Satoshi Kanazawa explains IQ and your sleep habits with an overwhelming majority of relationships in a psychological perspective.

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often doesn't understand why people around them sleep so late?Don't stop him from staying up late!Because perhaps this is the key to being a great man in the future!Of course, we are not saying that sleeping points will definitely be good. However, after reading this piece of data analysis, you will be amazed at the fact that the night cats are doing these things!The cats can also see if you are all at night in the quiet to finish some other unexpected plans , and if somebody stops you from sleeping later, you can tell him, That's why you're smarter. (Recommended reading: What was the success of the successful night cats? )

" Sleep well early!" This is the reason we've been told since we were young. Mother wants us to develop a good habit of not being a good clinical bed, and lovers always want us to go to bed early.However, there is a new analysis that tells us that night cats are not the way people think!Let's take a look at the following data analysis, subverting the stereotype of the late night-making stereotype!

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According to the Psychology Today, many smart people like to sleep late. They count the habits of American youth and show that many night cats that sleep late on the weekends are smarter than average!Stoshi Kanazawa of "Study Magazine" also explains the majority of relationships between IQ and your sleep habits in psychology. His analysis goes back from a long period of time to the rising sun. The universal human brain is taking on such a habit. But the recent modern times seem to have become a collective movement against tradition, and the night cats are starting to build a new life model!(Everyone has Suitable for their own: Life Sheets )

Study Magazine " then made a statistic based on the characteristics of modern people, comparing the bedtime and bedtime periods of young American youth to data with their intelligence on the basis of data.Do you believe it?The statistics below show that the people of high intelligence are really sleeping late. Come and find out which block you're looking for.

IQ <75 weekday: 7:20 PM: 12:35 AM 10:09 AM
IQ> 125\Weekday: 12:29 a.m.-7:52 AM: 1:44 AM-11:07 AM

Data Prove: Late Sleeping People are smarter

shows an average of more than 75 people with an IQ of less than 75, an average of more than a person with an IQ of 125.The statistic supports a concept of the night cat: " When people just go to bed, my sister's brain starts to warm up! is actually most living habits of modern people , working too busy during the day, and having no time to think, reflect on their own time, and think about their time, and think about their daydreams, and think about their daydreams.(Do you know why people want to think alone? Learning to be alone to coexist with others )

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Others say that this time is the most active ( insomnia is not without reason ), the night is deep, the world is no longer full of noise, and the whole city, after sleeping with the night, feels that it seems to be the master of the entire spacetime, and that your creativity is also more free. The night is ideal for "the extreme movement of thought," because of the perturbous passion and the thought of being repressed in the day of the day, when you can tell yourself that you are unimaginable by the rules of the day.This is a way of self-honesty, expression, and you can face the reality of yourself in the eyes of your own eyes.The following is the characteristics of the Study Magazine based on the results of the statistical integration. Let's see if you are also in the ranks of those who are in the same place!

Next page, see if you have the smart personality of the cat!

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[Late-Sleepy Elvis Easil to be a Leader]

Nightly Thinking is not just a "day through the night", more people say it's an anti-social ", a revolution that we also recognize as a new era. People are accustomed to working during the day and sleeping at night, and the night cats are a group of revolutionaries have a new value".These arguments are not strange!Because the people who love to stay up the night often tend to challenge authority (the traditional values of early sleep) and self-enlightenent, however, it is impossible to sleep late, so the "staying overnight" is simply a race of spiritual revolution!There may also be more opportunities to explore new areas and ideas when we are asleep.I didn't think of it!The great men were born when we were asleep!(Recommended: As a leader, three traits required )

[Late-sleeping cats' minds are more open]

The night is a kind of time to let yourself down !Escape from your day in the work, the mask of society, and weary, let's play a little fun!Some people say, " When the night comes, the artist can survive.Many people like to go to the bar to drink a little drink at the end of a small weekend , and then open their weekend night without sleep, and sex is one of the reasons why night cats stay up late.Some people say that a more open sex concept means that you are more open to ideas. (Of course, this doesn't mean alcohol indiscriminative!), a little wine plus a timely relaxation of sex is also a new life proposition. This is related to the idea that you can find ways to relieve yourself of your own channels and enjoy the benefits of the evening at night.It is also the driving force behind the rest of the day.Of course, we know that the cats of thought and open minds can easily have more creativity and imagination, but don't rely on their own exclusion from the outside world!(We know that it's not necessary to be afraid, sex, it's very healthy )

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[Sleeping Elvis is also very active]

We all say that the early bird is eaten by insects, but the night cats who sleep late are the one who saw the birth before the insects were eaten by the birds! Early morning was a good thing, and he explained that the night cat was very , that it was late at night that the night fowl met with philosophy and had a new life, and sometimes it was a task, a life under a life system, and a day when it was ready to work.The cats who sleep late have also found another way to install themselves, and they are very actively fulfilling their own efforts they sleep in the call of the people.{\fnCronos \fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fnCronos \fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000 {\fscx75\fscy75\1cHFF8000:Because early people look younger )

Having read the above features, have you found out that you are in fact also in a brilliant team of cats!So some people later persuaded you to go to bed early. I remember taking out this article to tell him, heh, heh, I was rather smart, so I slept late!