Love people to some of the tricks of the bar! Look at the world's couples, leaving a special souvenir, a few decades later to look back, is not the memory of the emergence of it?

Before the appearance of a very red test couples muscle endurance of the photo method, today to bring you to know more pictures of a very interesting couple photo, these new idea should be enough for you to try to the end of the year! If you and your partner can travel around the world today, what kind of way do you want to leave a souvenir? To pick a special one of your lovers photo!

"Beat each other"

Here are a couple of "beat" ways to leave each other in the eyes of their travels. It is interesting that we can also imagine the space from the two pictures, we are closer to the time and space from the photo, so the "distance" of the shooting, but is a shot across the distance. (shorten the distance between two people: 10 things that you know after a long distance relationship )

Can you tell where they are?

You may have done it all so much.

"My Blueberry Night Kiss act."

The movie "My Blueberry Night" male and female actor's kissing lens also can be called the classic Kiss, recently also many people like "upside down Kisses", comes to see how they kiss the romantic and the poetic! (also share with you: immortality, a kiss!) Ten classic "kiss")

The next page looks at the romantic extreme version of the couple flash photo

"Want to be your umbrella"

Want to be your umbrella, help you to shelter the wind and rain! I always hope that in a relationship we can go through the hardest and sweetest moments together. (About Love's joys and sorrows, we can see: Love 's Eternal Way "love at Midnight in Greece")

"You Are my mermaid in the water."

If you are like the ocean, swimming couples, you can choose this difficult combination, but relatively the film also let people have to go up the sea, the romantic sense of life and death Ah!

The next page introduces more eye-sucking couples photo-shoot method

"You can try these too."

If you all have smart phones ...

If the other half is big enough ...

Recently, many couples play with Color love (if you want to have a Couple look when you take a picture: The five-colored lovers wear a lap, Valentine's Day low-key flash )

Just find an empty street and you can do it.

It's a good thing to be crazy together.

Until he was 80 years old, you were still his girl.

As long as you walk slowly to the old ... (Share with you: from young to mature love )

These couples should be able to share your pictures for a lifetime, and leave your memories, in fact, no matter how the film is very sweet, go to remember to record your past, those only belong to you for a moment, love seems to be such a thing, insipid also very happy, early to see you are sleepy also very happy, as long as you have every day, Every day is Valentine's Day.

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