Taking the art off the noble icing, Andy Vaux, known for Pop Art, not only changed New York, but also influenced the art and consumption culture of later generations and the contemporary.

You can't possibly not know him, hailed as one of the most influential figures of the 20th century art world, he created a new form of contemporary art creation, and people said he was a bold yet orderly avant-garde artist who ushered in the beginning of postmodernism, the Pop Art Godfather-Andy Warhol (Andy Warhol).

No one knows what he's made of. "Warhol Monroe" (Monroe in Warhol style) and an album cover for the orchestra's "Underground Velvet & Nico"-a very sexually suggestive yellow banana. Although there are artists who criticize his business and utilitarianism, it is undeniable that he did create a new situation for the arts, until now we are still deeply influenced by the Andy Warhol, from the following 10 points to share with you the Andy Warhol we deserve to know. (Line leader: review of Andy Warhol's Shanghai exhibition )

At the time of Marilyn Monroe's death, Andy Warhol created a picture of her as a symbol of Monroe from young to old, saying: "When a person doesn't make up, it looks most like a kiss, and Marilyn's lips don't belong to a kiss-kissing lip, but they're perfect for taking pictures." "(You will like it: Praise Sohe, please others as you like yourself )

First, pop spirit: "Art only exist in the minority?" I'm just going to do a lot of copying.

In fact, Pop art originated in Britain, but the real impact was in New York in the 1960 's. Pop Art brings back the superiority of art to the realistic level of material, and becomes a kind of popular culture. The spirit of Pop art is very American, the passion for movie stars, the management and pursuit of fame and fortune. It does change the way people accept art. But the destruction and the change to the modern art esthetics, also will the art universality, they even affects the ordinary person in the life to the artistic recognition, these all have its historical significance. Hey You can also be the artist of Life )

For his work, Andy Warhol once said: " if you want to understand me, do not think deep, I am on the surface of the place, behind nothing." "Andy Warhol don't mind people say his works are superficial, he also said Pop art has no good analysis, because it is what we see:" Very pleasant, a little smart, sexy. "It is a popular culture in which all people can participate in the arts and join the party in a spirit of recognition." It is also said that it uses the boldest action to affirm the art of "no Light", and also directly from life, to bring things into the art of life. "I wish I could invent something like jeans," he said of his own creative ideas. Something memorable to remember. Some kind of mass production. "(Recommended you:20th century female Pop art pioneer: Cindy Sherman)

Second, "In the future, everyone will be famous for 15 minutes"

Andy Warhol was born in 1928 in the United States Pittsburg, the parents are Czech immigrants, the father of the miners and construction workers, the mother is a maid. He was not a typical New York-genteel son, but became the most influential artist in New York at the age of 30.

He was a frail young man, suffering from neurological dance, unable to control his limbs, and spent most of his time in bed reading comics, film magazines and painting. These experiences enabled him to start his own role as an advertising designer and illustrator, and then turn to art creation. Andy Warhol, which transmits the value of mass art, also predicts the future of information flooding, and everyone is likely to head out in the torrent. Google, Youtube, Facebook, we like what he said to grow in an information explosion of the media environment, around the Internet reds, otaku goddess, this is a no protagonist, everyone will be famous era, Andy Vohoby everyone saw the trend of mass media earlier. (Recommended reading: We are in a time when everyone is media )

The famous women in his writings

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The nearer to the Andy Warhol, the fame is not far away.

His work comes from the image of celebrities in the media, such as Marilyn Monroe, Mao Zedong, Elvis Presley, Brando, and so on, using celebrity portraits to make his work easier to become famous. This is his specific practice of the average and transitivity of fame. He thinks the more evenly the distribution of fame, the better the world will be.

However, he has been involved in films, music, dance, pop culture and other areas, his establishment of the "factory" studio (Factory) has become the New York social celebrities, rock stars, literati gathering place, and even as the New York Cultural Center. Many dolls around him, eager to be famous.

