Is this the "heart" of the silly Love method is not really cute?

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Do you remember that before the Melbourne subway in Australia launched a lovely advertisement: Dumbest ways to Die stupid dead method? The film not only reminds us to be careful of traffic safety, but also show their sense of humour, it is too cute! And tomorrow is Valentine's Day, you want to know what stupid way to have Valentine's Day? Come take a look at it! (Extended reading: The highest level of advertising: a word without saying humor )

Melbourne, Australia, in order to promote railway traffic safety, the launch of a public good publicity ads, the result of global concern. In addition to the relaxed and playful melody let people a memorable, the film cute animated characters all kinds of dead and warped way, people can not help but a smile, but the most important thing is to remind everyone, careful attention to traffic safety , we do not because of carelessness to accidentally accident.

Stand on the edge of a train station platform
Standing on the edge of the MRT platform and stepping on empty feet.

Drive around the boom gates at a level crossing
The train is too slow, direct overtaking and crossing the plane dealings

Run across the tracks between the platforms
Through the middle of the platform for no reason.

The dumbest ways to die,the dumbest ways to die
A very stupid way to die.

Dumb ways to Die, die, die, die~
Stupid to the Hopeless death method ~

So many dumb,so many dumb ways to die
That's a lot of dumb, stupid way to die.

Let's revisit this lovely song!

In addition to this film, the Australian subway continues this lovely trend, on April Fool's Day to launch a lovely short film, let us see on April Fool's Day will be what kind of stupid death method?

There is another kind of natural death in the movie theater, did you see the film when this happened?

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What's a stupid way to die on Valentine's Day? Come take a look at it!

Is this the "heart" of the silly Love method is not really cute? Just as some lovers may be clumsy in their expressions of love, this kind of stupid expression is sometimes very sweet .

take the heart out of this action in fact also represents the lover and their own frankness, lovers can confide in the joys and sorrows of life, face any challenges, to support each other, this is in the maintenance of a very important part of the relationship, Hope in the Tanabata Valentine's Day, lovers can through this point of time, to express their gratitude and love to their loved ones, let each other's feelings to a higher level! (Clever to understand his heart: a quick reading of what men say )

"The same field plus the map"

In addition to the film, but also launched a Dumb Ways to Die free mobile phone games, so that everyone can on the phone, experience a variety of interesting death, quickly to save the cartoon characters are safe to live! (Women are so sweet!) Attached download link:IOS,Android

Come and save those who are natural to stay!

Come on, get rid of the scary bees.

Just go ahead and run.

The Piranha is coming ~ What a terrible thing!