, after watching the whole photo album suddenly have the impulse to marry, good want to open the door now shouted: "Who want to marry me!" " not married you can see their love has done addiction, married you can also recall you together into the uneasy and throbbing marriage , I believe you will feel the new people full of love honey." (You must be curious: when the groom sees the bride in a wedding dress )

2014 Many celebrities have entered the wedding, movie star Zhou Xun, the national goddess Vivian Hsu, screen bad man Lan Zhengrong also set down! "Love You One Life" is the lovers into the next growth stage of a good year, dear do you remember the wedding day of madness and Chaos ? Friends and family children crying, and distant relatives and long time to meet a friend to greet, "wedding" is a marathon, but thin aftertaste, want to marry at the beginning of the mixed feelings, to be a wife, leave the taste of parents, a wedding or have a lot of tears of the moving moment AH ~ Today women fans to bring everyone to relive, The most memorable moments of our wedding scene!

"When Daddy's holding his daughter's hand."

Daughter, after this dance, you're going to give your hand to another man.

I miss a long time ago you at home in front of the guide to expect me to work, I miss my first time to help you tie your hair pain you cry, I remember the first time I saw someone send you home for you to dismantle the helmet when the complex mood, I think you went to college after moving out of the home slowly become quiet, I remember you at work was wronged forbear not to cry, I remember the first time and your other half of the peace of mind and loss. From now on, there will be another person to help you blow your hair, protect you across the road, he will worry you too late to go home, worried that you are outside the disadvantage, henceforth, I hope that the person can inherit the whole I love you in your life this role. I miss the first time I hold you when you were born a small body temperature, as I now hold your hand as warm.

Father's shoulders are always so generous (see: Dad: Man's most gentle name-Joe Dad, Yu Zhiping )

Sometimes, dad needs to lie on his daughter's shoulder.

Daughter, you are the most beautiful lover in my life.

Daughter, congratulations on finding a better man than me (High five) (you want to know?) How to find a good man )

"Family and friends, children making a scene."

Son, sit and sit.

Child: I want to go home

Hey, there is no play on the ground toilet paper (?) )

Neighbor's kid?

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"Friends and sisters make a scene"

Ah ... don't hit me, groom.

Well, the key moment is to rob you of your style.

The Maid of honor, the man can join.

Invasion is a good sister (good sister is: lovelorn, than you also distressed you ) bridegroom, tonight and sisters sleep together ~

Thank you for accompanying me through these important moments in my life. We graduated together, drank a lot of lovelorn wine, a few rounds of men, together to see the most beautiful sunrise, together to participate in the old love gossip of our classmate wedding, you have seen my youth in the brilliant and beyond recognition, you have tolerated my bad temper and stubborn, if I do not go back to the past have something to cherish, that is you.

"Bouquet of Flowers"

"Happiness" in the end who won the house! Pick it up, girls.

Always said not to marry me instead of the first sale! Next I hope that you are happier than me, fantasy one day in our high school reunion, with their own other half, holding a pacifier with a small head of the baby with the mouth of a pout, a little adult, how beautiful.

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"The next--the moments we didn't capture."

Mom, it's not buttoned up, okay?

Honey, you're so beautiful.

Honey, I can't wait ...

"The outer passage -Love without distance "

A wedding, two couples.

We are the happiest bride in the world (How Rare is love: the victory of gay rights!) France behind the same-sex marriage and Adoption Act

Because it is not easy to walk all the way, so the moment will shed tears, thank us to prove to the world, love, is no difference, thank you for your blessings, let our love more complete. (You will like: Voice for Love!) A collection of gender-sensitive photography around the world

Although this wedding does not have our family, the best friend, but, I still feel I am the happiest woman in the world, dear you, I am willing to do not abandon, dependency.

Please take my hand, we walk through more charming trails, go to more beautiful places to leave our footprints, lead me to the next journey of life.