He frequented social occasions and met a number of highly-weighted figures, including President Kennedy and Truman Capote, and of course, the stars, celebrities and artists of the entertainment and fashion circles. These people also became the inspiration of Andy Warhol's creation, he also received many requests for his star portrait, and from his pen, he also gave birth to many times idol. The most well-known is his pink confidant Edith, Andy Warhol also contributed to the United States in the 60 's popular star celebrities. (Introduce you to see the next wave of the 70 's Berkin Baumuis Jane Birkin)

Andy & Edith

If not everyone is beautiful, then no one is beautiful. 」

In "Andy Warhol's Pop Life" he thought that no one is not beautiful, but he thought "everyone's life is always a certain moment is beautiful." "Beauty is actually about the way a person accomplishes beauty," when you see "Beauty," and what is associated with the scene, the clothes they wear, the position they stand on, and anything they use. Although he was close to the upper class, he also had dealings with people at the bottom of society. He attaches great importance to human equality, as he promoted the art of pop, everyone has the right to enjoy art. (Woman, you know: you're actually more beautiful than you think )

Andy Warhol in 1977 for the "Underground Velvet & Nico" album cover

He once said: "The greatness of this country is that the richest people there enjoy the same things as the poorest people." You can watch TV drink Coca-Cola, you know the president also drink Coca-Cola, Lisse Thelles Drink Cola, you think you can also drink cola. Cola is cola, no better and more expensive cola, you drink the same as the beggars around the corner, all the Coca-Cola is as good. The concept of equality is also revealed in his creation. He likes to use "screen printing technology" to ensure that the art of a large number of repeatability, and the price of cheap. He believed that replicable goods were the best gift for freedom and equality in the industrial age. The unbounded art and popular art are the most profound influence to the later generations in the art of Lotus. (We are still pursuing true equality: Why are you so smart that you can't admit it)

Five, "sex, never do is the most exciting"

Andy Warhol has never had a marriage in his life, and it has always been a mystery to his partner and sexuality. He was frank and Liberal in his attitude towards homosexuality, in the late art, film creation also put a lot of same-sex theme, in the philosophy of Warhol he said "for those who spend a lifetime trying to become a girl, I am fascinated, because they have to pay so much effort (double time), To remove the secrets of the male characteristics, and absorb all the feminine characteristics. "In the 1960 Andy Warhol had affirmed the trans-gender. (You'll like: cross-sex models, listen to the body sounds )

As long as celebrities are his good friends, the picture is Ono and John Lennon

In addition, he also has a forward-looking nature of the "sexual liberation", although many people say Andy is a clone, he has published his thoughts on sex: "Love and sex can be together, sex and not love can be put together, and love and no sex can also be together." "Andy Warhol's sexual direction let it always be a mystery, leaving his" love "of the vast, in our era continue to spread. (Recommend you: the true love Photography collection without distinction of sex )

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Andy Warhol, who remained the world's most watched after his death, was named the most profitable person to die. Others say he is a social animal, a freak with a love wig, a neurotic homosexual, a general comment on his legendary deeds, and, of course, that he is only in the mood to say: "I've never been out of the state, Because I never had a state. "In fact, he is not afraid of the world to criticize him, because the focus of the people is his purpose in life, so those things are not all he is nothing." (Recommended you see: every day is to let go of the practice, relaxed heart to face criticism )

Look at all these Andy creations you might not have seen.

Copied from the monk "shout"

Early illustration works

He likes to make a racket for celebrities.

He also designed the cover for Vogue.

Warhol-style bold change of self-painting

Andy Warhol's pop demeanor is indeed cultivated in our hearts, before we thought pop style is the public, is patchwork of colors and reproduction of the impression, in fact, Pop art is indeed another milestone in the history of art, because there are Andy Warhol defying criticism of the avantgarde style, It has also brought new order to New York and contemporary art. If one day you in his hometown Pittsburg entered the Andy Vaux Art Museum, may come out you still indifferent to the art of the museum, because the pop spirit is relaxed, it does not want you to spend too much brainpower, but throughout the Andy Warhol legendary life, you must hold your breath, Because his life is one of the most wonderful works of art.

"The same field plus" three Andy Warhol you don't know.

1. He's a workaholic. an actress who worked with him killed him in his studio "factory" because he couldn't stand his strange temper, and the bullet landed on his chest, but miraculously recovered his life. (Recommended you see: people, why do you work?) )

2. We must all think he is a conceited ghost, in fact, Andy Warhol is a very insecure person. including his wig, later confessed to plastic surgery, his self-esteem, in addition to his appearance also from childhood home environment poverty, so that his whole life of the chi industry are "the money Qi."

3. Andy Warhol every morning to call friends and partners Pat Hackett, detailing the day before the size of things, they call it "Diary", the longest can talk about two heads. Day after day, Hackett dutifully took notes and typed them on the other end of the line, a habit that began in 1976 until Warhol died in 1987.

4. We know that Andy Vaux is very fond of the social celebrity places, his studio "factory" also gathered a group of various people, so his life must be very complex to do? In fact, Andy Vaux is a healthy baby who doesn't smoke or poison.

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