Alang Teacher's pen can do many things, lyrics, writing can also paint. Those wonderful lyrics works "In the name of the father", "The cowboy is very busy", "Madrid do not incredible" let Alang teacher famous, but few people know that his favorite is actually writing and painting, has never been a lyricist. More than 20 years past, he has never changed the original even if the water and electricity should be immersed in writing and painting the faith.

The crown of Jay Chou's Queen, the soul of the poor artist, with a free and unrestrained temperament, holding a cigarette, he is Huang Junrong. We called him a Alang teacher.

Alang Teacher's pen can do many things, lyrics, writing can also paint. Those wonderful lyrics works "In the name of the father", "The cowboy is very busy", "Madrid do not incredible" let Alang teacher famous, but few people know that his favorite is actually writing and painting, has never been a lyricist. More than 20 years past, he has never changed the original even if the water and electricity should be immersed in writing and painting the faith.

Alang shrugged and said: "Everyone knows me as a lyricist, I recognize it, but no one can stop me from continuing to write and paint as a lifelong dream." 」

He is the Huang Junrong you will want to know better.

Refusing Jay Chou's Huang Junrong

Many people know Alang because they are too famous lyrics, or because he had a few times in Jay Chou's film face. On the screen he was a bit of a gangster; in reality he, the temperature of the yuppie, humorous very intimate, joking when true temperament, when talking about the dream of unusually firm. (Recommended reading: What does a dream look like in an entrepreneur's eyes?) )

Alang is such a person, you think he is very famous, but he did not feel himself big coffee. When I was young, I knew Jay Chou and Wenshanensis, some people called them the Iron Triangle, and alang the teacher said Jay Chou and Wenshanensis, is a pair of "All the way I love my partner." Since then, opened a section of the Iron Triangle of love and adventure.

Wenshanensis very cherish only, look at that time Huang Junrong has been immersed in bitter painting, suddenly said: "Then we open a publishing house, just can out of your book." "Fang Wenshan dug out the pocket out of the most money, did not say a word." Then the way to guide his writing, even after the Golden Melody Award for the best lyrics, only busy thinking why Alang teacher did not join together?

Another do not ask the reason is busy to his good person is Jay Chou, Alang teacher said Jay Chou inexplicably the best songs have been to him to write, even he will not write words have not asked, is hope that he did not live was at life. Jay Chou is the kind of friend that every movie wants to find Alang teacher, but the trouble is, Alang teacher really has no interest in the movie. When he said that Jay had to pull him to make a film, Alang teacher remember his first reaction is " Hello!" Stop it! It's not like I want to be a star! "When it comes to Jay Chou, Alang's face is very interesting and loves and hates it," he said.

"Jay has always felt that he knows me better than I do, he knew how to make me red, let me play what I would do." I thanked him, but that's what he wanted, not what I wanted to be. 」

So he asked me to write a word.
So he asked me to play his movie.

I thanked him for his promoted, but today Jay thought I was very good at acting, but I never wanted to be a drama person or into showbiz. " I was probably weird in other people's eyes, he helped me all the way, and I was sulking all the way, but that's because I really knew what I wanted." "We are surprised Alang teacher's confession, also thought, perhaps is that several firm choice and the persistence, lets us become today's oneself."

"To be honest, to write a word does not make me happy, the film does not make me happy, only when picking up the pen, writing a book painting, I am sure this is the most I want to do in life." 」

Many people will feel that Alang teacher is not attracted to fame, in fact, because it is not what he wants. From the past until now, he has always known that he wants to be an artist, a few people know enough of the kind. If it wasn't for him, he wouldn't be happy at all. There are many people who are famous earlier, not let Huang Junrong lost their direction, but more clearly what they want. He has always understood that writing and painting can really make him feel "ecstasy" of happiness. He can't give up until he writes and paints. (Same field Gayon: The feeling of the dream pulls big, the bigger the better)

A Huang Junrong that simplifies dreams very much.

On the dream, everyone has a different approach, but probably not a portrait of Alang teacher so pure talk.

" I want to make the dream very simple!" Alang teacher said so. Alang said: "How long will it take to reach a dream?" Stop it! For me, a dream is to earn. 」

How long will it take to reach a dream? Stop it! For me, a dream is to earn.

Huang Junrong

Alang Teacher's dream is very clean, the dream is as long as found, enough to make you happy life, the process of dreaming let people "ecstasy." Implementation is another matter.

It may not be too difficult for a person to have a dream in his life, but it is hard to find something that makes you feel purely happy and irrelevant to your sense of achievement. Alang said he was glad that he had found it.

was not so magnanimous at first. When young, there is always no time, alang teachers have doubts about the dream, because the road in the dream of setbacks, feel the dream, is not as fragile as the bug? but the longer you embrace the dream, the more Alang the teacher becomes, the more he finds that the dream is there, and the feeling of liking it becomes clearer, until one day it becomes a thing that no one can convince you to do again.

