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classic Kiss, the Time Magazine, came together to guess which classic kiss was on the list!And, dear, how many times have you ever had to remember those "kiss" that I've ever experienced?How many memorable kisses or those people are too memorable ...

Time Magazine introduces 10 classic kissing impressions on Valentine's Day, including photos, movies, and even classic old songs, some of which you may have the impression of, and perhaps ” classic KISS ” yours.

1. At the end of World War II, the "Kiss of victory"

This photo was dated 14 August 1945, the day of the end of World War II.At the time, a sailor celebrated the victory of the United States, kissing every woman in the Times Square in Manhattan, and the woman who wore the nurse's costume not only kissed him, but also became a couple.This photo was taken by local magazine journalist Alfred Eisenstaedt, and then became one of the most popular pictures of the time!

2. "Unexpected Kiss"

Movie Source

This is a kiss from the classic Disney animated film, "The Lady and the Rogue", in a romantic evening, listening to a wonderful live music, sharing a delicious Italian meatball, and then eating out of the same root, ” Chu ".” female lead has a fondness for the male lead.This is a classic, accidental kiss from a prank, a few years earlier!

3. "Hotel de Ville/The Kiss at the City Hall"

This is a classic photograph taken by French photographer Robert Doisneau in Paris in 1950, "Hotel de Ville" in Paris, France. The two characters were French actor Françoise Bornet and then boyfriend Jacques Carteaud.This picture is a classic, not just because there are artists, but this photo, regardless of the angle and the situation, allows the viewer to feel the rich feeling of the couple through the screen. This is the main reason why it made it a classic.(sibling: this life can't miss, Paris's most beautiful moment )

4. Klimm Gustav Klimt "The Kiss"

This painting came from the masterpiece of Gustav Klimt in 1908, 100 years ago, 100 years before the date of the creation.Klimt was a very original creation, and the "The Kiss" was drawn on canvas, and the materials used were green-colored and gold foils. In addition to the rare and luxurious materials used in the gold foil, the image of the two men and women in the painting was one of the reasons why the discussion was more than just one.

5. "It ’ a Wonderful Life", "Awakening Kiss"

Film source

You may not have seen or heard of this film, and after World War II, the "persona nation" was evaluated as an unrivaled, inspiring classic film.Although the film was not focused on the development of love between men and women, the film made a deep impression on the film fans who stumsed on the other side of the film, and found that they had a lot of attention to each other.

6. The chocolate kiss "Hershey's Kisses"

See this picture, I don't want to explain, you know what that means.Starting in 1907, the "Hershey's Kisses" was used as the "Hershey's Kiss" advertising campaign. This image has expanded all the overseas markets and has been advertising for more than a hundred years. People want to remember that it is hard to remember.


France's nineteenth-century sculptor Auguste Rodin has two of the most famous sculptures, one of the "ponders", and the other one is "Le Bailer Kiss".Using material as the marble of Le Bailer, some people speculated that the love story between Rodin and Camille, a female student of his love, was not only made public, but also made public for film.

8. Sleeping Beauty "True Love kiss"

Movie Source

The prince bravely beats the villain in the classic tale "Sleeping Beauty", and makes all romantic girls aspen to and hopes to meet a prince and bring true love to save herself.In fact, the true love's kiss is not only a love, but also a demon to demon the spell. How can this be forgotten?

9. Alfred Hitchcock's "Rear Window" kiss

Movie Source

The movie also has a classic kiss on the film of "The Horror" of the "Horror"?Of course, this scene does only occupy a short section of the movie, but the heroine has a little bit of a little bit of a shot in the red, which is to kiss the main character, but the beauty of the beauty.

10. "Kiss" for heavy metal rock bands

If you hate heavy metal rock, before you jump over it, you can take a look at what we're going to do with Kiss.

Kiss is a heavy metal rock band from the Glam Rock of the '70s, with the Queen (QUEEN) and the Smithsship (AEROSMITH) as the three leading rock groups of the' 70s.What's more, they have the greatest characteristics of their faces, and they have never seen the appearance of a member of the group in their face, and they have never seen the effect of a dazzling dance ….For this, they can be considered the most classical "Kiss" in the music scene.

movie source

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