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This week you want to try to talk about what kind of thing you're writing to me.

I remember the first day of the women's fascicle, when I introduced myself, I wanted to say something about what we wanted to accomplish in a woman's life, or what we wanted to do.And I said, " I want to be able to finish an article that has influence on others.At that time, the laughs of the traitors laughed at: " Don't worry, you'll have a lot of opportunities in the future.Yes, yes, yes. In the first month of the month, I completed a lot of articles, and I even went to Red, and I wrote an interview, not just a "one," but I wrote a lot of words every day, but I wrote a lot of things. Did I really write about influence?It sounds very divine to me, and it always makes me feel that I can't know it, what is influence, I want to start with the influence of women's fans.(influence, start with attitude: change your attitude and energy )

Power of text

I always remember that in Sunny's interview, she said, "I think the power of words is so great that it can even change the world.""

I've always been a favorite person to write things, but I've never thought about changing the world with words.In an exclusive interview, Tanya asked us, " What is the text for you?At that time, I didn't remember much about what I said, but now I think the words can bring happiness to me.I used to write my own blog, or leave it in my notes. I always wrote a lot of things, but I didn't have a structure. I felt that I had nothing to do with my first thing. The first thing I had to do was let me write a framework article, why could I force my own structure to write an article?One is that this article is to be made public. It is no longer a whisper of self. In the course of writing an article, I found something that I really wanted to say, or something I'd like to share with you. It was a very happy thing for me. I felt relieved when I wrote a piece of paper, though I wanted to share it with you, but I finally said it.(Listen to them: How do you change the world with words?)

Each pen has a different attitude

not quite sure how much I have written, but I slowly realized that it might be a kind of lifestyle that don't , or how much it is, or how much it is to say, how much you want to say, how much you want to talk about, and how much you want to say that it's a relatively vocal, unnerable, and rebue, and that's a relative and disturbing emotion. But it doesn't mean that we lose the of women's memes and even self-insisting, if we want to see what we want to change the world, it's definitely starting from a very small, very small place.

example, when we're writing women's articles, I know my role, and I know my article is supposed to be the most gentle and soft way to comfort women's fans, telling them, after reading this article, we know that the world may not be absolute, but we don't want to give up hugging it.Will it be good for the world? You and I have the ability to change

The next page is the age of information bulbs, and women still want to give you nutrition.

The female fan told me, " Say what you want to say."

On the first day of the Audrey's return, talking to the people of Content Lab, she asked me why I had been here for a month. Is there anything to do with it?I said, "Sometimes I write an article, but the reaction may not be so good. Let me think about whether readers do have certain content on this website. So I also try to write an article about Hit."Aubrey answers me: " I think there are actually things that readers really like to see, but you can write more, even if it's not Hit, try, write what you want to say, what you like, what you like."

and Audrey's relationship has taught me that the market is what it looks like, but we don't just want to feed them, but we don't just want to feed them. We hope that women's articles can be fully absorbed and nourish in their nutrients.(Hear to the text worker: Pass the most valuable information in the most effective way )

Sometimes we want to talk about the fact that we're not ready to accept, for example, "Feminism not what you think." think it's a serious matter, but it's hard to realize that when the meaning of "feminism" is changed by society, how can we continue to pursue equality with the definition of "equality" changed? Because it's hard to see how much easier it is for the women's rights movement in everyone's life, how many of them are, and what are the gaps in the gaps that we just ignore?

When narratives are more severe, Aubrey will remind us to be gentle, because it's not us, everyone's fault, it's everyone's responsibility, so what we're saying is, don't indulge in the wrong thing anymore, and not all of them are social problems.I think the best writing is not that the reader sees the author in the article, but that they see themselves in the line.So I'm very happy to say what I want to say in the words of my own words, and I will seriously reflect on what I write, and whether I can have a positive impact on any of the readers.(Invite everyone and I to write: Five Keys for Better Life )

I'm glad I wrote every article I wanted to share with you, even if I was doing a very simple wedding photo collection , I'd like to put a picture of a Gay Wedding in the end of the text, but when the reader sees it, I think that's the most satisfying motivations for my writing.Women's fans are a team that cling to their own personality. For example, today's goal is to attract a lot of people to come in and see, but if they feel that "this is not a woman's fan," then this goal will definitely not be used.I had to imitate women's characters here at first, but slowly these things were internalized as part of me, thank you, I could write the words I wanted to say to women, and also let women write my way of life.

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