"Try not to have too many gains and losses on the dream, cut the dream and the achievement." 」

Many people feel that the process of fulfilling a dream is painful, as if it has to be sacrificed, or it is difficult to be happy without the approval of others. Alang teacher said: "Another point of view, in fact, we have found the most important thing in our life, do not deserve to be happy?" How to say, this is "my dream" ah, why I care about is not my mood instead of others? 」

After listening to Alang teacher said so, we also feel as if suddenly wake up something. Alang asked us whether we thought the dream should be "Lover's Love" or "Family's love"? We paused for a moment, and found the analogy to be so novel.

Alang teacher said: "I think the discovery of dreams, not only should be like talking about a love, but like you love parents as natural existence." "Forget the gains and losses, forget the love often want to change each other's desires, the dream is there, will not go away, as natural as breathing."

Maybe a lot of things are not sure, but do not know why you just know that you want to do this thing, how others tell you to discourage you, you believe that you are right. There may be many lovers, but the family has always been the same. We think Alang teacher Such analogy is very very gentle, also feel the eyes of this man is how affectionate love his dream. (same field Gayon: dream of not talking about dream practitioner Lin Hongquan )

Think of your life as a movie Huang Junrong

"In fact, I think people, is very need to be hypnotized animals." "Alang teacher bobbing, full of Zen say so."

"You ask me, have I ever had a bitter day?" I've had a lot of fun. So bitter, I will not feel pain? Of course it will! Alang teacher recalled that one day it was raining heavily, when the empty pocket he couldn't pay rent, a back to the rental housing, found "Wow!" All the things in the room were thrown out! Now suddenly feel that life is too miserable! 」

But in the pouring rain, alang teacher also began to think, "If this is a Huang Junrong life film , the audience will be very excited, and think that this person is super cool and handsome?" When I think so, try to use a draw away angle to appreciate my life, I suddenly feel ah so bitter, so painful, super handsome. "This is the climax in the movie, and he really happened in life, from another point of view, not very enjoyable?"

Bitter to the bone? Put his life as a film, all the pain is the film is also the plot of life, alang teachers suddenly feel that the life since then become more relaxed.

If life has a lot of ups and downs, a lot of twists and go, then our life must be a pretty wonderful movie! We also remember who forgot to say, "failure is inevitable, success is accidental" in the stumbling days, alang teacher gently reminds us that we can have "watching their life movies," the romantic. (Be sure to see!) a letter to myself, to meet a better self in failure .

Just want to be a Huang Junrong Huang Junrong

"What other people think of me is not important, the point is that I know what I want to be!" 」

Alang teacher spoke freely, but heard his life is full of stormy adventures, we know that only real experience of what people can speak so taichetaiwu and calm. We also seriously feel that we should all try to fall in love with our own life, rather than try to make others fall in love with our life. Falling in love with your life, even the most unbearable or the most hideous part, is our own most different life experience. (Recommended reading: The Most beautiful love, is to let you find love from yourself )

Alang the teacher then exclaimed: "In fact all the influence, all is oneself." People, is a layer of constantly blaming themselves, and then will become more and more deeper. So I said to myself, whatever his own I have to be tolerant, ugly bad, I have to love. Because that's who I am. 」

Oneself is unable to cut, we cannot only love "has the self-confidence" oneself, "happy" oneself, "positively" oneself, we do not have to choose to single oneself, we may try to understand own complexity. Alang a coin For example, coin has both positive and reverse, no matter how you cut, he can not only one side, people are the same. Both the good and the bad are inseparable. Only if you know what you want, you will not be lost.

From that year on writing and painting this a hard road, to become a writer and jump on the movie screen, Alang teacher never because of fame, on television, and forget the original intention. Perhaps as Alang teacher said, he has the dream as a family, not always put in words, but love the dream of this thing, has become a breath of course.

Interview with Alang teacher, we chat from dawn to dark, not only talk about art, talk about life experience, also talk about dreams, there are a lot of philosophical thinking on the discussion. Alang Teacher's speech humorous, humorous behind is a lot of intimate. He was so thoughtful that we were tired of working all day, so we tried to be funny and made a lot of laughs during the interview.

We thought for a long time, how to introduce such a fascinating and complex story of the people to us. Also as Alang teacher said coin theory, a person no matter how to cut, there are many aspects, we try to capture some of the fascinating details, more Alang teacher's life adventure, please come to our dream salon listen to him carefully! (For more information, please see: Women Fans Youth Salon: Listen to Su Zihin, Huang Junrong talk about Dreams )

"This life only want to do Huang Junrong, only do Huang Junrong, will be happy." "This is our eyes of the Alang teacher, so simple and a little overbearing love his dream."