If you have a similar boy friend next to me, let's see if he fits the following reasons, don't miss it easily!

One third of the world's population is introverted, which is equivalent to one in every two or three individuals.In our society, whether it is school or the workplace, it always encourages people to be outward-looking people, and less space for introverts.Susan Cain once spoke at TED about the power of introverts."introverts are not shy, shy is not able to withstand social vision; introverts are more of a response to the world," she said. Extroverted people need a lot of excitement and introverts. They are sensitive to their own feelings, and they can best play their role when they aren't attracted to them.And usually introverts have more intrinsic leadership and creativity!" (recommended reading: 6 TEDTalks, let you see your power )

In the community, when we see a person sitting alone on one side, sometimes you can paste the tags to him, and so on.And Susan Cain spent seven years studying in order to tell the introverts that you don't have to make a deliberate effort to make yourself, you're not going to lose anything.Everyone has a unique personality, and we should respect and appreciate the character of different personalities.Moreover, there is still a new perspective, that is, introverted people can even make a good husband!This is a bright light for ladies and gentlemen.For what?Let's take a look at the following reasons.

1. He is more understanding of himself than any other man who has dated this time.

Why does a relationship fail?Because most people are unable to make up their minds when they encounter things.Because they are not enough to understand themselves, they can't know what they really want.

An introverted person has a unique ability to know exactly what he wants from a wide range of needs, and can also rank as desired.This special ability was attributed to decades of "self-language".This is important, as it is the first step in the pursuit of things and desires.

Personality introverts themselves, and they train themselves so that they can better control the original desire of men and focus on what he should be focusing on, such as absolutely not to violate the favorite.

2. He spends a lot of time thinking about things, so it's easier for him to think about it.

Who doesn't want to think of herself in the other half of her life?People who are introverted are thinking about things every day, thinking about what happens in the daytime, what they want to do later, and occasionally make a daydream.

While their ideas are coming out of the way, they are best handled first, and are the closest to them.

In comparison to the outgoing husband, it must be remembered more often than to the husband.It makes sense, and the average man spends four hours and 19 minutes on sex a day.If he was an introvert, he would at least spend more time wondering how much he loved it.There are no perfect men in the world, but if you look for it from within your personality, it may be a good choice.(Recommended reading: Ten tricks!Is he a "boy" or "a man"?)

3. By contrast, he has fewer chances to deceive you

introverted people generally don't care much about people who don't have a relationship with him. He doesn't try to attract attention, and he doesn't care much about the eyes of others.Of course, unless it is those people who will directly affect his life, such as the boss or superior of the company, he is most concerned about the people closest to him.

Inverts do not participate more in gatherings than women, and indirectly means less contact with women.And the less chance it is to get to know the new woman, of course it will even lower the chances of deception.

4. If he really lied to us, that is, he doesn't love it.

introverts usually don't make mistakes that are blurred, and if he really chooses to deceive, he really doesn't want to be with you.

Although no one wants to be deceived by a man, at least he let you see your relationship.If it is an extrovert, it is often more deceit and confusion. Is it not like it or not?Maybe even they couldn't figure it out.

5. They appear better on the bed

Research shows that men spend 10 % of their thinking on sexuality.If an extrovert spends three hours a day trying to make love, introverts usually spend twice as much time thinking about what they're doing in six hours.It took so much time to simulate practice in my brain, and the bed of work at bed, of course, the speed of progress.

6. introverts do not self-center, and he will take care of you even more.

introverts spend more time thinking about things in their minds, so what they do is necessarily meaningful to them.They don't do what they do, and they think it's necessary to take action.So if an introvert loves you, you're already part of his reflection, and he's going to think of it like he wants to do it for you.And introverts tend to be more obsessed with people, because they think it's amazing how often they can be so close to a person.

7. When introverts enter a relationship, he is serious

introverts then understand themselves, and they often don't think that they need others, and feel that they can be happy enough.Until we had a relationship, he realized another semblance of the fact that he would work to be the best half of the happiness that he had been thinking about. (Recommended reading: Taro divination: Is it a joke or a serious joke he is playing? )

8. They would be a better father

introverts are basically a person in their lives.They can be said to be observers of life, and they can call them thinkers.Their attitude toward life is more inclined to "take a step back, and we can see a bigger picture."

But after Dad, everything changed.He will begin to realize that there are people in the world who are as important as themselves.An introverted father usually loves his children more than anything else, and much more can be taught to them.(sibling: Daddy, the gentle name of a man, Jo's Chi-ping )

After watching this many of the benefits of introverts, the single person who is single is already starting to move on.As the day begins, a pair of lovers are flashing their twinkling around, prompting us to start searching for the good men next to us.Don't forget those men who are quietly, in the collective, who don't seem to be very bright, and maybe they'll be shining like a diamond like a diamond.Or are they prepared to pass through a sweet seven-day-a-day, and the other half of them are also introverted people?Does he have any of these advantages?If so, let's all promote the charisma of introverts!